Korean Skincare Routine & Products - Secrets Unveiled!

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                                  By Vaishnavi Srivastava

With the internet flooding with a bunch of amazing beauty knick-knacks and hundreds of products in the market, we are sure that you must have heard about the popular Korean beauty routine and products!

Also referred to as ‘K-beauty’, the products, as well as the regime, are rooted in the country itself. Based on the Korean standards, all these products need consistency and dedication to show their best results. 

Korean skincare philosophy is truly based on respecting and treating your skin with mild and gentle products. Not using harsh chemicals and maintaining the natural ecosystem of your skin is what the Korean skincare routine is all about! 

What’s more interesting? The various steps involved in the routine that give excellent long-lasting results! 

The ‘glass skin' can definitely be achieved by following the popular 7 steps- 

1. Oil-based cleansing- 

As throughout the day your skin tends to produce sebum, water-based cleansers are not sufficient to take it all out. This is the reason why oil-based cleansers are used in the Korean beauty regime!

2. Water-based cleansing- 

After using the oil-based cleanser, it is time for removing all the left-over gunk and dirt from your skin and get that clean skin!

3. Toning

Balancing the skin’s pH is another major step when it comes to taking care of your skin. Using a toner ensures the restoration of moisture and it also balances the skin’s pH.

4. Applying essence

Essence is somewhere between a serum and a toner. It is applied to protect and deeply hydrate your skin.

5. Treating

Treating is one of the most important steps in the Korean skincare regime. Mainly including serums, treating your skin’s special concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc., is involved in this step. 

7. Applying eye-cream

The skin around our eyes is extremely sensitive and thin, it needs to be treated specially. Applying eye creams and eye gels helps in aiding the issues related to these areas. 

8. Moisturize

Acting as a seal for all your skincare products, moisturizing your skin is an extremely important step to ensure that every product seeps into your skin well!

These are the 7 steps that can do wonders for your skin! Following the Korean skincare regime is as easy as you make it. Go for the one that you can commit to, be consistent and we promise you will see a visible difference that is long-lasting as well!

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