How to Use Ikigai to Find A Career You Love?

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Ikigai, the secret of happiness, has a lot of importance in everybody's lives. Do you know it can help you find the career that you love? Read on and find your purpose in life. Well! Once you find it, you will surely live a happy and long life.

We all struggle day and night to find the career that we love. What if I tell you there is a trick through which you can figure that out? Sounds impossible. Right? This is literally possible if you believe in Ikigai. But to go through your Ikigai test, you first need to know the meaning of Ikigai. 

This FrenchTransition and Expat coach lived in Japan for 3 years and explored the real gem of Zen Culture’s Ikigai. Since then, her perspective towards her life and profession changed. This can happen to you too. 

So, let’s see how. Read on.

What is Ikigai? 

Someway or the other, you might be struggling with questions like:

Why are we here in this world?

What is the purpose of us waking up every morning?

What are we supposed to work on?

This Japanese secret has all the answers for you. You are here and doing what you do because there is a reason for your “being”. Simply, Ikigai is the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. You must be wondering why is it anyway such a big deal? Well! It’s clear, this thing is here to help you find meaning in everything happening in your life. 

Why do you need to find your Ikigai?

Answer me this- how many times do you realize that you are happy at the moment but still there is a part that tells you something is “Undone”? Just like this great processor said about Ikigai, Ken Mogi Ikigai, Finding your Ikigai is finding your reason for living. 

If your answer to my question is YES, it’s totally okay because you are just not familiar with your Ikigai. Something that is the real reason behind your every activity. 

Ikigai makes every task done with greater satisfaction, care, and productivity. This is the reason why you need to focus on awakening your Ikigai in order to live happily and longer. This is not just about your desire but also what the world really needs. Hence, it is a win-win situation.

Here is how you can find your “professional Ikigai”. 

When it comes to finding your career, we all struggle to know what is that exactly. But do you know Ikigai has that answer too? Yeah, that may sound too much but this is what successful people have been using to find their PROFESSIONAL purpose in life. 

Let’s dig in a little deeper and understand Ikigai’s 4 awesome and magical ways to help you find the career of your choice. 

1. What do you love?

As per Ikigai, your purpose for ‘being’ revolves around the thing you love to do. Well! This is obvious. If you devote your time, efforts, and money to something you don’t love, you will start hating your career at some point. 

So, to help you find the things you love, all you need to do is make a list of things that make you happy. These should be something that:

  • You don’t get bored doing it.
  • You can work in a flow without caring about hunger and thirst.
  • It attracts you over time and you can do anything to make it work. 

2. What are you good at?

What do I mean by that? Something you are good at does not mean you have to be an expert on the subject you choose to devote your life to. However, it is something that you are passionate about and ready to learn as much as you can. 

These can be any skill, hobby, or your idol’s profession. Just like the previous step, in this one as well, you need to make a list of things you can and want to learn. Now, these can be something:

  • You are spending time to learn
  • For which people come to you for help
  • Anything you want to be good at. 

3. What can you be paid for?

Moving on, your ideal career must have the power to make you rich. It should be something for which you get the money that you deserve. Now, what you need to do is make a list of things:

  • For which you have been paid before
  • Something that you would be doing in case you lose your current job. 
  • Anything for which you want to be paid for. 

4. What does the world need?

This is something many MANY people do not consider important while they think about their dream job. The truth is, people are really selfish and don’t care about the world. Whereas, if you look at the stories of the successful people of the world, you will see that they are actually serving the world with something. 

Finding something that will bring a change into the world is something that can take you to heights. This can be overwhelming as most people find it hard to answer. So, let’s cut the steps down to make it easier for you. 

  • Think about the world as in your world, your society, and the reality you live in.
  • Understand how are people like and what are their needs and wants. 
  • What practices and skills can you contribute to make things easier for the world around you. 

After you are done making a list in all these 4 sections, you need to have a look at all of them. Just double check if you are not missing out on something. Or else, if you want to add/eliminate any element. 

Now, once you are satisfied with what you have just made a list of, circle all the common things in each area. This can be about writing, painting, public speaking, or anything. If you can circle all the common elements, Congratulations!!! you found your Ikigai. But if not, there is no need to worry. All you need to do is practice every day until you find it. 

How to maintain the habit of everyday Ikigai?

Well! Ikigai is not just about the one-take practice but it goes on every day in our life. Why? Because Ikigai helps you find your purpose for each day. So, there are certain characteristics to look for if you want to maintain your everyday Ikigai. 

Here are some that you can follow:

    1. You need to find flow in everything you do every day.
    2. Forgive and be thankful.
    3. Stay active and positive about what you are doing.
    4. Everyday workout is a MUST. 
    5. Promote intake of healthy food.
    6. You need to encourage good habits in yourself. 
    7. Live by Ichigo each year. (the knowledge won’t come again and it’s here right now).
    8. Nurture good relationships
    9. Don’t rush anything. 
    10. Always stay optimistic and stay happy always. 
    11. Have a connection with nature every day.
    12. You should always encourage imperfection, aka Wabi-Sabi.
    13. One step at a time. You need to take it slow without stress. 

These everyday habits will not only keep you focused on your Ikigai journey but will also maintain happiness in your lives. Hanging Ikigai paintings, giving Ikigai test online, and visiting an Ikigai website would be of no use until you bring these changes into your life. So, if you are DAMN SERIOUS about finding the career that you love, you need to cultivate this happiness for longer and every day. 

Signs that can help you find Ikigai.

The thing is, we all have dreams but the real struggle takes place when we are unsure to understand what exactly is it. Are you with me? I am sure you are. So, in an attempt to make things easier for you, I have cut down this “Finding Ikigai” process into 5. Read on.

1. Set yourself free

Think about it, Do you really want a big house, slim body, or a private jet to stay happy? Or is it because you are working on someone else’s beliefs? Ikigai tells you to set yourself free from any preconceived notions or old belief systems. Why? Because it wants you to start fresh, believe in yourself completely, and trust your dreams. 

2. Have an honest conversation with yourself. 

There can be as many techniques to find your Ikigai as you want. But one thing you CANNOT ignore in any of the techniques is, to be honest and true to yourself. You need to be self-aware and trust your instincts to have a meaningful conversation with yourself. That’s how you can find your Ikigai in no time. 

3. Be in the present

Here comes the most significant part, staying happy in the present moment. Learn to embrace the present moment. You should be happy sitting at the desk working hard to make your big dreams come true. If you are happy in the present, you will surely be 100 times happier when your dream will come true. 

4. Don’t jump higher. 

We always focus on having been in love, money, fame, or connections. But in this race of having, we tend to forget that we are compromising a lot. This is why you should not rush and take the high road. Start slow, take one step at a time, and become better in one area each time. This is how you can achieve big goals in life with easier steps. 

5. Be happy with small things.

By small I do not mean you cannot have big dreams. What I mean by this is that you need to be happy in small things. Think about it this way, you are affirming to buy a house. You are working hard day and night frustrated all the time. Why? Just to enjoy those little moments of happiness that may take years to come? You need to enjoy the process first to be happier when the big goal comes true. 


Finding Ikigai is not a path of thorns. In fact, it is something that allows you to explore the real connection between you, nature, and your goals in life. You will be amazed to know, the Japanese town of Okinawa, people are renowned to live the longest for centuries. The secret for their long health? They live in Ikigai and maintain happiness throughout their lives. 

So, no matter if you are finding Ikigai for students, Ikigai for Kids, or personal Ikigai, you will surely find your purpose in life with these Ikigai Miralles. 

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