Tina Dabi - IAS Officer Saves Bhilwara From Becoming The Epicentre Of COVID-19 In India

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One Of the youngest officers in Bhilwara, 26-year-old Tina Dabi and her team saved their district (and possibly the country) from the deadly coronavirus spread. Here’s how: 

To prevent Bhilwara from becoming the coronavirus hotspot of India, Tina says that she and her team were instant to act upon the situation. 

On the 19th of march, Bhilwara saw its first positive case, traced it back to Brijesh Banger Memorial Hospital, a private hospital that could emerge as the epicentre of this deadly crisis. After having tested the doctors and staff positive, the district administration decided to completely shut down right away, much before the nationwide lockdown had been declared on the 25th of March.

As soon as the order was passed by the collector of district Rajendra Bhatt, Dabi said that she and her team went around the whole city, shutting everything down and even convincing and scolding some people. It wasn’t an easy task to request people not to panic due to such an emergency, but it had to be done. 

“We had just one mission in mind and we had just one target that we just need to stop it … We were sitting on a ticking time bomb where it could reach any number. There was actually a possibility of massive community spreading,” says Dabi in an interview.

Despite some problems on the ground level, the Bhilwara model was a success because it was implemented well. The administration made sure that essential supplies were running and delivered to people at their doorsteps. 

Admitting that this could possibly have been one of the biggest challenges Tina would have to face in her lifetime, she says “We never get this opportunity to serve so many people to handle a crisis of this magnitude. I think the Learning experience that is going to come from it is going to be very rewarding for me throughout my career and I am looking at it as a matter of pride.”

A woman that sees challenges as opportunities to face head-on, Officer Tina Dabi’s approach to handling extreme situations is truly commendable. 

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