Webinar on Succulent Care for Beginners by Rooted & Planted

2 minute

Register for the webinar on Succulent Care for Beginners by Rooted & Planted and start your journey towards growing a green thumb. 

Plants add a sense of life to any space. And with everyone staying indoors due to this neverending pandemic, more and more people have taken to gardening and growing plants in their homes. And that's a happy trend since plants are good for us in every way. They lower stress, purify the air, improve one’s concentration and beautify one’s living spaces.

Given how many people are trying their hand at gardening, we thought it was the need of the hour to bring to you this wonderful webinar which will help you take good care of your succulents.  This webinar is being hosted by Ligia Ribeiro who is the co-founder of Rooted & Planted

Ligia Ribeiro is a succulent plant enthusiast and her journey with succulents began about 3 years ago. She loves collecting rare succulents and propagating them by experimenting various techniques. Her collection of a variety of succulents arose a curiosity in her to try her hand at succulent arrangements. Which is when she and her partner joined together to start "Rooted and Planted" - a succulent business based out of Bangalore. At rooted and planted, they sell succulents & plants for gifting purposes as well as for arrangements, most of which are from their very own balcony.

In this webinar, she’ll be teaching you all the basics on how you should take care of your succulent plants. So, come along and register for this amazing webinar and learn something new.

To get your hands on some lovely succulents, you can contact them on Instagram: @rooted__and__planted 

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