The best food bloggers on Instagram that can make this festive season a feastful one!

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Food Bloggers on Instagram

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”- Virginia Woolf

It is true that food serves your daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. But one cannot ignore the fact that food gives us a feeling of bliss and what can be more gratifying than a sumptuous meal cooked at home and made with love!

In fact, some people eat, walk, talk and dream about food! Yes, we are talking about the people who have mastered the art of cooking - food bloggers.

As quarantine times have invoked our inner chefs we thought of sharing a list of our favourite food bloggers in India who can not only inspire you to indulge in creating some amazing cuisines for you and your family but also be a treat to your eyes.

Here are the top food bloggers (not ranked in any order as they all are awesome) who will definitely make you salivate for more food!

Shivesh Bhatia:

If you have a sweet tooth, how about some dessert therapy to invigorate your taste buds. So head on to the page of Shivesh Bhatia and see him create magic with baking. He started baking at the age of 11 and since then there has been no turning back.

He started his website Bakewithshivesh and not only people are in awe of his simple recipes but his exquisite style of food presentation as well.  In 2017, Bakewithshivesh won the best dessert blog award by Better Homes & Gardens. He also won the Best Instagrammer of the Year award at the Living Foods Awards. Check out his recipes on Instagram and we are sure that you will end up craving for more Dessert.

Passionate about baking - Deeba Rajpal:

Now that we are already smitten by this not-so-guilty pleasure let’s delve into some more inspiration. Meet Deeba Rajpal, a passionate baker for 15 years. She considers baking as an extremely therapeutic experience.

If you check out her Instagram page you would notice her extensive use of fruits in her recipes. She also bakes using grains like oats etc. Her other interests include food styling, blogging and nature photography. The icing on the cake is her ten-day travel show with NDTV Good Times in Switzerland. We are big fans of her.

The Gutless Foodie - Natasha Didee:

One of the key reasons we absolutely adore her apart from her culinary skills is the fact that she was part of our Instagram Live session and she has proved that setbacks can be transformed into opportunities. She lost her entire stomach to tumors in 2012 but she decided to turn her life around for the better. So the ‘gutless foodie’(her name on social media platforms) started to cook simple home-cooked foods from scratch and she photographed them on her mobile phone.

What’s intriguing is that she posts pictures of her food with captions telling the backstory of the meal. Didee mostly swears by Indian cuisines as she enjoys exploring the rich culinary diversity in our culture. To add to the ‘tadka’ of her dishes, she names her dishes as ‘That celebratory’ or ‘That please keep it simple vegetarian meal’. Our personal favourite is ‘ That north, south, east, west India inspired birthday meal for my papa’s 75th Birthday’. It definitely proves that food unites people and also shows the diversity of food in India. What more can we ask for?

Archana’s kitchen - Archana Doshi

Of late there has been a growing popularity of mindful eating and healthy food. So why not explore healthy cooking with ‘Youtube star’ - Archana Doshi. She founded ‘Archana’s Kitchen’ in November 2007 and today it is a leading cooking recipe platform due to her reliable everyday healthy recipes. You can get a plethora of meal options such as special diets, diabetic meal ideas, festival recipes and much more. She has also been featured on the cover page of Mint Lounge as ‘Google Entrepreneur on the Web.’ With over 10k recipes on her website, you would be spoilt for choices.

Your Food Lab - Sanjyot Keer:

The festive season sets up a mood for ‘fast food’ feasting especially if the recipes are created by a celebrity chef & the food producer for the 4th season of ‘Master Chef India’.Meet Sanjyot Keer who has been featured in ‘Forbes India’s Tycoon of Tomorrow 2018.’

Rightly named as ‘Your Food Lab’ his brand is well known for experimental cooking especially inspired by street food recipes all around the world. Our personal favourite is Pizza on paneer-Italian herbed paneer topped with all the pizza goodness. What’s amazing is that the crust is the paneer itself. Sounds delicious, right?

Richa Hingle - Vegan Richa:

While many people are particularly opting for vegan food nowadays, Richa Hingle ( Vegan Richa) is your go-to person for Vegan recipes. Her style is alluring as her instructions are easy to follow and newbies find more reasons to consider cooking at home. She has been featured on, Huffington Post, Glamour, Babble,, (top 50 Indian food blogs), TheKitchn, Cosmopolitan & BuzzFeed.

