Secret Santa Gifting Ideas & Christmas Decor Inspiration

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Secret Santa Gifting Ideas and Christmas Decor

It's the season to be jolly and deck the halls with boughs of holly. It’s that time of the year again to incorporate a little yuletide spirit and create an aura of Christmas. 

Everyone would unanimously agree that this year has been tough. With everybody working from home, a lot of traditions have been done away with or simply postponed. However, the good news is that you can still play secret Santa online with your friends, colleagues, co-workers and family. 

If you’re celebrating a socially-distanced Christmas this year and can’t meet your friends to pick chits, you can always download the Secret Santa app on your smartphone and it will instantly organise the whole game and generate names for you to exchange gifts. So cool, right? 

Therefore, don’t put away those secret Santa gifting plans. Instead, think of unique, creative and unexpected ways to make it special for someone. 

What better way to bid farewell to 2020 than putting a smile on the faces of your near and dear ones!

Secret Santa Gift Ideas under Rs. 500: For Him & Her 

Though the concept of secret Santa looks fun on paper, in practice it can be quite underwhelming. The reason behind this is that being someone’s Santa is a tough business. Choosing the right kind of gift can be quite confusing. While you’ll want to buy something that the recipient will like, you will also have to keep up with the pre-decided budget.  

If you’re someone who is wary about doing justice to the Santa cap, fret not because we have you covered with a list of secret Santa gifts under 500

Don’t let your budget come in-between you and your Christmas plans, we have some last-minute secret Santa gifting ideas for all of you. The best part is that you can ship these gifts directly to your friends without having to worry about coming in contact with them.

You’re going to love these ideas. We promise!

Let’s get started…

Christmas Cardigan/Jumper

With the temperature drop, everybody gets out their Christmas cardigans and hoodies. How about giving one to a friend? It’s a great secret Santa gift option for a fashionista. It’s not just going to keep them warm and fuzzy but will also remind them of you each time they wear it. 

This Printed Crew-Neck Sweatshirt from Ajio is a perfect secret Santa gift for her. The dark colour and cute print make it ideal for the season. 

It costs only Rs. 479.

Skincare Products

The holiday season also brings with it, nippy and unbearable winters. During such times, the skin and hair often tend to look compromised therefore making it dry, flaky and dull. How about giving your friend natural skincare or haircare products? It’s not just an appropriate gifting option but also a great opportunity to express that you care about all their wellbeing. 

Soul Tree has some really good skincare, body care, lip care and haircare products all within Rs. 600. 

In winter, everybody enjoys a good hair ritual. We are totally in awe of the Soul Tree Hair Care Kit that includes a hair-repair shampoo, conditioner and nourishing hair oil at Rs. 445 only. Their products are not just cruelty-free but also vegan. Thus, if you’re looking for secret Santa vegan gifts, Soul Tree has you covered. 

Pro Tip: Buy something unique for your giftee which they otherwise wouldn’t have tried on their own.


The best part about secret Santa gifting is that you can go all out with your ideas while conforming with the budget. 

Have any green-fingered friends? Think plants, gardening tools, accessories and more. This is something they will really cherish. 

One houseplant we would vouch for as the best secret Santa gardening gift is the Philodendron Broken Heart Plant from Ugaoo. With its tropical feel, it can add an instant charm to any space. If your friend is a keen gardener, they are definitely going to be grateful to you for receiving such a thoughtful gift. 

The best part? It’s highly budget-friendly and costs only Rs. 345. 

Santa Mug

If you’re looking for a secret Santa gift for kids, think no further as this super-cute ceramic Santa mug has you covered. It’s highly affordable and loved by kids and adults alike. It also makes a great addition to any Christmas themed hamper. The recipient is going to love it. 

Green Tea

It’s getting cold outside and everyone is looking for a reason to curl up in bed. Why not use this as an excuse to gift your colleague a big pack of green tea? Today, tea is not merely just a hot beverage but also a great gifting option. Tea makers too are offering an alluring collection of boxes and packaging to entice their customers. 

Nothing says you care more than a gift of tea, especially during the pandemic. The green tea KADHA from Sancha Tea Boutique is the ideal secret Santa gift for office colleagues. Get 25 silky tea bags at just Rs. 350.

Christmas Socks

Who doesn’t need a warm, quirky pair of socks during winters? The ‘Happy Reindeer’ socks from SockSoho have our heart. If you’re looking for secret Santa gift ideas for guys, this one is a winner. It’s stylish, quirky and oh-so Christmassy. It’s a great way to add some holiday cheer to someone’s festivities. Priced originally at Rs. 499, they’re running on a discount now and are up for grabs at Rs. 399. So make sure you get them before they go out of stock. 

