LinkedIn's New Feature to Help Stay at Home Moms

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The gap in job portfolio is a matter of concern for anyone. For years, women have faced the situation of gaps in their job portfolio due to various  reasons like maternity leave or family care leave. The unforseen circumstances in the last year led to many people losing their jobs or even quitting their jobs. Women were worst affected as many of them had to opt out of their jobs to take care of kids that were home. Millions of women left the workforce last year. Some of them lost jobs as their profession was not compatible with 'Work from Home' culture. Recognising the need of the hour, one of the largest professional networking platforms in the world, LinkedIn came up with this wonderful thought. They added a feature that enabled the users to choose their title or add a title in resume as 'Stay at Home Mom', 'Stay at Home Dad', etc. The requirement to associate a company name or employer details with each resume entry has also been removed in this feature. This way the people who lost jobs could still respectfully put up their current status. A blog post by Fortune also reads out that LinkedIn is looking forward to bridge the 'Employment Gaps' wherein option to choose fields like 'sabbatical', 'family care leave' or 'parental leave' could be put up as a status for the gap time when the individual was not working. We believe that all the women who took the harsh decision to put their career on hold for taking care of their kids and home should be deeply respected. And features like these by a big platform like LinkedIn just helps in taking one step ahead towards recognising the roles of homemakers and Stay at Home Moms/Dads. Kudos to LinkedIn for bringing this feature!

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