Richa's workflow tips combine new appliances and techniques from other cuisines that minimize cooking times. It’s recipes galore on her page with delicious dals to rich curries, flatbreads, savory breakfasts, snacks, and much more. Our personal favourite is Vegan Deep Dish Pizza Recipe which is an Easy, deep-dish pizza with a homemade crust and the toppings include red pepper, spinach, vegan mozzarella and basil. If you want bold flavours, diversity & nutritious food with a touch of indulgence once in a while, then the one Instagram page you need to follow is Vegan Richa.

Kankana - Playful cooking: 

 Cooking need not be tedious and elaborate to make tasty dishes, in fact, for Kankana cooking is not only fun but also helps to create memories at every meal. Her motto is simple, effortless cooking with fresh ingredients and all her recipes speak volumes about the same.

Our personal favourite is Mishti Doi (Sweetened Yogurt from Bengal). Most celebratory Bengali meals finish with Mishti Doi, no matter what the occasion is. This version of sweetened yoghurt with a light brown hue is not only a sentiment for Bengalis but also considered to be auspicious. It is prepared with Date palm jaggery or caramelized sugar.

Uma Raghuraman - Masterchefmom:

This festive season why not indulge in some traditional, authentic and heirloom recipes from south India. Interestingly South Indian recipes are by nature vegan and gluten-free, shares ‘Uma Raghuraman’ who is a blogger, food lover and author of ‘ My Genius Lunch Box’. She shares the interesting story behind her brand name ‘MasterChef Mom’. 

 Many misunderstand that the name is because of a title she won in a contest. But the reality is, it’s her children who suggested the brand name. And we agree that getting compliments from fussy eaters is a real achievement. Our personal favourite is  Apple Pachadi- Influenced by  Raw Mango Pachadi, a chutney that has all six flavors. But instead of raw mango she used apples and added raw mango and jaggery powder. The chutney is garnished with a tempering of neem flowers, tender neem leaves, mustard seeds, green chilies in ghee.

Meghna’s Food magic:

Some say that food is art but for Meghna, a Banker Turned Baker food is all about creating magic. Her mantra is to make the recipes as easy as possible; bearing in mind the availability and affordability of ingredients, as her followers come from not only the metros but India's remote cities, who seek to learn fancy & healthy dishes to avoid spending on restaurants.

Her first video of a recipe-Veg Quesadillas-was an astounding success. Seventy percent of her audience is under the age of 30; many have never even made tea. Her recipes are doable, inexpensive and simple. Our personal favourite is Cream Cheese Lemon Pista Truffle Balls. It’s a no-bake no cooking dessert; believe us it would be the best chocolate dessert you've had so far.

Ankiet Gulabani - Belly over mind:

Ankiet Gulabani’s blog- 'Belly over mind' is a wonderful place to brainstorm ideas, whether you're an amateur cook, an experienced cook, a professional chef, or just someone who enjoys looking at food but never cooks anything. The challenge has always been to make cooking more available to a demographic that would normally shy away from it and Ankiet Gulabani has successfully aced the challenge. His Belly Over Mind blog made it to the final list of New York-based Saveur magazine's Best New Voice category. Our personal favourite among his top recipes is Masala sweet potato hand pies/puffs.

We are sure that you had an amazing tummy tickling experience on this culinary tour. 

Who’s in for a party today!


Q1. Which are some of the best Indian food blogs?

There are many amazing Indian food blogs that you can follow. A few of them are- 

  • Passionate About Baking
  • The Gutless Foodie
  • Archana’s Kitchen

Q2. What do food bloggers do?

Food bloggers are people who are gourmets and have a keen interest in cooking, tasting and reviewing food. They document their love for food on their social platforms by writing, clicking and sharing about their experiences and reviews. 

Q3. Which are amazing Indian cooking blogs to follow?

Some of the best Indian cooking blogs that you must follow right away are- 

  • Uma Raghuraman
  • Monica Spice Diary 
  • Archana’s Kitchen
  • Nandita Saffron
  • Nisha Madhulika 

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