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By Ruchi Sharma

Hi Friends! We are back with the second instalment of a list of kitchen organizers that can help in solving your storage worries in the kitchen. Our previous blog was all about some cool and new innovative kitchen organizers and continuing the same legacy, we got hold of some more swanky and cost-effective storage solutions specially focusing on the often-ignored things like pan and pot lids, mugs and cups, spoons and forks, chakla-belan as well as the monthly pantry! These little things are mostly the main reason behind the cluttered slabs and cabinets in the kitchen. The relaxation one finds in indulging in some cooking gets converted into a big tension seeing all the unorganized stuff. Especially when we all love a nice and organized workstation for our cooking therapy! Hence, we bring forth the second edition of our Kitchen Organization storage solutions that can help in solving at least some storage worries! Without further ado, here’s presenting a list of some unheard-of organizers!


  1. Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Pan and Pot Lid Organizer

An issue one often faces is, how to store those glass lids that come along with pans and pots? It’s really tricky to store those fiddly lids specially since they are prone to breaking. This organizer is a real treat since it effectively helps in storing the glass lids of all sizes. This one can even be used to store plates or chopping boards as well. We also found a review that it was being used as book holder!


  1. Corner Shelf

The most underutilized space in the kitchen is the corner area of countertops. They are usually left totally empty due to tough access or maybe are just randomly lined up with jars and containers that are not used often. This corner shelf is a perfect solution to effectively organize lots of containers/ jars or even spices at one place. It utilizes the space to its maximum and at the end you just keep wondering how that little space now holds more than half of your randomly placed jars and containers!


  1. Under shelf Coffee Mug Cup Holder

Just like under cabinet storage shelf, these slide on to the existing slab or shelf in the kitchen and can be used to effectively hang mugs, cups, scissors, spatulas or anything that can be hung on the hook! Due to their space-efficient nature, you can even have multiple of them placed at a distance under the same shelf.


  1. Fridge Side Hanging Storage

This three-layer rack requires space on just one side of your fridge and organizes your kitchen storage in a never before seen way. An addition of seven hooks provide space for hanging mugs, spatulas, can openers etc. The rack in itself is really spacious enough to hold bottles, slim containers, cutlery etc. It can also be used to hang on a cabinet’s side as well. The portable nature of it makes it easy to use for other purposes as well when not in use in the kitchen.


  1. Plastic Storage Container Box

Are you worried how to stock up that 5 Kg Sugar and other grocery items that you buy at the start of the month but they find place in your kitchen containers only after a few days? This container box is a spacious storage option to store all the excess pantry until it’s actually required. The transparent box makes it easy to identify what’s inside and the wheels are perfect to slide the heavy pantry in and out easily. They even come in varieties of 25, 45 and 70 litres, so you can buy one according to your requirement. The only suggestion we have is that you keep this box in a cool dry place when you store your pantry products in it!


  1. Chakla Belan Stand for Kitchen

The three most important necessities in most homes are Chakla (Board), Belan (Rolling Pin) and Chimta (Tongs)! One can’t cook a perfect roti if either of those three are missing. Thus, it becomes really important that there is a proper storage space for them and what can be better if there is a stand which accommodates all three of them? It can be either hanged or placed on the slab itself. It requires very little space as the Chakla stands on it vertically. A nice organizer that ensures proper hygiene as well.


  1. Cutlery Tray for Kitchen Drawer

The storage of cutlery is a real problem and one way to organize it efficiently is storing it in the drawers. This cutlery tray ensures all the spoons, forks & knives are in proper place and at the same time easily accessible. The tray is separated into two halves which can be adjusted as per requirement. This drawer insert is a real space saver for those fiddly spoons and forks!


We hope you find some of these solutions as a great help in organizing the essentials that are not given their due importance in your kitchens. Do check out our previous edition of the list of Kitchen Organizers here. We would love to hear which of the storage solution worked the best for you!

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