Tips To Throw A Fun Bachelorette: Go Beyond Just Buying Shots For The One Tying The Knot

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Bachelorette parties are right up there in the list of events that only come around once in a lifetime. It’s no surprise then that anyone invited to one, including the bride-to-be, expects it to be a night they won’t forget (or will, depending on how you’d like the events of the evening to play out). But with a pandemic still casting a dark shadow over us, the idea of an indoor bachelorette might seem a bit too tame for what otherwise should be a wild night. So do you have to settle for a toned-down sleepover for a bachelorette? Not if we can help it. Here’s a list of things you can do to ensure that you show the bride-to-be a good time without having to break any lockdown or safety rules of the place you’re residing in.

1. List Out The Bride-To-Be’s Favourite Things And Elevate Each Of Them

A major perk of being in the bride’s hometown is the fact that you’ve access to all the places that have her favourite things. For instance, is there a patisserie around the corner with desserts that she swears by? Does the most popular bar in town have a drink that’s her go-to? Ask her loved ones for all the details on the things she likes and add them to a master list of her preferences. Then elevate each of these things so they’re even more meaningful. For instance, you could name her favourite drink after her, put up a sign indicating that the said drink is the night’s special, and have a bar corner with a bartender serving it along with other options like bloody marys, mimosas, or margaritas. If she’s got a favourite local artist, you could drop them a message over social media to see if they’d agree to an intimate gig. She’s sure to love the thoughtfulness and the effort put into making her day that much more special.

2. Schedule Play Time In The Yard 

If you have a home with a front- or backyard, or can rent a place that’s got one for the night, plan things such that you ensure everyone has a field day (see what we did there?) We mean everything from beer pong and flip a cup to pool volleyball and dog and the bone. You could also get creative and come up with a drinking version of Twister and Hopscotch to play in teams of two. And if you’re so inclined, barbeque some chicken or burgers for everyone to enjoy. 

3. Look To Pinterest For Party Decor Ideas 

Go online and reactivate your old Pinterest account (you know what we’re talking about) to find ideas for pretty, sassy decor that best compliments the bride-to-be’s personality. Although naughty decor and accessories were popular for a bit, they’re truly a thing of the past. Instead, go for puns and pretty banners, flowers, and balloons to ensure the bride can actually post the pictures online without any embarrassment. Have a picture corner with quirky props and a flower background. You could also buy a few instant cameras and place them in different places so people can take spontaneous pictures and take them home.

4. Add A Touch Of Thoughtfulness To Your Party Favours 

The worst part about a fun night with a lot of shots is the hangover that hits you the next day. Craft a gift bag with this in mind and include a hangover kit, a snack, wipes, water bottles, and breath mints amongst other essential recovery aids. The guests will appreciate it and as will the bride-to-be, especially if everyone intends to sleepover for the night. 

5. Have An Itinerary

It’s always fun to be spontaneous but things can quickly get drab and awkward if you don’t have something planned. Having an itinerary makes going with the flow that much easier, believe it or not. It’s, in fact, the best way to ensure that each minute is filled with fun and something to do. You could also print out a guide for everyone with funny captions so that everyone can have something to remember the night’s events by, even if copious amounts of alcohol makes them forget it. Besides, it will make the bride-to-be feel like she is being looked after. 

6. Have A Theme Or Outfit Memos

Let’s be honest, it’s always confusing trying to toe the line between being underdressed and overdressed while heading out to an event. Make it easier on your guests by having a memo or a theme so they’re all on the same page. You could either have an entire theme like under-the-sea or the bride’s favourite sitcom or just stick to basics like zeroing in on a colour like black or outfit type like cocktail dresses. This will also make the party look very cohesive in pictures. 

7. Plan A Scavenger Hunt 

You’re never too old for a scavenger hunt and the options for clues and prizes are endless. If your bride-to-be is a massive fan of the show Friends then have clues related to the show with the theme song playing in the background. Or you could spice things up a bit to make it naughty and hide items like handcuffs, blindfolds, oils, and the rest around to be found with equally interesting clues to get to them. Have the girls split into teams as they do this and get pictures with the exploits at the end of the hunt. 

8. Consider A Girl’s Night 

If your bride-to-be is lowkey and a homebody, then a sleepover might be something she’d love a whole lot more than something wild and chaotic. Make a playlist with her favourite tracks, order in food that she loves, and line up her favourite movies on the tv or a projector. Get everyone to dress in their comfiest pajamas and stock up the freezer with a lot of ice cream. Don’t forget to plan a skincare routine to do together along with lots of drinking games. Board- and card games are a great addition as well. You could also assign one person who’s good at photography to take pictures of the night or hire a photographer who’s down for a sleepover and surprise the bridge with a framed photo of the group as a keepsake that she’d love. 

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