Solo Travel For Women - 9 Important Tips

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The year 2019 has been a good year for Indian woman travelers. There has been an increase in the number of female solo travelers in India. It is the saying of the old days that it is impossible for Indian women to travel alone. But Indian women are breaking that stigma and they are breaking it with style. No doubt that there will be too much pressure from family and society. You will be judged numerous times. But never let them pull your leg. And you have the potential to rise and shine.

If you are tired of traveling with family and friends and want to explore the horizons by yourself. Then no need to worry, I have 9 key essential things which you can keep in mind if you want to go on solo travel. And you will have experience and memories that will last a lifetime. So pack your bags and be ready to rock and roll.

  1. Do your research- It is always important to research the place you are traveling. Gather information regarding the demography of the place. Culture and safety of that region. If you are traveling abroad then find out the visa and exchange rate information. Do not make it too complex, but try to have information about basic things. It will come in handy.
  2. Pack light- always pack light. Because it will help you stay charged and you can move easily. You might get in different kinds of terrains, so if you will pack light then you will avoid a lot of trouble. Pack only necessary items. Few clothes according to the weather of the place. And you are good to go. Always keep an extra pair of pads if you are expecting your periods. If you are on any particular medication then always keep the stock because you might not be able to find it where you are going.
  3. Plan your first day- Always try to reach your destination at noon only. Then you will have the whole night to rest and you will start your next day will a whole level of new energy. If your accommodation is far from the airport or railway station then it might be a problem at night to reach the hotel. So it is always good to reach your destination at noontime itself.
  4. Share your itinerary with someone you trust- Always keep one trusted friend or family member in the loop when you are traveling alone. Keep them informed about the details of your stay and transportation. In case you will land in any kind of trouble. It will be easy for them to track you down. Also, stay in touch with social media, keep updating your travel journey. This way your well-wishers would know that you are safe and sound.
  5. Blend in- research about the place you are visiting and try to blend in their culture. Act as you are local this way you will not draw too much attention. Try local things like clothes. Shop and eat at local markets.
  6. Travel during the daytime if possible- if you are going from one place to another place and if it is long hours journey. Then try to do it during the daytime. Because in the night time, you will be more prone to any incident. Never hitchhike during night time. Even during the daytime hitchhike if that particular region is said to be safe for girls.
  7. Keep an eye out for your belongings- Always keep your important belongings like phone, wallet, camera, passport in a secure place. Keep an extra copy of your documents with your trusted contact. In crowded places, do not keep it in your general bags or too much exposed. Like, keep these things in the middle pocket of the bag so there will be less chance of pick pocketing. Only take out these things when necessary. Keep your camera strapped to your shoulder or hands.
    Trust your instinct- If you ever feel like something is weird about the specific place. Or you feel threatened by a certain person. Then get out of there immediately. Because it is better to be presumptive then regret it later. Because when you are traveling alone, safety is most important because you will not have any immediate backup. So whenever you feel something is fishy then get out there immediately.
  8. Always be open to changes- You should always keep one thing in mind that travel doesn't always go as planned. You might face sudden changes in your accommodation or transportation. Do not panic in such moments and analyze the situation calmly. Keep your safety on the top.

So solo travel is not difficult, that you hear from your family and friends. In solo travel, you learn and explore a lot. You have the command at your hand. This also brings the best in you. So stay aware and stay safe and keep exploring.

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