40+ People On What The Pandemic Has Taught Them

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2020 has been a weird year for all of us. With most of our plans going awry and us being confined to our homes & not having the freedom to socialise, adjusting to the new normal hasn’t been easy. Life hasn’t been as we’ve known it to be. Besides the anxiety of contracting the disease ourselves or the fear of our loved ones falling sick, the pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health immensely & in many ways than one. Needless to say, the new decade did start with a bang and how. 

But as they say, there are two sides to every coin, it is no different with COVID19 either. While it is easier to focus on everything that’s negative, what’s required of us in times like these is to focus on the good stuff. The things that we can be grateful for, the things that we can learn a thing or two from, the things that we can use to constantly redefine our sense of purpose from. It’s all about striving to find the silver lining in the darkest of clouds. Because you know what, every damn cloud has one.

So, when our team was discussing what we’ve each learnt from the pandemic, we got the idea to reach out to you, our dearest community as well as to our friends and families to ask, ‘what’s the one thing that the pandemic has taught you’. 

And we are happy to announce that we got a lot of responses and we were super delighted by all of them. Some were funny, all mostly positive and some were very insightful. Every response that we got was a perfect ‘pick-me-up’, something that uplifted our mood instantly. No kidding. 

So, here’s what all you lovely people had to say, and here’s hoping that reading them will make your day as much as they made ours.

1. That I actually kind of like socialising and miss it now. Oh, the irony! - Priya

2. Stop waiting around for the ‘right time’ to pursue your passion. Just go for it - @Lara.Ayurveda

3. We are such a tiny part of the divine plan and that we need the bare minimum to survive and sustain ourselves. - Rhea

4. The pandemic has taught me to prioritise my health more than anything else. I find myself investing way more time exercising and eating right, trying out new home-cooked recipes than I ever have - Anmol

5. One thing I have learned from this pandemic is ‘carpe diem’(Seize the Moment) because you never know what’s coming next. Live every moment of life without worrying about the future - Megha Sah

6. Something can be learned from virtual platforms too - @Rubyadav_

7. Be it anything, we alone are enough, but at some point of time we really need a human friend - @moms_lil_girl

8. Appreciate what you have - Rupali

9. Importance of giving more time to your personal life to grow better as a human - Pallavi Agrawal

10. We can live all by ourselves without going out or eating outside - Saiteja

11. Nothing is Impossible now- Living alone without help, without socializing, doing household work all alone - Moumita Rudra

12. Silence - Geeta Murthy

13. I learnt that it's okay to do this one day at a time. I'm someone who was constantly paranoid about what's gonna happen or if I'm going to be good at what I'm doing. This long trial showed me that it is okay to go slow as long as you are still going… - Gowthami

14. Washing my hands more often. LOL - Naveen

15. Nothing, haha - Rakesh

16. Nothing is forever - Sumit

17. That a small virus (which you cannot even see) can make the world pause. - Rishi

18. To just go with the flow, because life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. - Karuna

19. Everyone has got enough time to be successful in life. It’s just that we don’t utilize it well. - Dilip

20. Patience! Heaps and truckloads of it. - Likita

21. To be more considerate towards your family- Subhabrata

22. Never rely on one income source. At least create 3 income sources for yourself. Save your money for emergencies. Invest your money. - Neelam Gawande

23. I finally learnt how to cook thanks to the pandemic. - Palak

24. Staying at home is a privilege. - Radha

25. Life is short, make it sweet. - Latha

26. Patience - @Aishwarya807

27. Baking - @this_is_matam

28. Self Love - Kavya Guda

29. Life is hard without our house help. It’s funny how we took this privilege for granted earlier. - Preeti

30. Corona doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. Also, learnt that we can survive with lesser things and live a simple life. - Sangeeta

31. Corona taught us what is life - Aleena

32. It has taught me that nothing is permanent. We need to value life, as it is our only greatest wealth. Has taught that everything that we do is for monetary pleasures and when the world takes a hit & is upside down, we get to see how dependent we are on worldly things, things which actually do not matter. - Cherry

33. I am very grateful to COVID… it has taught us life, about ourselves - Sumathi

34. Relax and enjoy the leisure - Pavithra

35. Has made me realise that life is precious, wealth not so much. - Shruthi

36. It has taught me how to make do with available resources - Radhika

37. Take time to slow down. Observe the beauty around you and count your blessings. Not everything is bad in this pandemic -Mahasweta

38. One thing pandemic has taught me is to focus on holistic wellbeing that is nutrition for body, mind & soul instead of focusing on superficial things- Maitreyee

39. It has made me become more present. I’ve learnt to live in the moment and take each day as it comes. - Shilpa

40. The pandemic has taught me to take life slowly. - Richa

41. To enjoy the little things! It’s always and only the little things that matter the most - Varsha

42. It has reminded me of my favourite hobbies and I’ve started pursuing them again. Thanks, COVID19! - Priyanka

Did we miss featuring your thought here? Are you new to our site and would like to tell us what the pandemic has taught you? Do pour your thoughts in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you. :)

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