Everything you need to know about skincare for winters.

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Dry Skincare Routine in Winter – All you need to know

Knee-high boots, trench coats and tonnes of layering. Well, a slight drop in temperature can be exciting for all the fashionistas out there. However, this sudden nip in the air isn’t something your skin quite enjoys. Girls, it’s that time of the year again when your skin begins to feel itchy, dry and dull. 

Watching your skin look flaky and parched isn’t one of the most pleasant sights. Just as you adjust your wardrobe as you go from summer to winter, it’s important to up your skincare routine too. It might sound a bit cliché but winter skincare is an important subject that needs a little extra TLC (treatment, love and care).

Fortunately, there’s still time to get serious about a winter skincare routine before the perils of the season and gusty winds set in for a long haul. 

If you’re someone who isn’t quite prepared for the mercury drop, fret not because we have you covered. From essential winter skin care tips to digging-out the best winter-ready products, we’ve got your back to help you prep and protect your skin in the months ahead.

6 Winter Season Skincare Tips that you should follow

  • Limit shower time: As exciting as it may sound to take long, hot showers, try and avoid them in the winter months. All your skin needs is a ten-minute shower only to cleanse your body. As the temperature dips, you may be tempted to turn up the heat in your shower. However, refrain from doing so. Excessively hot water will not just dehydrate you but also strip away all those natural oils from your body. Instead, opt for lukewarm water as it will be less irritating on your skin. 
  • Stay hydrated: When it's too cold outside, drinking water is often the last thing on our minds. Remember, since the air is drier in winter, water evaporates easily from our body. Further, it strips the skin off its moisture. The secret to soft, supple and smooth skin in any season is hydration. Monitor your water intake throughout the day and watch how your skin feels happy. 
  • Exfoliate in moderation: Exfoliation in a winter skincare routine may seem like a complete no-no. However, in reality, it helps replenish the skin. In the winter months, the skin cells dehydrate and die out faster. The best way to get rid of these dead cells is exfoliation. Remember, your skin right now is already compromised owing to the dry weather. Thus, don’t get too harsh on it. If you have dry skin, resort to slight exfoliation while if you’re someone with oily or combination skin, exfoliating once a week is fine. 
  • Apply sunscreen: Sunscreen is not just for summer. In fact, the winter sun tends to be sharper than the warmer months. To protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, make sure to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to all the exposed parts of your body. If you’re on a holiday and tend to bask in the winter sun too often, make sure you reapply your sunscreen every two hours. 
  • Tweak your skincare regime: Face care during winter needs the right products with the right ingredients. Choose cream-based cleansers, fragrance-free moisturisers, and natural soaps and body washes. Replace your regular bar of soap with a more natural alternative. As far as possible, stay away from toners and astringents. Since they contain a tiny amount of alcohol, they tend to dry-up your skin further. The goal here is to help your skin retain its natural oil as much as possible. Also, make sure you include a moisturising balm to put those chapped lip woes away. 
  • Moisturise frequently: Two areas that need to be moisturised heavily in winter is your face and body. Soon after your shower, slather cream all over your body, especially in areas where you feel itchy and irritated. It’s the best way to lock in as much moisture as possible. Another winter body care routine we swear by is keeping your hands moisturised. For someone who has their hands in water too often, this is an absolute prerequisite. Liberally applying cream will give your hands the much-needed hydration boost. 

Winter Skincare Routine for every Skin Type

A solid skincare routine is a year-round necessity. However, as it gets chillier outside, incorporating a routine that prioritises moisture and hydration is imperative. Winter skincare is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Depending on your skin type, you will have to tweak your routine in extremely cold weather.

Winter Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

If you already have dry skin, the winter months will only add to your woes. Your main focus should be to preserve the moisture in your skin to prevent further dryness. Most dermatologists suggest using three to four moisturisers to give your skin the hydration it needs. Here’s the perfect routine for dry skin:

  • Start with a nourishing cleanser: During the winter months, it is important to replace your regular face wash with a nourishing cleanser that is gentle on the skin. We are rooting for the Neutrogena Liquid Facial Pure Mild Cleanser. It cleanses the skin without over-drying it and removes any traces of makeup too. It is also ideal for acne-prone skin.  
  • Exfoliate: To keep those dead skin cells at bay, exfoliate at least once a week. We highly recommend using a gel scrub that is rich in natural ingredients. The Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub from Forest Essentials is infused with walnuts, aloe vera and vitamin E to restore the oil content in your skin thereby moisturising it. Exfoliating with a small amount onto your face can show great results. 
  • Use a moisturiser or hydrating serum: If your skin tends to dry out easily, you might find that a moisturiser is not enough. Thus, before applying a moisturiser, use a hydrating serum that acts as the base layer. Once it seeps into the skin, seal the deal with a moisturiser. Foy Natural's Spicy Rose Body Butter is the perfect moisturiser for you as the shea butter mixed with the goodness of cold-pressed oils and calming rose essence will keep the skin moisturised for more than 6 hours.

Winter Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

You’ll be surprised to know that dry winter air can be harsh on oily skin too. It has the ability to strip the natural oil present in the skin thereby making your skin lose a lot of moisture. To compensate for the oil loss, here’s a routine that will leave your skin feeling smooth and radiant:

  • Grab a cleanser: Cleansing is always a good place to start. Since you already have an oily skin type, you will need a product that purifies the surface of your skin from grime, dirt and pollution. Our beauty editor swears by the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten Cleanser that is formulated with the goodness of three pure clays and charcoal. 
  • Exfoliate: Once you’re done cleansing your skin, time for step two. The best way to give your complexion a glow is exfoliation. It is the ideal way to get rid of dead skin build up. We’d recommend using your existing face scrub for exfoliation. Gently massage the product all over your face and neck, and rinse with lukewarm water. People with oily skin can exfoliate twice during winter. 
  • Moisturise: Most people with oily skin tend to skip this step. DON’T. Every winter beauty routine starts with a moisturiser. If you’re someone who tends to apply makeup often, a moisturiser will always help. To ensure your face doesn’t look overly shiny, try the L’Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh Anti-Ox Aqua Balm. Rich in antioxidants, it is the best cream to keep your skin hydrated, radiant and resilient. 

Winter Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

A skincare routine for combination skin can be tricky. A lot of women use different products for their T-zone (forehead, nose & chin) and rest of the face. Remember, formulating a winter skincare routine for combination skin is all about getting the balance right. Here’s what you should do:

  • Cleansing: Stocking up on different products for different parts of your face can be a pain. Thankfully, L’Oréal Paris Bi-Phase Micellar Water has you sorted. It is fragrance and alcohol free, and has all the right properties to hydrate your whole face in the first application. 
  • Exfoliate: People with combination skin can exfoliate at least thrice a week during winter. We recommend the Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub from Forest Essentials. Since it is formulated with natural ingredients, it is ideal to improve the skin’s elasticity while replenishing its moisture. 
  • Moisturise: Finish up your routine with a good moisturiser. A cream-gel based moisturiser would be ideal to provide your skin with long-lasting hydration.

The best way to tackle winter skin is by prepping ahead. Just before your skin begins to look dry, dull and pale, tweak your regimen. If you need to change your skincare products, stock up on them before they go out of stock. Based on your skin type, follow the above skincare routines and you will definitely thank us later.

If there are any other winter skincare tips you incorporate into your routine, we would love to know in the comments section below.

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