Diaries & Planners

If you’re playing Santa to a stationery junkie, think about presenting them with a diary, planner or journal. Whether it’s penning down their thoughts or using it for work, a diary is an extremely thoughtful gift for anyone who loves being organised. 

Additionally, with New Year being round the corner, get them one that has a 2021 calendar too. We love the 2021 Dated Month Planner from Gifts of Love. Available in myriad prints, you can choose the one that fits your colleague’s personality the most. It is priced at Rs. 350. If you want to personalise it further, go ahead and add the recipient’s name at an additional cost of Rs. 150. 

Gift Card

If you’re still hitting the wall looking for Santa gifts, we suggest you take the classic route of giving your friend or colleague a gift card. Though this is not the most creative and thoughtful gift idea, it is indeed very practical. If you know nothing about a person’s likes and dislikes, the best way to seal the deal is by presenting them with a gift card. An Amazon Pay eGift Card is something most people will tend to use. 

We hope you liked these secret Santa gift ideas. Whether you have to pick a gift for a friend, colleague, manager or acquaintance, these pocket-friendly ideas and secret Santa gifts under 500 rupees will surely give the recipient a Christmas to remember. 

DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

Between buying those secret Santa presents, planning your Christmas dinner and baking some delicious goodies, there never seems to be enough time to decorate your home for the season. 

From putting up your Christmas tree to hanging wreaths, ornaments and candy canes, decorating your home for Christmas is indeed a fun activity. Since children will have their winter vacation on, you can also involve them in making homemade Christmas decorations

Decorating your home or office for Christmas doesn’t mean you need to cover every wall with something festive. Just adding a holiday touch to a few designated corners will do the trick. 

If you’re looking for DIY Christmas décor ideas and inspiration, we’ve curated this guide specially for you. With our easy to execute hacks, you can add that festive sparkle within no time. Therefore, put those worries away and start dressing up your home for Christmas ASAP.

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Decorate your Home, this Christmas

Hang a Holiday Wreath

You’re about to welcome the festive season and there’s no better place to start than the main door of your home. The classic yet traditional way to celebrate the onset of Christmas is by hanging a holiday wreath on the front door. You can always get a fresh wreath made from your local florist but if you’re looking for something that will last you through the season, there are plenty of artificial wreath options available in a market near you or online. Pick up something that has frosted pine cones, berries, grapevine, bows and tonnes of foliage. 

Christmas Ornaments

A common mistake most people make while decorating their homes is confining all the Christmas ornaments to the tree. If you have a mixed bag that contains stars, candy canes and other glass ball ornaments, use them wisely. After decorating the tree, use the leftover by throwing them into a large decorative bowl or glass fish bowl. You can place this as an accent centrepiece on your dining table or at the entrance of your home on a console table. 

Stock up on Fairy Lights

If you really want it to “begin to look a lot like Christmas”, stock up on fairy lights. It’s all you need to uplift your home and add the holiday cheer. Strings of fairy lights are an inexpensive way to give your home a dreamy vibe. You can hang them on your Christmas tree, main door, and around an accent mirror in your living room. 

DIY Christmas Candles

Christmas decorations are all about getting artsy and creative. Whether you have an artistic streak or not, DIYs on Pinterest are pretty doable. If you’re planning to host a Christmas eve dinner, add some oomph to your home by placing candles at every nook and corner. 

DIY ALERT: Take two or three mason jars and add a bunch of greenery at the bottom. Fill the jars two-thirds of the way with water and throw in some cranberries. Now add a floating candle. Voilà! Your Christmas candles are ready. They not just look great but also highlight the three colours of Christmas – red, green and white.

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Once you have your homemade Christmas decorations in place, it’s time to prep for the dinner. We have a super-cute and easy idea to make your dining table look like a million bucks on Christmas. Instead of simply rolling a napkin on a porcelain plate, why not do some festive napkin fold? Even if you’re an amateur napkin-folder, this Christmas tree napkin fold is easy to execute and literally takes just sixty seconds. All you need is a crisp, large napkin. Once you’ve aced the napkin fold, add a tiny Christmas ornament on top such as a star, candy cane or stocking. Believe us, your guests will be really impressed. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that will make sure you get it right the first time.

With these quick and easy decorating tips, your home will look festive in no time. If you have any other fun and easy décor ideas, leave them in the comments section below.

Make the most of the holidays and enjoy spending time with your family.

Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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