Let's bust some PCOS myths together!!

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As we reach the end of this wonderful PCOS Awareness Month, here is a short video wherein we will be busting some of the myths surrounding PCOS!

Here you go!

1. PCOS only affects women who are bulkier or over-weight! 
Ans. Well, this is absolutely incorrect! Women of all shapes and sizes can suffer from PCOS and it DOES NOT only affect women who are overweight or obese. 
It is the body's incapability of using insulin properly and effectively that results in weight gain in a woman having PCOS. 

2. There's something we did wrong to have got PCOS! 
Ans. No, Not At All. 
PCOS is a syndrome that can affect anybody at any time. 
Although genetics play a major part in the same there is no such thing that a woman does wrong that she ends up with this syndrome. 

3. PCOS is Rare!
Ans. It's a big NO. No, it is not rare. 
Recently, it has been seen that a lot of women are being diagnosed with this syndrome. 
So no, you are NOT alone. 

4. You can cure PCOS by losing weight. 
Ans. As mentioned earlier, PCOS has nothing to do with weight. Obviously, lifestyle changes such as workouts, yoga, protein-rich diets, etc. help a lot in controlling symptoms but as said, they will not completely CURE PCOS at all. 
So, instead of focusing on losing weight, you need to focus on managing your symptoms.

5. A woman with PCOS cannot conceive! 
And. This is one of the biggest myths ever about PCOS!
Firstly, every women's body is different. Their cycle is different and so is their PCOS type. 
Whether she can conceive or not, is not at all dependent on her having PCOS. 
Secondly, there are medicines and ways to regulate a woman's cycle and help her being actively fertile even if she has PCOS.

Watch the video to know more!


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