It’s Not “Cool” To Make Fun Of People’s Bodies

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Raising awareness to stop body shaming

The definition of embarrassing in today’s social media networking arena filled with dating apps and memes has been made so idiotic that it’s just embarrassing. For example, being a nerd who isn’t updated with trends shouldn’t be embarrassing. A normal injury while changing clothes shouldn’t be an embarrassment.

It’s not “Hashtag” cool to make fun of a girl who has PCOS when she is unable to feel beautiful because of her hormones.

Memes on fat-shaming aren’t cool. Talking to people about their medical condition before making fun of their bodies is cool. Preaching about mental health issues by referring to intoxications and infatuations is not cool. Listening to people is cool.

So, next time you talk or judge any human being, firstly, disregard their gender or ethnicity. Listen before you judge. Taking pride in your biology all year is way cooler, celebrate yourself and keep flourishing in your own ways.

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