The Other Woman Shook the Foundations of my Marriage

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Is domestic abuse excusable? Can the mother-in-law continue with her interference to the point of breaking her son's marriage? Tilak and Saira love each other dearly. Their marriage is two years old. Saira stays in India, but her husband Tilak works in the USA. Here's a story of an overprotective mother who is the cause of her son's separation from his wife. Will her misunderstanding truly break them up? Or will their love withstand? Continue reading to know!

Saira was ready to call it a night. That’s when she heard the peels of the doorbell. She knew that her mother-in-law, who lived with her, would take a while to get to the door. She rushed out of her bedroom to hear a familiar voice. The voice she spent hours listening to when he called her from overseas. The voice belonged to the one she loved!

Heart pounding in her chest, she rushed towards the man, who stood in the doorway. He was standing there, her husband, the love of her life. She ran towards him to embrace him but stopped short. She looked at his face — he looked furious.

She stood looking at him, concerned, “What happened Tilak, why are you upset?” she asked. In reply, Tilak shouted out, “I never thought you would do this to me!” Even before she could ask him about it, he slapped her hard. Saira fell to the ground. She hurt so much. 

She was petite, 5 ft. tall. But her husband was a well-built 6 footer. He was angry, and he took it out on her. The blow landed heavily on her. The slap had left a nasty mark on her face. But it was nothing when compared to the pain she felt in her heart. Something broke inside her. She was numb with pain.

The mother-in-law grabbed Tilak’s hand as she led him away from the scene. Saira was in shock. She couldn’t sleep a wink that night. She hoped he husband would come to her and they could talk it out. But he never came.

The next day, she rose early and went into the kitchen to cook breakfast. But when she walked in, she saw that her mother-in-law was already there, cooking Tilak’s favorite breakfast. She sternly ordered Saira, “Go back to your room, I don’t need you here.” “But let me help you,” said Saira. The mother-in-law, now shouting at the top of her voice and said, “Get out! I don’t need your help.”

On hearing the commotion, Tilak came into the kitchen. Saira did not understand what was going on. All was well until Tilak walked in last night. Saira walked up to him and appealed, “Tilak, what have I done that has upset you so? Tell me. Talk to me.” But Tilak didn’t say a word. He walked away from her to stand by his mother’s side. He continued talking to his mother. They ignored Saira. It was as if she ceased to exist. Saira had no other choice but to return to her room. After they had eaten, her mother-in-law called out to Saira, “Go and eat. Don’t starve to death!” she yelled.

Days went by, mother and son seemed to enjoy each other’s company a lot. And they never let go of an opportunity to taunt Saira. It continued for almost a month. Finally, Saira decided to leave the house to go to her parent’s home. 

No sooner did Saira reach her parental home, Tilak came there too. He didn’t waste any time. Complaining to Saira’s parents about her, “She is seeing someone else, she is cheating on me,” he blurted out. Saira gaped at him with her mouth open. She tried to speak — but her mom’s outstretched arm forced her to be quiet. Encouraged by her mom’s gesture, Tilak continued his onslaught. When he finished talking, Saira’s mom gently put her hands on his shoulders and led him to have a seat. She told him, “There has to be an explanation, Saira, couldn’t do that.” Without waiting for his response, she put her arms around Saira and said, “Saira, my dear I know you have not done anything wrong, will you tell us the truth please.” Strengthened by the reassurance, Saira said, “I have no such relationship with any man but Tilak.” 

Tilak spoke up in anger, “then whom did you speak to late at night when you thought my mother was asleep. She told me that you would stealthily move out of the bedroom to the hall and whisper to someone on the phone.” Tilak continued speaking, “I couldn't bear it, I resigned and got home as soon as I could.”

Saira took a deep breath and said, “Tilak, do you remember the time when your mother was sick and I used to sleep in her room. You would call late at night and she would get disturbed.” Tilak nodded. “That’s when you sent me a message that you would call me at a particular time, which was late at night,” she concluded. Tilak rose from his seat and held her by shoulders, and said, “I am so sorry! I completely forgot.” He waited for her to reply, but she said nothing.

He pleaded with her to come back home with her. But Saira told him, “Trust is the base of a marriage. I know your mother is dear to you and she should be. But not to the point of her interfering in our relationship.” Saira sighed as she spoke, “Tilak, give me time—I need to heal."

We love our sons and protect them from the time they were little. But there comes a time to let them live their lives—unfortunately, some mothers don’t understand that.

And some sons see it all— but sadly stand by their mothers to let them shake the very foundation of their marriage!




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