Online face mask brands in India that you should know about!

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Wearing a face mask is the new normal and with festivals just around the corner, why not own a trendy mask that matches your personality? It’s time to bid farewell to the boring black and white ones and instead wear something which complements your style.

Let’s look at some trendy options for face masks that will not only protect you from the virus but also help you to put across a fashion statement and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Nivedita Saboo:

Nivedita Saboo's masks are created using their in-house 3D cutting technique of breathable shell fabrics with convenient ear loops. Although the inside has a soft lining with heat-fused filters, the outer layer is comfy and stretchable. The masks are available in various styles, sizes, colours, and are washable. They are also sanitised with 88.33 percent Ethyl Alcohol. 

2. Namastay Away:

Namastay Away is a wonderful brand launched by the designer Manish Tripathi that aims to provide masks to needy people who cannot afford one. It all started when he saw an underprivileged man pulling a used mask out of the trash. And that's why he started to use the leftover fabrics and transform them into high-quality fabrics. 

 For every mask you order from their website, one mask is donated to the poor people who do not have the resources to buy masks. Each and every mask is made of natural cotton cloth with an extra linen towel for sweat absorption. Their masks come with fun print and motif.  Discover lovely florals, mandala motifs, Ikat prints, embroidered masks, prints of denim and indigo, adorable masks for children and lots of other choices. You can browse through their collection on their website based on cloth, colour, layers, design, theme, and purchase your ideal mask. 

3. Leather Garden:

This brand is Neeharika Leekha Wadhwa's brainchild. The embroidered mask collection of the brand is one of the finest.

The masks are available in four versions. You can get non-surgical two-ply masks in solid colours, such as off-white, beige, blue, green, black, grey, brown and yellow, among other variations. You can also check out their retro cotton linen masks in a package of four which consists of two printed and two solid coloured masks

You may find plenty of variety in their masks such as double-layered masks, snowflakes embroidered and sequinned and embroidered masks.

4. True Brown:

Want some dash of colours in your masks? Then, True Brown's organic cotton masks with two layers are for you. The masks are super soft and are available in various styles. They have masks for children as well.

Check out their festive mask line, made with shimmering zari thread work, that is not only earth-friendly but provides you with triple-layered security to keep you safe.

Pair your outfit with these essentials and immerse yourself in the glorious festivities.

5. New Leaf Store:

The masks from New Leaf come with all sorts of prints and designs and are always appealing and affordable. We love the masks with polka dots as well as the one with flower motifs, you might also like the Animal Printed ones. 

6. Kala Chaupal:

Embrace your Indian culture with masks from Jaipur Kala Chaupal Their masks tell tales about the history, tradition, culture and artists of the region. We loved the face prints as well as the cotton Jeev jantu masks that were handcrafted by Odisha's patachitra artists

7. ADK by Avishi Dayal Kalra:

Check out the face masks from the streetwear label's breathable face masks. In order to combat the spread of Covid-19, ADK by Avishi Dayal Kalra transforms the waste fabrics produced in their ready-to-wear collection into safety masks which are also washable. They also make use of their old collections to create masks. Think sustainable think ADK.

8. Abhishek Dutta:

Kolkata-based artist Abhishek Dutta creates beautiful and affordable cotton and linen fashion masks with inter-lining made using woven fabrics. They are all digitally printed and available in numerous styles, including checks, honeycomb, vintage, and graphic.

9. Nest by Arpit Agarwal:

Nest by Arpit Agarwal has cotton masks with unique prints that celebrate Northeast's rich cultural heritage. The masks are three-layered and are made of cotton, with hand-block prints of motifs. They've also come up with three-layered cotton handloom masks woven by expert Assam-based weavers. They are available for both children and adults.

10. Quirky perks:

 If you have been scouring the internet for some fun face masks, then this is your ideal destination. Quirky Perks has two masks made of breathable cotton with stylish, sassy liners. Sample this:" Alexa, skip to 2021 "or" All the cool kids are doing it, "or" Spread Love not germs". To mark the Pride Month, they've even come up with quirky pride masks!

We can all agree that face masks are an essential that we cannot live without in the current times. But given the amazing variety and designs they come in now, they can also be used to enhance our outfits and act as a cool fashion accessory. So why not face the pandemic in style?   

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