Kairi- Pudina Chutney (Green Mango-Mint Chutney)

3 minute

By Anuradha Sharma

A perfect snack is incomplete without those awesome collections of chutneys. And what can be more perfect than getting that amazing tasty green chutney in less than 5 minutes? More awesome could be if you grow your own mint leaves in a small kitchen garden like we did, making the chutney a little more organic. Moving away from the traditional coriander chutney, here is another green chutney recipe to try out- Kairi Pudina Chutney.

Cooking Time: 5 Minutes


Raw Mango- 1

Mint Leaves (Pudina)- 50 Grams

Green Chilies (Long)- 3-4

Asafetida (Hing)- One Pinch

Cumin Seeds Powder (Roasted and Grinded) (Jeera Powder)- 1 Teaspoon

Black Salt – 1 Teaspoon

Sugar- 1 Teaspoon

Water- 1 Tablespoon


  1. Peel and cut raw mango roughly.
  2. Wash mint leaves and green chilies.
  3. Put the sliced raw mango, mint leaves and green chilies in the grinder.
  4. Add the spices and water to the grinder.
  5. Grind them until they form a fine paste consistency, add more water if required.

Your chutney is ready. Enjoy it with homemade snacks, chaats, samosas or parathas. It goes perfectly well for making that 1 minute chutney sandwich to satisfy your mid-evening cravings too. You can even add some of it to a bowl of curd to make that unique mint curd as well! Do let us know how this recipe turned out for you.

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