Mental Toughness - How To Become More Resilient

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Developing a resilient mind

Sometimes the inspiration to build resilience is always present around you. You just have to open your eyes. Or in this case, open your mind. 

These have been some interesting times. Don’t get me wrong, the way the world is unfolding lately has been quite unprecedented. Adapting to this whole new kind of lifestyle, putting out a brave front, and steering your mind away from those negative thoughts are just few of the many challenges. But as the saying goes "Everything happens for a reason". Maybe this is our chance to dive deep into our inner selves and explore the deep seas inside us. These are the few tips that helped me build resilience. I hope this can be of help to you too!

1. Growing a plant:  Nature is the best healer and teacher.

If you can find a small corner in your room, that receives adequate sunlight. Try to grow a potted plant there. It's a worthwhile experience. Watering it periodically and watching it grow a little day by day can instill a feeling of happiness in you and sometimes inspire you. So much that, one day, like me, you might end up owning a jungle!

2. Laughing OUT Loud: When is the last time you heard the echo of your laughter reverberate through the hall? We all are so used to the emoticons that real laughter has become a struggle. Laughing out can help your mind ease out the stress and help you to break free from unwanted thoughts. Remember the good old saying -  Laughter is the best medicine!.

3. Noticing the world around you: How many times did you visit your balcony today? Did you notice the tree outside your house has greener leaves lately!. And oh! There is a nest too. How often do we take time to look at whatever little of nature you find around you? Did you know that listening to the chirping of birds and ruffling of leaves can have calming effects on our mind? Our minds are hardwired to read these sound signals are signs of safety and peace.

4..Taking Trip down the Memory Lane:. Sometimes Technology teaches us to more human when we get lost in our fast-paced life. AN irony of life indeed.

Taking the Parkinson’s law into account - "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion", we are indeed juggling with more self-imposed work than ever before. I was reminded today by the google photos that last year this day, I was enjoying a staycation amidst nature. It reminded me of some sweet memories that I almost forgot existed.

Seriously! Where is your embarrassing baby photos that your parents are so proud of!? The pictures of your milk tooth falling off and you roaming around the house naked and proud. These treasures are sometimes to be dug out for NO particular reason but to replenish your memory and me you smile in embarrassment.

5. Taking Care of Me for You: In Jim Rohn's Words :  “The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development. I used to say, "If you will take care of me, I will take care of you. "Now I say, I will take care of me for you if you will take care of you for me.”

Incorporating this mindset is extremely crucial in these times. This is what the air hostess around the world have been signaling to us all through their life: Put your oxygen mask first before proceeding to help others.

There was a time when my mother worked incessantly, seldom taking care of her health, to make others happy. But that deprived her of her own health, as she allotted most of her time to take care of others. Taking care should start from you.  While the social construct of a Sanskari women is synonymous to Sacrificing. This is not true at all times. Prioritizing oneself is not an act of selflessness.

6. Abolishing Self Doubt. I have been there too. Initially, I was skeptical of writing this because I wasn’t sure If I was a good writer or if this would have a welcomed response. But then I was contradicting myself. Letting self-doubt breed was my biggest weakness and one I was determined to get through by this quarantine time. To all those out there, wondering if you can do it?. Just do it .(Thanks Nike!). Write it down, sing it loud, Dance it out!  Don’t do it for others, Do it for you!

Building resilience is a slow process, but a rewarding one. Hope these tips help you embrace positivity.

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!


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