Registration for Webinar on Financial Planning 101 for Young Women Professionals

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Register for the webinar on Financial Planning 101 for Young Women Professionals by HerMoneyTalks in association with LIC Mutual Fund and start your journey towards financial empowerment.

Financial Planning is one of the key skills that every young adult needs to master. Building financial wealth is not only about knowing about the financial terms, but about knowing your risk profile, learning about it, and systematically monitoring your success on an annual basis.
With economies moving rapidly and industry cycles accelerating, you need to understand the fundamentals to learn how to succeed in these changing times.
In this webinar, you can learn about the various financial instruments that you can utilize on the basis of your risk profile, and then build up a strategy to meet these goals. Plus, the emphasis of the webinar is on habit creation.

Nisary Mahesh is the founder of HerMoneyTalks, India's first one-stop financial platform for women. HerMoneyTalks aims to bring a new paradigm to women's financial experiences. 



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