Stylish Ways to Style a Plain T-shirt

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A plain t-shirt is an essential part of any man or woman's wardrobe. Every woman has several plain tees stashed somewhere in her closet. T-shirts have your back whether you wear them to the gym, on errands, to bed, or wherever else your daily life may take you. You can always wear it with your skinny jeans or leggings, but the plain t-shirt is capable of much more than that- it can be worn for dressier occasions and when making a serious fashion statement. From minimalist outfit ideas for any day of the week to unexpected and unique ways to style a plain tee for weekend fun, this list is sure to inspire you:


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Statement jewellery can make or break the finished look of your basic tee look. Sometimes, a statement necklace is all that is required to elevate a basic tee for a coffee shop date or lunch with friends. When selecting statement jewellery to wear with your basic tee, keep the neckline in mind. Layer a long chunky pendant necklace over the T-shirt if it has a low V-neck. Try a shorter, floral statement necklace that sits above the neckline of your scoop-neck tee.

Wear it with a Skirt

Pairing something simple with something dressy, such as a skirt, is the quickest and easiest way to dress it up. A bright floral a-line skirt, a classic black pencil skirt, or a long maxi skirt all look great with a plain tee, so much so that you could even wear your white tee to a fancy event. Loose, comfortable v-neck tees pair well with fitted pencil skirts and a pretty peek of a camisole underneath. It's all about emphasising the comfortable tee in contrast to the dressy skirt.

Add a Printed Overshirt 

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The best part about a plain t-shirt is the ease with which you can use it as a base to build your outfits around. Sometimes, a printed shirt can be too much and you want a low-key look. Wear a basic tee and throw on an unbuttoned funky printed half-sleeved or full-sleeve shirt to create an outfit that looks fashionable and effortless. 

Suit up

Consider a matching top and pants or a leather skirt and jacket spruce up your plain tee look. You only need coordinating separates to pull off this look. The key is to remove the suit or separates from their stuffy office roots and infuse them with informality and ease, and that's exactly what the classic t-shirt does. Break up a pyjama set or blazer and trousers with a plain tee and strike a balance between style and comfort.

Wear it Underneath a Lace Tank Top

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The art of layering is complex, but if done right it has the ability to make it appear to be the most stylish thing in the world. Try wearing a delicate bralette, a lace tank top over a simple cotton crewneck t-shirt and ripped jeans to create a chic look. You can get creative with the tank top, try materials like lace, velvet, silk, and satin will all add a luxurious touch to your everyday t-shirt.

Bring back the Overalls

A pair of classic or printed overalls adds a splash of colour to a simple T-shirt. Also, if you accessorise with sporty kicks, a sleek crossbody, delicate jewellery, and trendy sunglasses, you'll strike the perfect balance of playful and stylish. 

Add on a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a classic statement on its own, and wearing a basic t-shirt underneath creates a perfect day and night look. A plain white tee with a pair of boots that match the colour of your jacket is a look that will never go out of style. Tuck the t-shirt into a pair of ripped jeans and live channel your inner motorcycle chic. 

Wear it Under a dress 

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The classic shirt under a strappy dress is a lot of fun and versatile. It adds a casual touch while remaining dressy, and you can wear this outfit to lunch with a pair of sneakers, or to a midweek date night with some jewelry and ankle boots or heels. A good tip is to wear a plain bodysuit or look for a t-shirt with a lot of stretch and a fit that hugs the body, to avoid any wrinkles. 

Throw on a Blazer

Contrary to popular belief, you can even wear a basic tee to more formal occasions, such as a business meeting or a day at the office. Start with a basic tee in a neutral colour, such as navy, white, or black and tuck the tee into fitted dark jeans or trousers. Throw on a good blazer and accompany it with your heels for a laidback formal look. 

Oversized Dress

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Buy a t-shirt in a larger size or even a men's size and lengthen the hemline, or choose one that's specifically designed to be a dress. This casual T-shirt dress accompanied with fishnet tights, high boots or a belt across the waist makes for a high fashion outfit that's comfortable and easy to style. 

Wear it Under a Sweater Vest

Like the vintage look? A big trend this fashion season has been wearing a classic sweater vest in neutral or pastel colours with a plain t-shirt underneath it. This look is perfect for windy and slightly chilly days, and will look great with straight cut jeans or trousers. Accompany this outfit with a shoulder bag and boots and you are ready to be a part of the Breakfast Club. 

To conclude, it’s pretty clear that there’s no wrong way to wear a white tee, but there are numerous ways to wear it stylishly. It's a tried-and-true piece that you most likely have several of and will never let you down. It can serve as the foundation for any outfit you put together, and you'll be able to wear yours every day of the week if you put your creativity to use. This was just a guide, but feel free to experiment further and find your own style. 

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