Shoe Organization Ideas To Help You Save Space

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By Likita Gowda

There is a shoe enthusiast in all of us. Studies have shown that an average woman owns around 17 pairs of shoes. And nod your head if you know someone who has too many shoes or you yourself own too many pairs of shoes. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the one issue that does come from this situation is how efficiently does one store them. And homes in cities often come with space constraints - which can add to the problem. Not to forget the added issues of dust, moisture, and other things that could possibly damage your shoes. But fret not, we’re here to help you and have found some really cool and effective ways to organize shoes. Read on to find a way or two that can work for you.

1. Sleek Metal Shoe Racks

These metal shoe racks do not take up too much space and are a great way to store your shoes. The drawers drop down which helps save space and keep the profile of the cabinet slim. These also come with a lock, which means you can store your shoes safely. There is good cross ventilation provided in these cabinets to keep your shoes free from odour and humidity.

2. Shoe Rack with seat

Wanting to optimize your shoe storage? Then this rack with a seat is the way to go. Its compact and sturdy design is perfect for storing your shoes & the bench is an added seating option for your space. 

3. Multipurpose Display Shelf

These shelves are aesthetically pleasing and have more than one purpose to serve. You can hang your clothes, add some decor items or plants on top and neatly stack your shoes on the bottom shelf.

4. Stackable Clear Shoe Boxes

These clear boxes are an amazing way to store shoes. Not only will these make your life easier by helping you locate your shoes in a jiffy, but they will also save space and keep your shoes organized as these boxes can be stacked on top of each other. These also come with ventilation holes for air circulation. 

5. Wall-mounted shoe storage rack

These wall-mounted racks take up very little space and are a great way to store shoes if you have space constraints. Each rack can hold two pairs of shoes and is suitable for all types of shoes. You can add as many racks as you’d need to help store your shoes. These come with two adhesive screws which can bear about 6.6 pounds - so you needn’t worry about the rack or your shoes falling off as these are sturdy enough to hold them up.

6. Over-the-door shoe organizer

This is a space saver and helps create a storage space where earlier there was none, i.e behind your closet doors. The over-the-door hanging shoe organizer comes with 24 pockets which is plenty of space to store your shoes. And not to forget these organizers are super affordable and economical as well. 

7. Under the bed shoe organizers

The area under your bed is often unused and is something that you can take advantage of. Get yourself these under-the-bed shoe organizers and keep away shoes that you aren’t using on an everyday basis. These come with adjustable dividers which can help customise the organizer according to your needs and these also come with handles for easy access.

8. Hanging Shoe Organizer

These hanging shoe organizers can help you make the most of the vertical space in your wardrobes. The shelves are nice and deep to comfortably store your shoes. Also, the profile of the organizer is narrow and sleek to help you optimize your space.

9. Shoe Stackers

Why waste space by storing your shoe side by side when you can stack them up & down. These shoe stackers can help save space in your shoe cabinets like no other.

10. Shoe rack with wooden dowels

This shoe rack with dowels helps you store shoes upside down. Thereby preventing getting dust and dirt on the floor from dirty shoes. Also, the rack itself looks very cool and different from regular shoe racks.

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