The Future is AI: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing our World?

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A recent buzzword that has taken the technological world by a storm is artificial intelligence (AI). In our daily lives, we’ve all got up-close and personal with artificial intelligence, it’s only that we don’t realise it. From online search recommendations to chatbots and voice-assistants, the benefits of AI are phenomenal. Back in the day when a phenomenon made life convenient, it would simply be attributed as “supernatural”. Well, honestly speaking, AI technology is no less than having such powers. It has now become an integral part of our daily lives. Although a lot of people have reported the negative impact of AI, the benefits definitely outweigh the downsides. While it takes care of the most tedious tasks, it’s definitely changing our lives for the better.

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Artificial Intelligence Definition

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that leverages on the intelligent behaviour of machines. It is capable of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. The machines are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

If you’re wondering how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing our world, here are some advantages. They’re definitely getting us an inch closer to life 3.0.

  1. Improved Healthcare and Medical Advances

There are no two thoughts about the fact that AI is facilitating major advances in the healthcare space. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has come upon us, AI has helped us fight it and safeguard lives. Using various machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence is helping us compile data from disconnected sources such as new reports, healthcare information and airline data. It can all be combined to draw meaningful insights which can even help us forecast what the future spread is going to look like. This considerably reduces the burden on the already overworked healthcare professionals.

There was a time when a simple cold or cough could be fatal to human life. However, over the years, AI has helped doctors devise effective treatments to cure life-threatening diseases. From healing cancerous growths to deadly injuries, and diagnosing various diseases in the human body, artificial intelligence is definitely a ray of hope in the lives disabled patients. It is known to speed up patient recovery too.

For those sceptical to visit a hospital amid the pandemic, AI can also help doctors perform a clinical diagnosis without actually seeing the patient in-person.

  1. Minimising Chances of Human Error

One of the major benefits of AI is that it doesn’t make mistakes like we do. In our everyday lives, we’re all prone to stress and fatigue, right? This can result in lesser productivity and negligible efficiency in work. Since artificial intelligence is immune to factors that affect performance, humans can expect informed decisions in any kind of situation. For example, AI makes it possible to automate regular business tasks and it does so while reducing the chance of any kind of manual error. It’s a major boon in data entry and processing jobs.

AI also helps with managing recurring business tasks which can be monotonous for employees over time. With AI-powered robotic automation, tiresome work can easily be simplified for a company. For example, AI has brought a considerable change in the digitally-driven world of recruitment. HR managers do not have the time to go through every resume that reaches them. Instead, bots do it for them. It manages the task of hiring and recruiting while reducing human error. This is why professional resume writers emphasise on the importance of using relevant keywords in a CV since they run through AI-enabled bots.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

AI is incredibly popular among marketing and sales professionals. It has also become an essential tool for brands who strive to provide a personalised experience for their customers. With AI-enabled customer relationship management (CRM) software, brands can provide a better CX. It also helps in handling customer queries, grievances and situations more efficiently. Almost all websites today have chatbots to interact with their customers by generating highly personalised messages. AI helps reduce the strain and stress from customer service teams. Instead, AI aids in finding the best solution for their needs. One of the biggest advantages of artificial intelligence is that it anticipates customer behaviour. This allows the brand relying on AI to offer their customers highly relevant content, more sales opportunities and an enhanced customer journey.

Since AI technology is based on deep learning models, it can also be used to solve complex issues. From fraud detection to creating personalised customer interactions, AI is helping businesses across a myriad of industries address their challenges efficiently. Greater efficiency in the majority of these sectors means increased productivity and reduced expenditure.  

  1. Makes Life Easier

Beyond business and industrial uses, AI also makes everyday life a lot easier and safer. Smart home virtual assistants are also AI-enabled that help us with routine tasks. Whether it’s switching on the TV or turning on the light, voice command bots do it for us. Did you know? Cognitive AI systems are also trying to find new ways to describe people who have sight impairments.

Today, brands across various segments are also using artificial intelligence to make custom recommendations. Whether it’s movie or food suggestions or product recommendations on ecommerce sites, AI helps us figure out what we want. It even simplifies the task of finding a suitable match on a dating app. Technology is definitely evolving and with it so are we. Whether it’s something mundane or extraordinary, AI can definitely simplify it.

Since AI technology heavily relies on data, it can be even used in smart decision making. As long as it is not programmed to imitate human emotions, it will remain unbiased.

  1. Empowering Weather Forecasting

Today, if weather reports are far more accurate than they were in the past, it is because of AI technology. Though it has been used to analyse data about weather and climate for years, it has now got a boost owing to the use of high-performance computers. Studying the climate, predicting storms and excessive rainfall in a particular region is much easier now. It also gives authorities enough time to get inhabitants to a safer location in case natural disaster is likely to occur. GPS works in real-time to get live feed from satellites. While weather forecasting prevents any kind of damage to life and property, it also benefits the agricultural sector which heavily relies on the monsoon season. Departments can give farmers accurate insights on upcoming rains and drought spells.

  1. Creating Personalised & Interactive Shopping Experiences

Without offering personalised buying experiences, ecommerce sites will cease to exist. There is no doubt that the future of ecommerce is being influenced by artificial intelligence. For example, our mobile phones are more intuitive than ever. Instead of endlessly offering products, online retailers are striving to make recommendations as per the preferences and needs of the customers. AI makes it possible to offer authentic, personalised experiences on shopping portals as well as streaming platforms. When online retailers use machine learning and artificial intelligence to personalise offers and deal for their customers, they will be able to offer improved usability and strengthen customer retention. It also plays a crucial role in the “Diderot Effect”. It is a term used in consumer research and therefore suggests another product after a customer makes a purchase. For example, if a customer has bought a wooden study table, AI-enabled technology will suggest a chair with it which might lead to a subsequent impulse purchase.  Personalisation goes beyond mere product recommendations. It provides better navigation and enhances the overall shopping experience through the use of voice chatbots and voice-controlled services.

Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future & How it Will Give Us Our Time Back?

Automation is the most common benefit of AI technology. Since it has a significant impact on transportation, communication and the service industry, the future looks bright and promising. AI will not just lead to higher production rates but also increased productivity in an array of sectors. It will result in efficient use of raw materials while improving product quality and ensuring better safety. Now and in the near future, automation powered by AI will definitely give us our time back. All the tasks that required hours of manual work earlier will now be automated. Have you ever realised that amount of time we all spend being stuck in traffic? AI is definitely here to help with traffic management. Whether it’s predicting weather conditions or ensuring traffic lights are synchronized, AI will ensure there are fewer traffic jams and safer driving conditions.

There are many more benefits of artificial intelligence which go beyond advancements in the defence systems and even space. With technology evolving rapidly, AI has the potential to be more intelligent than ever in the near future. However, it is in our hands to ensure it is a boon to humanity and not a bane. One thing that is certain is that there will be a lot more developments to follow in the upcoming years, which will further redefine the way we live, interact and exist.

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