Traditional in Sensibility with a Modern Twist: Check out TANN TRIM for Cruelty-free Bags & Accessories

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Sustainable Bags

Goodbye Fast-Fashion 

Without a doubt, the year 2020 has accelerated India’s acceptance of slow fashion. Earlier, it was all about buying, wearing and hoarding. However, things have changed today. Millennials and the youth of our country have realised the perils of fast fashion, the impact it has on the planet and the environment as a whole. 

As people move towards making mindful shopping decisions, a brand that is playing its part in the ethical fashion space is TANN TRIM.

Shop Cruelty-free Handbags and Accessories 

This Delhi-based brand is curating products for the “modern consumer”. Those who want to move away from impulsive purchases, towards more thoughtful buying decisions. 

Let’s delve deeper into what this label has to offer. 

To start with, we love the quirky brand name. As it implies, TANN stands for the colour brown and TRIM refers to the minute details. 

With a mantra to offer a range of products that scream sustainability and durability, TANN TRIM made its debut in the handbags and accessories space. 

Let us tell you, it’s not a run-of-the-mill brand. They’re the ones giving you plenty of reasons to flaunt your OOTD with no “leather-guilt” whatsoever. Yeah, you heard that right!

At first sight, their handbags may look like the real deal. However, it’s far from it. They’re giving the fashion-conscious consumers of today, a sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free alternative to real leather. The tanning and leather industry is said to be the most polluting one in the world. They’re making a difference with their non-leather products. If you love leather but also care about the environment and the animals around you, TANN TRIM is a sure winner. 

Their Collection 

Their range of handcrafted products includes tote bags, handbags, laptop bags, sling bags, wallets, travel accessories, face masks, and 22Kt gold-plated jewellery. 

Every product you see on their website is engineered using high-quality raw material and is handcrafted by the most skilled artisans of our country. They believe in harnessing local talent to create products that have a traditional approach with a contemporary twist. They take #VocalForLocal pretty seriously too. 

In the hustle-bustle of today’s fast-paced life, if you’re looking to buy products that reflect your unique personality and style, TANN TRIM is definitely a wardrobe essential. 

In the quest of luring people into thoughtful acquisitions, the label believes in creating effective designs that are an amalgamation of simplicity and functionality. They have a bunch of different handbag styles which makes them extremely versatile.  

What We Love the Most?

We’re absolutely crushing on their 3-ply, breathable, 100% cotton masks. It comes with an elastic adjuster to give it a comfortable fit. They’re available in neutral colours and deep tones including lavender, olive green, navy blue, pink, purple and black. They have recently introduced detachable mask chains too priced at INR 699. They’re available in black, mustard, grey and blue. The best part? They can be personalised with your initials too. How cute is that? 

Their exquisite range of accessories are double-tap worthy too. Whether you’re in the mood for a statement pendant, a chunky ring or a layered cuff, you’ve got to check out their jewellery section. Handcrafted in brass and dipped in 22Kt gold polish, they’re taking minimal jewellery to a whole new realm. 

One-stop Gifting Solution

Looking to buy a coordinated gift set for your lady love or friend? TANN TRIM’s coordinated gift sets have you covered. Choose between their Wallet-Travel Organiser-Mask Gift Box or Wallet-Candles-Mask Gift Box, both available in multiple shades. You’ll also find a range of scented pillar candles available in a myriad of fragrances. 

How they’re Putting the Planet First?

  • Built on a very simple principle which is "No Animals Should Be Harmed"
  • All their products are manufactured using high quality polyurethane (PU). It is artificial leather and is considered vegan
  • For the lining of their bags, they have collaborated with factories where they recycle 100's of pet bottles to make recyclable polyester
  • Sustainable fashion and durability are their mantra
  • 100% homegrown brand that believes in ethical fashion
  • Introduced breathable, cotton face masks amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Price – INR 149 onwards for masks, INR 899 for bags  

Best-selling products 

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