This is How You Can Manage Curly Hair- 10+ Easy Tips

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Manage curly hair - this one thing can scare many people who have to deal with the difficulty of maintaining beautiful natural curls. Here are some awesome tips to ease up your work. Read on.

How do you manage your curly hair? How does your curly hair style look so perfect? How is your curly hair so beautiful? These are a few questions that often come to your mind when you look at a celebrity and wonder how their curls look so fine while yours are so messy? Besides, it is not just about girls but curly hair men also have similar questions. 

I know what you envy the most about other people- their perfectly straight hair. Straight hair is easy to manage and comparatively, requires less care. But when it comes to your gorgeous ‘S’ shape hair, you struggle every day. 

It can be hard to manage curly hair but there are a few ways to maintain the natural beauty of your spirals. So, to ease up your work, read on to find the real secrets you can use to manage your curly hair.   

Let’s have a look at 11 awesome tips to manage curly hair.

1. Pre-poo care

Curly hair = least moisture and more damage

To prevent this equation, you need to focus more on pre-poo or ‘Pre- Shampoo’ treatment. In fact, the pre-poo treatment is not only magical for kinky curly hair, it goes best for any hair type. Especially 3a hair, 3c hair, and 3b hair. 

What pre-poo treatment can you use? Oiling is counted as the easiest and most effective treatment. Wondering which ones are the best? To my experience, coconut and olive oil works the best for all types of curly hair. It maintains the level of moisture you need and also takes care of all the hair nourishment. So, oiling your hair twice a week is a MUST. 

Another thing that you would love the most is homemade hair masks. Trust me, this one works wonders for your hair. Down there are a few of the best ones that you must try and experiment with:

  • Avocado- olive oil - honey (highly nourishing ingredient)
  • Thick yogurt + coconut oil + honey
  • Banana + olive/coconut oil

You can also add eggs, mango butter, shea butter, and other nourishing ingredients with them if you wish. All you need to do is make sure to apply your mask about 2 hours before hair wash. Also, a fine paste is essential otherwise little chunks can literally get stuck in your hair. 

2. Spend time with your hair


Only people with curly hair can understand how significant it is to spend hours on your hair every week. But what is the reason behind this time-consuming care? Let’s dig a little deeper into science. 

Curly hair is a naturally dry hair type. The major reason behind that is all the open cuticles which make it hard for the moisture from the scalp to reach every end of each strand. This is the reason why your hair is more frizzy in humidity because they attract moisture from the atmosphere. 

Now, to take care of these cuticles you need to spend time and maintain the necessary level of humidity your hair needs. The best way to do that is to apply moisture. Along with moisture, it is equally necessary to have the right live-in conditioner for your hair. 

There is no right or wrong hair moisturizer or conditioner for curly hair. There are products which suit best for one person whereas can be disheartening for the other one. My advice would be to experiment and find your perfect fit. However, what should you look for in your ideal hair products?

  • It must be something creamy in texture. (More creamy texture for more heavy curls)
  • It must be able to last longer and keep your curls all smooth and frizz-free.
  • Make sure it is a water-based and sulfate-free product (for a leather-like feel)
  • Must be easily rinsable, especially for thick curls
  • Say NO to the alcohol-based products which dry-up your hair 

3. Chemicals on your curly hair

Blonde curly hair is aesthetic. Yes! We all love different textures on our hair. Combinations of different colours indeed look really impressive on a curly girl and men with curly hair. But the grass is always greener on the other side. 

What I mean is that having chemicals used in your hair would mean having to  take extra care of your dry and frizzy hair type. This goes for both men and women. Moreover, even if you don't have chemicals, you still apply heat one way or the other to have different hairstyles. 

To help you take double-care of your hair, you will need to make your hair more healthy and nourished because otherwise, you will simply damage those even more. This is why you need a heavy conditioner and heavy moisturizer to be more cautious. Also, whenever you apply any chemicals or even heat to your hair, you damage your open cuticles. Having heavy hair creams and conditioners will keep those cuticles protected and will shut them whenever you apply. 

4. The comb is your enemy

Despite all the detangling struggle, how often do you comb your hair? Maybe not too much because you lose the beautiful spirals it creates. That's why the comb is your biggest enemy.

