Kitchen Cleaning Tools for All Home Cooks

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Kitchen Cleaning Tools for All Home Cooks

By Ruchi Sharma
One thing we all unanimously hate the most about cooking? After cooking clean up! It’s a real pain to clean those fiddly kitchen gadgets or for that matter even the dishes, sink or the slabs. But this is one thing that’s inevitable and we can’t do much about it. The messy kitchens with pots and pans having crusty bottoms and splatters of gravies and sauces everywhere is a nightmare. Also, some of the cooking equipment like cast iron or ceramic pots require special care. There are so many brushes and sponges out there that claim to get the best cleaning results. Also, apart from a few essentials like a regular sponge, cleaning cloths or kitchen gloves, we are often not equipped enough with respect to cleaning our kitchens. So, we found some really cool kitchen cleaning tools that can reduce your hard work at multiple levels. At the end, you will be left quite satisfied with a sparkling kitchen that too with minimal effort.

1. Mini Wire Brush Cleaning Tools

Gas stoves often become messy due to milk, tea or gravies overflowing. These special wire brushes are perfect for small jobs and tight spots like cleaning dirty areas on gas stove. This is a set of three different brushes- nylon, stainless steel and brass. While the nylon brush is ideal for sweeping away dirt or scraps, brass brush works wonders for cleaning metal parts and cleaning tools without damaging the surface. The stainless-steel brush works well for heavy duty cleaning. All in all, a perfect combo that works not only for kitchen cleaning but can be used for other works too.

2. Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush

Are you worried about cuts and scratches while cleaning knives? Don’t worry, it’s not only you. We all fear getting cuts while cleaning those sharp edges. This is a much safer option to clean those sharp knives. It claims to keep fingers away from the sharp edges and at the same time the textured grip ensures that it doesn’t slip while cleaning. So, it’s worth a try if you are apprehensive of cleaning sharp cutlery.

3. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

These cleaning cloths are quite absorbent and take half the time as compared to normal cotton cloths to absorb liquids. So, it’s really good to wipe away kitchen slabs after cleaning them with water or even accidental spilling can be wiped easily with these.

4. Cast Iron Care Kit

Utensils made of cast iron and ceramic require special care. You cannot use your regular scrubs or sponges to clean them. This complete care kit has all the necessary items to clean and take care of this precious cookware. The kit includes a 12 oz. enamelled Cast Iron and Stoneware Cleaner, Pan Scraper, Scrub Brush and Pot Protectors. The cleaner claims to be 100% biodegradable, never tested on animals, dye-free etc. The scrubber brush helps in preserving the finish of the cookware. The pan scraper doesn’t collect food particles and is dishwasher safe. The scraper helps in cleaning all the areas tough to clean otherwise.

5. Bottle Cleaner Brush

It is really important to keep all bottles clean. Specially, the ones you use to store your drinking water. This brush helps in reaching all nooks and corners and has a non-scratch scrubber that claims there would be no scratches in the bottle. It is more suitable for wide neck bottles. But it’s really effective in cleaning the bottles which are otherwise quite difficult to clean.

6. Silicone Washing Sponge

These flexible sponges are good to clean dishes, glasses, fruits and vegetables. You can even use it to clean tableware. They claim to be food grade and quick drying. They are anti-mold as well. They are heat-resistant too and can be washed in a dish-washer.

7. Kitchen Wiper

They can be used to clean very wet surfaces like kitchen slabs. The handles are easy to hold and it’s easy to clean all that excessive spillage. It’s a good substitute for cloth specially when the surface is very wet.

8. Scouring Pads for Dirty or Rusty Cookware

These stainless steel tightly coiled balls are good for heavy duty cleaning and scrubbing. That dirty grime on pots is really difficult to get rid of. But these scouring pads are good for not only getting rid of grease and grime but it’s equally good for cleaning rusty areas in the kitchen. It can even be used to get rid of dirt in ovens, grills, pots, etc. Though you should avoid using them on cookware that have a non-stick coating or any other type of coating as due to its aggressive nature, the stainless steel can harm the coating.

9. Cleaning Brush with Liquid Soap Dispenser

Are you fed up of dipping the sponge or brush in soap again and again while washing utensils? This brush saves that effort as for getting the soap water solution on the brush from the inbuilt little tank, all you need to do is press the inbuilt button on the brush. It’s easy to operate and reasonably durable.

10. Microwave and Fridge Cleaner Wipes

As the name suggests, they are perfect to clean the microwaves and fridges. They help in removing stains and all the unwanted grease or odours. Though they are not very effective to clean very tough stains but still they do a decent job.

11. Plastic Kitchen Sink Brush

It is really difficult to clean the nooks and corners of the sink manually. Using old scrub pads or cloths to clean the sink takes up a lot of effort and often does not give the desired result as well. This brush is specially designed to clean those difficult areas and the handle also is quite comfortable to hold. You can even use it to clean kitchen tiles as the scouring pad on the head is quite effective to remove stains.
Hopefully, these beautiful things would help in reducing your ‘post cooking clean up nightmare’ by several notches! Most of these accessories are quite cost-effective and easily available in the market and on online platforms as well. With cleanliness being even more important than it were before, it’s really nice to get some helping hand in achieving that sparkling kitchen.
Do tell us your views about these cleaning tools and you can also share your experience about some of these in the comments section below.
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