Restaurant Like Potato 65 To Satiate Your Cravings!

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                                By Vaishnavi Srivastava

Needless to say that the entire 2020 and half of 2021 has taught us a lot, and has also helped us explore some of the very rare talents of ours like cooking! Apart from the regular ‘ghar ka khana’ we also crave to have some yummy and delicious restaurant food. This has led us to try out several different recipes at home and guess what? We managed to cook quite a lot of them ourselves! 

Potato 65 is one such exotic, crunchy and flavourful dish that is super easy to make at home! Did y’all know that? Don’t believe me? No worries, let’s quickly dive into the recipe and explore how easy it is to make this yummylicious starter at home with ingredients that you will definitely find in your kitchen!

Preparation time- 15 minutes

Cooking time- 30 minutes 


  • Potatoes
  • Curd
  • Green chillies
  • All-purpose flour(maida)
  • Corn flour
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Cooking oil 
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Red chilli powder
  • Salt
  • Hot spice mixture(garam masala)

Process - 

  • Firstly, you need to wash 6-7 potatoes well, peel off their skin and cut them into medium sized potions. 
  • Take a pan filled with water and boil the potatoes in it for a good 20-25 minutes.

  • While your potatoes are being boiled, finely chop two onions, 3-4 green chillies and 5-6 cloves of garlic. 
  • Once the potatoes have been boiled, strain out all the water out of the pan. 
  • Add two tablespoons of all purpose flour or maida and two tablespoons of corn flour and one teaspoon of salt. 
  • Coat the potatoes well with the mixture by adding a few drops of water. 
  • Take a pan and add vegetable oil in it, keep the flame low and let the oil heat.

  • Add the coated potatoes in the oil pan and deep dry them until they become light-brown. Then keep them aside. 
  • In another pan, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil, add finely chopped onions, chillies and garlic and roast them well. 

  • Add all the spices and keep the flame low, fry the mixture(masala) well. 
  • Now, add three tablespoons of curd and mix well. You can also add tomato ketchup as per taste in this step. 
  • Mix everything well and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. 

  • Now add your fried potatoes to the mixture and nicely let the sauce coat all the pieces. 

  • Add some freshly chopped coriander leaves and chillies for garnishing.
  • Serve hot!

And you’re done! 

That was it for this delicious Potato 65 recipe. Trust me when I say it’s super easy to cook and will definitely satiate all your cravings for restaurant-like food!

Do try this at home and let us know how it turns out in the comments section below! 

We will come up with more such quick and easy recipes for you to make your weekends special:)

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