If you have heavy curls, using a comb is a big NO. So, how and when should you detangle? It's simple, use detangling sprays and brushes. Sprays are really good for your curls which gives each strand the necessary conditioning and serum needs. Whereas, brushes are for those who struggle too much to detangle their heavy curls and experience a lot of hair fall. So, it's better to find your detangling equipment and make it your buddy. 


  • Do not brush your hair when dry
  • Choose a wide-tooth comb to detangle especially when the curls are tight. Or use fingers
  • Start from the bottom and gently get rid of tangles a few at a time. Once done, move upwards and repeat the process. 
  • Add a leave-in-conditioner for a while before detangling.

5. Use a diffuser

What is a diffuser? It is an attachment to your dryer that disperses the air to reduce frizziness in your curls. This invention is undoubtedly the best thing for people with voluminous curly hair. If you are tired of having frizzy hair when drying, this is what you should use to maintain the real texture of your curls. 

Still don't believe in magical diffusers? Take it from artists like Mithila Palkar, the one with heavy, long curls. She is a big fan of a diffuser and says that "if you use a diffuser… it does not frizz your hair up. That helps you maintain your curls."

6. Know how to use the product

You have the product, a suitable conditioner, and nice shampoo. But how to use them? You don’t need too much or not even too little. Mix and match and see which one suits you the best. 

Take a dash of your product (not all of it at once) and rub it on your palm. Start applying it gently underneath your hair. Once you are done, you can apply more product if required. It should reach evenly on each strand.

Next, just scrunch your hair from bottom to top. You can even twist your curls using your fingers and give them a little pattern. Furthermore, after scrunching and twisting, you CANNOT brush or detangle your hair because it will lose texture and you will end up having frizzy hair. 

7. Do you need a haircut?

Now, most of you might think that there is no use in having a nice haircut on your curly hair because it doesn't appear as you might expect. However, the truth is, experts believe you need to cut/trim your hair often to get rid of all the split ends or rough ends. 

Having a layer in your haircut will simply reduce the volume especially from the bottom. Also, you will surely get rid of all the unwanted weight of your curls. Therefore, a nice haircut can literally define your curls. Not just for girls but also cute boys with curly hair.

8. What type of towels to use?

Well, most people don't care what type of towel they are using. You are probably wondering why is that so important? Having a fine towel is a necessity to maintain the health of your hair. Especially when you have naturally curly hair. 

Ideally, we often choose the one with heavy texture which is not at all good for heavy curls or even frizzy hair. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Using one with little to no texture or even something like a cotton t-shirt is great. 
  • DO NOT hit your hair with a towel which usually people in India do. 
  • Do not brush the towel surface on your hair. 
  • Simply tap your scalp or grab your hair gently.

A nice towel would be the one that should not create a lot of friction in your hair. These can otherwise open up the cuticles leaving nothing but damaged, dry and frizzy curls. 

9. The Right length

You see celebrities with long and defined curls. But when it comes to you, it becomes hard to manage those long lengths. This is where the issue of length comes in. So, no matter if you are a male or female if dealing with long curls is hard, try to have short curly hair instead. In that way, it becomes comparatively easy to manage. 

On the other hand, if you can adopt a regular hair-care routine, having a good length is not a big deal. 

10. Take really good care

While sleeping, you must have experienced a lot of frizzy hair with lost volume. This is because you literally sleep on your loose curls. So, the best way to prevent such a situation is to tie a loose kinky curly knot high on your head and sleep. 

Believe it or not, you need to style your curls every single day. Now, it does not mean you need to have a fancy hairstyle or need to shampoo and condition it now and then. You just need to spray a little water (or a hair cream if necessary) and use the manual crunching and twisting method to gain the natural texture of your curls. 

The most important thing that most people ignore is, you cannot shampoo more than twice a week. Shampoo makes you lose all the moisture and if you apply shampoo every day, you will end up having no moisture in you hair and will end up with damaged hair. 

11. Be patient

Most people do not realize but they are unaware whether they have curly hair or not. This is the reason why most of us need to identify our hair type. Especially with years of combing and dealing with frizzy hair, we assume that we have frizzy hair naturally. 

Therefore, you need to stick to the crunching and twisting method and follow a strictly curled routine for months to get those natural ‘S’-shape hair back. So, patience is the real key here


Despite having a lot of issues in dealing with curly hair, people still avoid making changes to their hairstyle. Why? Because no matter what, curls are a few of the most mesmerizing hairstyles. If you are someone who deals with real problems while managing your curly hair, you need to follow these steps and pay attention to your hair needs. 

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