Say Hello to Mellow, An Ayurvedic Beauty Brand That Will Bring You Closer To Nature

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By Likita Gowda

I’ve always had a hard time finding products that are 100% natural and that work for my skin. Having a combination skin with dark circles and hyperpigmentation had made my search for the right kind of products a lot harder. But when I came across the brand Mellow and tried some of their products, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that these products actually worked for my skin. This is rare since I’ve tried many brands and many products over the years and the results have been very average.

What started off as a mother’s journey to find a holistic remedy for her daughter’s hair fall issue later led to the establishment of Mellow (Marudhar Herbals) in 2008. This homegrown brand uses the finest herbal ingredients and the ancient Ayurvedic expertise to bring to us highly effective body care products. You can find everything from face care products to hair care and even body care products. And the best part is that all of their products are free from sulphates, parabens and other toxic chemicals and are manufactured under stringent quality controls. Every product is 100% natural & ayurvedic and needless to say packed with goodness.

Read on to know more about the products that I tried and my experience using them!

Rose Water

Anyone who knows me well enough would know that I am extremely fond of the smell of roses. Rose water is something that has always been a part of my skincare routine. And incorporating Mellow’s steam distilled Rose water has made my skincare routine all the more joyous. This product smells divine since it is made with real roses and has no artificial fragrance in it. And although normally I only tend to use rose water as a toner, this one is so refreshing that it has me reaching for it throughout the day just because it feels so good to spritz it on my face every once in a while. Extremely gentle on the skin and very hydrating, I cannot recommend this product enough! 

You can buy it here

Marigold Face Wash

This Marigold face wash has been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed using! It’s super gentle on my sensitive combination skin, lathers well and doesn’t strip the skin of moisture. And the smell is so unique that double cleansing my face has been less of a chore and more of a treat for me thanks to this gorgeous product. This one also gets a big thumbs up from me!

You can buy it here

Anti-pigment Face Scrub

Face scrubs are a sensitive topic for me. I generally avoid them because the ones that I’ve used in the past have been harsh on my skin. They would make my skin irritated and red & sometimes even break me out. So I was a little scared to try this product if I am being honest. It is recommended to mix this product with rose water (if you have oily skin) or mix it with raw milk (if you have dry skin) to make a paste. Once you’ve made the paste, wet your face & then apply it. You should gently massage it in a circular motion. I have used this scrub with raw milk and have even left it on as a mask for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with water. And I am happy to report that this Orange & lemon peel scrub hasn’t irritated my skin even once and my experience using it has been super pleasant. I can also see that the acne scars and dark spots on my skin look a little lighter. I will have to use the product longer to see if this can fade them out completely.

You can buy it here

Under Eye Cream

This under eye cream with effective ingredients like Kesar, Patang, Almond oil, Laakh, Palasphool and Bad kiJeta works wonders on rejuvenating the under-eye skin, reducing dark circles and making the under-eye skin tone & texture even. And needless to say since I have always been concerned with my dark circles, I was more than excited to try this product out. I have been applying this product in my under eye area at night time for over two weeks now. The product is thick and very creamy, so it feels nice and luxurious to apply in the under eye area. Also, you do not need too much product per application, a little goes a long way with this one. Overall, the skin around my eye doesn’t feel dry anymore and it feels nice & moisturized. Only thing is that I am not too fond of the smell of this product, which luckily doesn't last too long anyway. Other than that I have no complaints whatsoever.

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Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Although this is specifically made for tackling wrinkles, I have been using this product as a moisturizer. I cleanse my face, apply this and follow it up with my sunscreen. And might I say this cream has worked as a wonderful moisturiser for my parched skin. It is super hydrating, without being heavy or greasy. Gets absorbed into the skin very easily as well. I do not have many wrinkles so wouldn’t be able to comment on its efficacy on wrinkles. But overall, a lovely product that you can check out if you are looking for a nice moisturising anti-wrinkle cream.

You can buy it here

Pure Drop Lime Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitizers are an essential in the times that we are living it. And this one with the refreshing smell of lemons and added goodness of aloe vera feels luxurious. This definitely feels like an upgrade from the regular hand sanitizers that I am used to. Also the packaging is lovely!

You can buy it here

All in all, I have been enjoying using these products from Mellow and I am eager to try some of their hair & body care products as well. You can check out their whole range of products here:

You can also find them on:

Instagram: @mellow_herbals

Facebook: @mellowherbals


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