Monthly Tarotscopes by the Tarot Priestess - May 2021

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By Mahasweta Mazumder

Aries(March 21- April 20):

The card means that you should start thinking outside the constraints that you have set on yourself. You might have been hurt in the past, but you don’t want that to continue for much longer. We all need time to get over things so don’t rush yourself. But be aware that it’s up to you to try to help yourself and see from a different and new perspective. Again, there may be something you’re missing, so try to see the bigger picture of what is going on. Try to explore all avenues.

Taurus(April 21- May 21):

The Chariot tarot card is all about not giving up in life and being confident, determined, and strong about the direction in life you’re heading towards. Moving ahead in life with an optimistic approach and overcoming obstacles on the way is what this tarot card implies. One needs to give his best efforts in doing this because eventually with hard work and persistence one will be victorious.

Gemini(May 22- June 21):

This tarot card conveys a feeling of defensiveness. In a reading, it could indicate that we have toppled from our high horse, and it will take all our courage, honesty, and energy to recover our position. Like a silver lining appears in every cloud, the positive part is that our balance has not been affected. Yet, we have a lot of convincing to do, and if we truly believe in our objective, we should have no trouble convincing others of our intent. Expression and transparency are advised, as our thoughts and emotions are constantly evolving, and we need to ensure we are not being swept along with the force of their flow.

Cancer(June 22- July 22):

The Sun is the tarot card that foretells new beginnings. It brings an end to a long period of confusion or grief and wipes out the shadows that haunt us. The energy that this card brings is unparalleled, and we become confident that we are freed from doubt and fear. This card radiates positivity and brilliance, so we need to allow it to envelop us. In this manner, we will be infused with power and confidence, and everything you touch will turn into gold. In a reading, this card indicates serenity and supreme confidence in oneself. Rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul will lead to a greater understanding of our needs and priorities.

Leo (July 23- August 23):


This tarot card is a personification of flexibility. This card tells us that we need to place our trust in unseen forces and be adaptable to the changes they bring about. This does not mean we surrender to them; we must continue consciously towards our goals. Along this path, we need to be mindful of our thoughts as they are infinite, and so are the effects of our actions. For this reason, we need to be on guard against bogging ourselves down with negative energies based on our past experiences and focus on our goal and how to attain it.

Virgo (August 24- September 22):

The Sun often appears in Tarot readings when you have been working extremely hard for minimal reward. Hard work and sacrifices will pay off, and The Sun often predicts recognition for effort. The Sun is often a family card, so it is a positive omen if this is something you aspire to. Love, marriage, children, pets, and babies are all within the Sun. Fertility will be at an all-time high, so if this is something you're worried about The Sun tells you that all is not as bad as it seems.

Libra (September 23- October 23):

The Emperor is the tarot card that epitomizes authority and respect. What we learn from him is that there is a lesson in everything that life throws at us, so we should harness our inner strength and keep ourselves motivated to get through each obstacle. We are blessed with the experience of our elders, and we should use it to better our dealings with other people. It is also implied that we should not be cautious, and avoid getting carried away by fancy, as that can seriously hamper our discretion.

Scorpio (October 24- November 22):

The Queen of Pentacles is the Tarot card that is down to earth and symbolizes the working woman. We are capable of earning our livelihood and at the same time taking care of our home and family, and even deftly managing financial matters. Our foremost concern is amply providing our families with all material comforts from what we earn. However, our compassion is not limited to our families, we feel deeply for our community and the world at large, which is what our intuition stems from. Also, we are so sociable that we love to organize parties and social events, meticulously taking care of the minutest of details.

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21):

The Star is the tarot card that represents reassurance. A better day will come, and what we have been doing for so long will bear fruit. The Star also denotes aspiration and tells us to keep reaching for the skies and set ourselves free from all restrictions. It symbolizes love and hope and guarantees us the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. However, it is to be remembered that this card cannot create magic; it can only direct us once we get going along the desired path. We can be assured of its unending guidance and take solace in its promise of new beginnings. In a reading, this card signals the end of a bad phase and the beginning of a refreshing and relaxing one. 

Capricorn( December 22- January 20):

This tarot card reveals our deepest thoughts. In a reading, it brings to light our suppressed thoughts, which are embedded so deep inside us that they only surface when we are less conscious. It is possible that we are genuinely unaware, or it could be that we turn an unseeing eye to the signs. If we remain oblivious to our inner feelings, we risk losing out on tapping our latent potential. It is in our best interests to face any unhealthy thoughts, and expel them from our minds, replacing them with happy and positive ones.

Aquarius(January 21-February 18):


The card signifies that you are very strong and determined as a person. It also implies that you have an immense amount of inner strength, tenacity, and forbearance to face any kind of situation in life whatsoever. In spite of you being surrounded by danger and struggle, it is this strength that makes you patient, focussed, and fearless to face varied circumstances in the darkest of your times. Well, the Strength tarot card meaning is also affiliated with compassion and generosity, making you quite a helpful person for someone in need. You speak up whenever you feel it is necessary without any kind of fear ruling you.

Pisces(February 19- March 20):


This tarot card is an indicator of emotional relationships. In a reading, it is a harbinger of deeper connections with our loved ones. These new connections could prove to be extremely fulfilling, and bring renewed vitality and promise to our lives. It is important to remember that this can only happen if we are willing to risk showing our true selves to these people. Respect and trust will remain the foundations of our relationships, and we will be protected from all harm.

Insight of the coming month! Do let us know if you resonate with the readings.

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