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                                         By Vaishnavi Srivastava

Stepping out of college with a job in hand is an unequivocal dream. But are you ready to crack the very first interview you are planning to appear in? 

Acing a job interview requires a plethora of things other than grades. Just fiddling through the ‘common interview questions' will not sail your boat every time. Instead, you need to step up your game and aggrandize your interpersonal skills along with academics. From having a good amount of information about your target company to learning all the tactics of dodging all the tricky questions thrown at you, you need to brush up on a lot of skills. 

But, do not let the cloud of fear hover over your head and take a step ahead to start the preparation of your first ever job interview with us. We have compiled a few tips and tricks for you to get started with the learning sessions. 

Here are the 10 simple tips that will help you in preparing for your first interview!

1. Research well about the company

It is extremely important to research well about the company to understand its workflow, aims, and objectives. Google will be your best friend in this and you can also use other social media as well to get well-versed with the company’s policies, strategies, new releases, etc. You can also get your hands on the feedback and reviews of the ex-employees of the company and can broaden the spectrum of your knowledge with the same. What all the company embodies and how you can benefit the organization with your inputs is one major thing you will be able to unfold with your research. 

Having a vague idea about the company will increase your chances to be projected as someone who is not serious about the position and has not put in much effort.

2. Go well-dressed

First impressions are often the most important and you do not want to ruin it on the day of your interview. Donning the right attire which is pleasant to look at plays a very important role in adding to your personality. Your plight should be such that you exude confidence, positivity, and professionalism.  

3. Know your value

Another aspect that plays a key role in standing out in an interview is knowing your value. Searching for the basic interview questions and preparing the answers for the same will not help you at all. Instead, you need to anticipate the expected questions and accordingly have to understand your skills and accomplishments that might fall in line with the needs of the interviewer. From strengths to weaknesses, you need to introspect and evaluate all your qualities will help you sweeten the deal and stand out. 

If you do not know your value and what you are capable of, you will not be able to prove why the company should hire you. 

4. Get into the grind

Another crucial stage is to pass the knowledge test. If you are interviewing for a particular role, the hiring manager or the panel of interviewers might ask you questions related to academics. You need to ensure that your answers are spot on and even if you do not know anything, you should not beat around the bush. 

It is advisable that you start brushing up your knowledge well before the interview. 

5. Prepare a well-written resume

Your resume speaks volumes about you and your skills. Write your resume in a manner that will please the interviewer. State all your qualifications, achievements, responsibilities, etc., well to ensure that the interviewer runs through your career in minutes. Right from academics to extracurriculars, include everything that showcases your talents. 

6. Be on time

Do not mess with the timing at all! Reaching late for your interview is a big NO and it can result in your disqualification as well. It is always better to reach the office 15 to 20 minutes before your interview time. This will help you in getting comfortable with the environment of the office and you can prepare well before you go in. 

7. Keep the eye-contact

Right from the moment you step in, make sure to maintain good eye contact with the hiring manager or the panel. Be confident and try to avoid distractions. 

8. Keep your calm

Owing to the fact that it is your first interview, you are bound to get nervous. If you feel agitated or flustered, do not shy away from taking a few moments and deep breaths to keep your calm. 

9. Keep a smile on your face

Having a gentle smile on your face will exude positivity and will also help in building a connection with the hiring team. No matter what, do not let the smile slip away. 

10. Thank the panel 

After your interview is done, make sure to thank the interviewer or the hiring team for granting you an opportunity and taking your interview. 

Make note of these 10 easiest techniques and get ready to ace your first interview! 

Do let us know if this information was useful to you in any manner. 

Wish you all the best for your interview:)


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