Top 10 Gen Z YouTubers that are making it big

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It’s no secret that the internet has made it super-easy for anyone to get their voice heard. Now, more than ever before, we have an incredible opportunity to share our perspectives and viewpoints on a global scale. This is especially true for Generation Z, who are now coming of age and using their voices to speak up about real issues and social justice. Now, we can see them speaking out about everything from mental health and the environment to sexuality and gender. Generation Z YouTubers are raising awareness about difficult issues while also making us laugh with their quirky videos. 

These young YouTubers are some of the most influential people in our generation for many different reasons. They are like our age idols. The way they dress, speak, and their actions can influence what we do and who we want to be. They make us laugh, encourage us to dance and show us how to deal with tough times. Famous YouTubers often come from an environment that is not like ours, but they still manage to connect with us by sharing their stories. The social media success of these young individuals cannot be understated. Here are some of the best Gen Z YouTubers to keep an eye on.

Why am I talking about Generation Z? 

Before we get into the top 10 list, let me tell you this. Generation Z is the next group of people that will come into adulthood. They are typically born in 1995 and later. This generation is more accustomed to having an online presence than any other group before them. They are currently the youngest generation. With an increasing number of people born into this generation, many have started exploring careers as YouTubers. In recent years, YouTube has been booming with these young YouTubers who make content to entertain their peers. Zers are also very popular on Youtube and other social media platforms and they can make more money on these platforms than any other previous generation did.

Well, it's important for us to understand what Generation Z wants and needs because we want to be able to sell them things! So if you want to know what Gen Z thinks, just look at YouTubers. These young YouTubers are savvy, and they have a different perspective on style, beauty, and success than any other generation in history.

Here, are some of the most influential Gen Z YouTubers out there right now and how they're changing the world.

1. MrBeast 

Youtube: 69.6M subscribers

 Instagram : 13.6m followers

Jimmy Donaldson, a YouTuber from the United States, goes by MrBeast online. He's well-known for playing a key role in the emergence of a new YouTube video subgenre centred on extravagant stunts. He's the proud owner of eight different youtube channels vis-a-vis MrBeast, Beast Philanthropy, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast Shorts, Beast Reacts, MrBeast 2, MrBeast en español and Beast Reacts en español. Donaldson's "worst intros" series of videos, which gathered and mocked YouTuber introductions he spotted on the site, helped him gain fame on the website in 2015 and 2016. Donaldson posted a video of himself counting down from one million to one practically all day long. His 40-hour stunt was pushed up to "keep it under 24 hours" because of the upload limit of youtube. The next month, a video named "Counting to 200,000 (Road to a Mil)" was released, but according to Donaldson, it too had to be sped up because the full fifty-five hours of counting surpassed YouTube's upload limit. Little did we know that these stunts would bring such high fame to Donaldson.


Youtube: 32.1M subscribers

Instagram :13.4m followers

CarryMinati, a YouTuber and broadcaster, is recognised for his funny sketches and reactions to a variety of online subjects. His other YouTube channel, CarryisLive, concentrates on games and live streams. He has a big influence on generation z, with over 2.4 billion views on his YouTube account. Even though Carrminati concentrates on entertaining people, the foul words used in his videos and the language he employs is exclusively for people aged 15 and up. Time magazine's annual list of ten young people who have achieved extraordinary careers put Nagar at number ten on its 2019 Next Generation Leaders list. In April of this year, he was named in the Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list.

3. Ryan's World 

Youtube: 30.5M subscribers

Instagram : 151k followers

Well, this young kid has over 30 million subcribers and he is just 8 years old. Ryan's world is run by Ryan Kaji. In addition to Ryan Kaji, his mother Loann Kaji, father Shion Kaji, and twin sisters all appear on the children's YouTube channel Ryan's World (formerly Ryan ToysReview). Daily, the channel uploads a brand new video. As of November 2020, one of the channel's videos, titled Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge, had over 2.0 billion views, making it one of YouTube's 60 most popular videos. The channel currently has over 28 million subscribers and has had over 45 billion views since it launched in November of 2016.

4. James Charles 

Youtube - 24.6M subscribers 

Instagram -24.7m followers

Let’s start with the all-around man, James Charles. James Charles started his youtube channel less than 4 years ago and has since made it big by gaining huge engagement from viewers. James now has a YouTube channel that now has more than 24 million subscribers. After a post displaying his makeup went viral, he was named the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl in 2016. He posts tutorial videos for fashion and beauty and is currently the youngest ever men’s cosmetic brand ambassador.  In November 2018, he launched Sisters Apparel, a clothing business, and the Sister Collection, a makeup collection created in cooperation with Morphe Cosmetics. 

