International Sex Workers Day in Modern India - An Insight

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On the occasion of 'International Sex Workers Day', I am here to throw some light on the great initiatives taken by the organizations and NGOs in favour of the betterment of the lives of sex workers and the transgender community. 

The pandemic has been a reason of affliction across the globe and it has not failed to touch the deepest corners possible. Apart from the general people, there is one major part of the society that has been adversely affected by the same, namely, the transgenders and the sex workers. 

It brings chills down my spine when I sit back and think about the hardships and plight of this community in such hard times. But, as every cloud has a silver lining, there are a lot of NGOs and organizations that took the initiative of extending their helping hands in such dark times. India is a progressive country and is ready to accept the challenges of breaking stereotypes and is leaving no stone unturned for the same. 

Taking a foot forward and uplifting the community of transgenders and sex workers, here are the events taking place and organizations working for the same in our country as we celebrate International Sex Workers Day today. 

Special Vaccination Camp in Gurugram

Vaccination drive at Gurugram

This vaccination set up in Gurugram is not just another center for COVID-vaccination. Instead, it is wholly dedicated to providing the jabs to the sex workers and the transgender community. 

It is reported that a total of 200 people belonging to the above-mentioned community have actively participated in the vaccination drive and successfully got their first dose. The communities have been brought in the focus and are being served the rights that they as the citizens of this country deserve. 

This vaccination drive is a powerful step against the fight against the virus as well as is extremely instrumental in eliminating the apprehensions of the communities on getting their vaccination. 

Therefore, this vaccination camp at Gurugram has laid the foundation of many such upcoming drives all across the country. 

Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Samiti

Durbar Sports Academy

Established in the year 1992, by Dr. Samarjit Jana in the largest red-light area of Kolkata, Sonagachi, this organization has been continuously working towards the upliftment of sex workers. Sex workers are the most vulnerable to all the exploitation and are deprived of all their rights. This Samiti took the initiative of working towards their as well as their children’s betterment. 

Being the change Dr. Jana wanted to see in the world, he started teaching the children of the sex workers a sport to bring about a change in their life. The Durbar Sports Academy was set up for the children and they learned and practiced the game of football with Dr. Jana. 

He succeeded in doing what he wanted as the under-12 and 15 teams reached the zenith in several games. 

Kayakalpa - NGO

The Kayakalpa Family

Kayakalpa- an NGO founded by Seema Waghmode in Pune’s largest red-light area- Budhwar Peth is working diligently in uplifting the sex worker community. Braced by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Kayakalpa is providing education, healthcare, and shelter to sex workers and their children. 

Seema Waghmode started Kayakalpa in the year 1994 in Budhwar Peth and it was the first-ever NGO in the country catering to HIV/Aids patients while also being a center of rehabilitation for the children of the sex workers. 

The times were tough but Seema Waghmode refused to give up. She invested her blood, sweat, and tears in Kayakalpa and has made it what it is today. Kayakalpa has impacted the lives of more than 10,000 sex workers and their children and the lady behind it is no less than an inspiration. 

These were the few organizations/events smashing the stigmatization and discrimination against the sex worker community in our country. On the occasion of International Sex Workers Day, it is extremely important that we raise awareness of the challenges faced by the community and pay a tribute to all the heroes working actively for the cause. 

I would like to urge you all to do your bit in such difficult times. Even your smallest efforts count. So here’s what you can do! Click here to start a free fundraising campaign with GiveIndia Fundraisers and contribute to bringing a smile to hundreds of faces. 

I’ll take your leave with a quote that has the power to change the world- 

‘The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.’ 

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