5. David Dobrik 

Youtube: 18.3M subscribers

Instagram : 12.8m followers

David is one of the top ten generation Z YouTubers who is one of the largest video creators in the business. Currently, David has 19.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He rose to fame with his version of prank videos in 2013 and his alter-ego, lol vlogger, the next year. David has had several popular video parodies on gaming, comedy and songs with hit singles such as "Bowel Movements" which reached 4.3 million views on his channel. Dobrik's high-energy videos, which include pranks, inside jokes, cute animals, Vine and YouTube stars, as well as genuine celebrities and other comedic bit characters, have made him popular recently. He used to publish three times a week, but now he just posts once every two weeks. Dobrik received a Diamond Play Button from YouTube in December 2018 in honour of his channel's 10 million followers. Dobrik was included in Paper magazine's list of the "10 Social Media Personalities Making the Most Noise" in 2018.

6. Liza Koshy

Youtube: 17.6M subscribers

Instagram : 19.3m followers

As the most followed female YouTuber of all time, Liza Koshy rose to fame by parodying girls’ beauty videos. She was known for her energetic reaction videos and funny reactions and a new name came up for her – liza the character, which soon became her nickname. Today, Liza is a successful comedian and is currently working on a pilot show in the US. Koshy's main YouTube channel has garnered more than 17 million members, and her two channels have a total of more than 3 billion combined views. She's won four Streamys, four Teen Choice Awards, and a Kids' Choice Award. She was named one of Forbes's 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment honorees for 2019, as well as one of Time's 25 Most Influential People on the Internet for 2019 and one of Fortune's 100 Most Promising People for 2019.

7. Brent Rivera

Youtube: 16.6M subscribers

Instagram : 21.9m followers

Brent Rivera (born January 9, 1998) is a YouTube personality with over 8.6 million subscribers. He has over 14 million followers on Instagram.There have been 3.46 billion total views on his youtube channel, isn't that mindwrecking. Brent Rivera is an American YouTuber, social media influencer, and actor. Rivera rose to fame on Vine, which has since gone out of business and has subsequently developed a following on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. In 2020, he won the 10th Streamy Awards in Juanpa Zurita's Creator Honor Award category.


Youtube: 12.3M subscribers

Instagram :10.9m followers

It's Jojo Siwa (yes, we know, she looks like her daddy), a 14-year-old singer, dancer, and YouTuber from Minnesota who has a following of over 12 million people. She's been uploading videos since 2011, but started to gain popularity when she auditioned for Season 6 of 'America's Got Talent and made it to the final round. She made it to the top 20 and in 2017 she released her single "Party Rock Anthem." Her most recent video got over 100 million views and the single "Summer Bummer" peaked at #1 on the iTunes Top 200 Chart. 

9. Emma Chamberlain 

Youtube: 10.8M subscribers

Instagram : 13.9m followers

Emma Chamberlain is a 23-year-old American YouTuber who has over 6.5 million subscribers on her channel. Her show “Short Grows Tired” has over 30 million views and her documentary on YouTube chronicling her experiences during her senior year of college, “Don’t. Just Do It,” has over 16 million views. On June 2, 2017, Chamberlain posted the first video to her YouTube channel. During the summer of 2017, she posted videos virtually every day. She released the video We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology on July 27, 2017. It was her first video to go viral and her channel quickly grew in August, going from 4,000 subscribers on August 1st to 150,000 on August 30t. Throughout June 2018, her channel continued to garner around 100,000 new subscribers every month.

10.Charli D Amelio 

Youtube : 9.62M subscribers

Instagram : 43.8m followers

In late 2019, 

Charli D Amelio began regularly publishing content on the video-sharing app TikTok, where she began making dancing videos to popular tunes. She immediately gained a significant following and eventually became the app's most popular creator. D'Amelio made her TikTok debut by lip-syncing with a pal. A side-by-side video (On the platform, a "duet" is described as a "side by side video") with user "Move With Joy" in July 2019 was her first popular video. Since then, most of her posts have included her dancing to popular songs on the network. In October 2019, she got more fame for her videos of her dancing the "Renegade" to the song "Lottery" by K Camp, and was later credited with popularising the dance on social media. She is now very active on youtube as well.


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