Top 10 Home Décor Influencers you need to Follow on Instagram ASAP

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Top Home Decor Influencers you need to follow on Instagram

As they say “Home is Where the Heart Is”. When it comes to decorating our homes, we all want an abode that is welcoming, comfortable and beautiful, isn’t it? We believe the way you decorate your home says a lot about your personality and can be an expression of yourself. Whether you’re a modern interior design enthusiast or have a fondness for a Bohemian-style house, you are how you decorate.  

Studies also reveal that decorating your home can be good for your mental health. There is also a term for it called neuro architecture. It refers to the relationship of the body and brain towards the built environment. 

If you think of it, emotional wellbeing each day starts and ends within the four walls of our home. The layout, space and colours have a direct effect on our general mood. Thus, home décor can be extremely therapeutic too.

In the quest of redecorating a home or building from scratch, a lot of people rely on interior design blogs, Pinterest for DIY home décor ideas or simply do it on their own. 

No matter which stage you’re at in your home décor journey, seeking a little design inspiration can always help you decorate a space that is trendy yet timeless. 

10 Home Décor Blogs on Instagram run by Boss Women 

We decided to make the search easier for you by creating a list of home décor influencers in India we absolutely love. Their spaces look straight out of one of those interior design magazines and are brimming with all the décor inspiration you will ever need. 

Scroll through to check them out because you’ll be spoiled for choice:

1. Rukmini Ray Kadam 

Rukmini is a décor influencer based in Bombay. She is the face behind Trumatter, “India’s most favourite décor blog” as she likes to call it. She has won multiple prestigious awards for her blog page. Despite living in a tiny rental apartment, she makes sure she uses her space to the best of her ability by incorporating a whole lot of home décor hacks and ideas.

If you’re someone who isn’t into bright colours, you’ve got to check out her page. It’s all about white, neutral colours and pastels. It’s the perfect definition of a minimalist interior. What we loved the most about her work is how she uses simple, everyday things to create the dreamiest décor. She also has a whole lot of small space design and storage ideas. 


2. Khushi Todi

Khushi Todi is the creative director and interior designer at Cane Boutique, a décor store that specialises in eclectic luxury furniture. Despite being in the home décor space for quite a while now, she made her debut as an Instagram influencer in 2019. Her personal blog page, ‘Happy Mess’ is all about fresh ideas, chic styles, beautiful trends and inspiration.

Most of the pictures you see on her page are all snapshots from her residence in Bangalore and a few from her travel adventures. She has an affinity for fusion whether it’s in materials, styles, colours, or designs. 

Talking about sprucing up space, she believes that just by redoing the walls with wallpaper or painting it, adding indoor plants, cushions or rugs, a lot of drama can be created. She also swears by DIYs and believes it is the most affordable way to revamp your living space. 

If you need any inspiration decorating your home for an event or festival, check out her traditional Diwali decoration


3. Bhavna Bhatnagar

She left her successful corporate career behind to start An Indian Summer. Her Instagram blog page, at first sight, will engulf you with its sublime spaces, creative art, flattering aesthetics and travel experiences. It not just transports you into another realm but also gives you plenty of home décor goals. 

Her forte lies in creating the perfect mood with her visually-appealing stories and par excellence photography. Beyond her digital skills, Bhavna has also taken up plenty of interior styling projects. 

Whether you’re looking to explore simple interior design or something predominantly traditional, her blog is a sight experience like none other. A lot of her interior design styles are inspired by countries like Iran, Bhutan and Italy. 


4. Rajee Sood

Rajee Sood is a well-known name in the home décor blogging space. In her blog called ‘Home Art Accents’, she writes a whole lot of pieces on interior designing and styling. Besides having an unwavering penchant for design, Rajee also has a keen interest in photography, gardening and travelling. 

Her work is a one-stop solution for any aspiring interior designer. From styling hacks to table décor, craft, restoration and entertaining, Rajee Sood’s personal decorating style is definitely Insta-worthy.

Playing with textures, colours and materials is something she enjoys and is quite evident in her blog page too. Whether you’re looking for some design inspiration for your home or want to stock up on a few products through her online pop-up store, you’ll be spoiled for choice. 


5. Sharon D’souza

She excels in the art of personalising spaces and making it her own safe place. Sharon D’souza from The Key Bunch Décor has a strong inclination towards simple interior design. Her strong passion for antiques makes her seamlessly blend old as well as new pieces to create pretty looking spaces.

Besides home décor, you’ll also find a whole lot of food, travel and lifestyle-related content on her feed. It’s traditional in sensibility with a contemporary twist. 

Sharon is also renowned for her sustainable and environmentally-friendly décor ideas. From design basics to DIYs, Christmas décor, trending products and beautiful layouts, Sharon will instantly make you fall in love with her work. 


6. Sarita Handa

A hallmark in luxury interior design, Sarita Handa is a name synonymous with time-honored crafts and textiles. Her décor store is chock-full of soft home furnishings including bed linen, cushions, fabrics, wall art and more. The brand came into the forefront by adding contemporary interpretation to age-old craft techniques. She also offers complete home design resources and solutions. 

Besides her keen eye for detail and passion to create cosy spaces, Mrs. Sarita is also doing her bit towards the planet and environment through her CSR activities. Her Insta feed will give you all kinds of goals. 


7. Rohina 

Rohina Anand Khira is one of the most successful home décor bloggers in India. She is also the creative director at AA Living, a flagship interior and design store in Mumbai. 

For those looking to build their dream home from scratch, you’ll find tonnes of inspiration on her Instagram handle. She believes in merging creativity and quality to create aesthetic-friendly spaces. 

Besides practical interior sense, Rohina also gives you a glimpse into her daily life through the latest trends, textiles, travel, décor and art. Having been in the interior design space for over a decade, Rohina has also earned herself prestigious awards including the Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards (IDIA) in 2016 as ‘Instagrammer of the year’, Social Media Wonder Women in 2017, Elite Magazine 'Woman of the year' in 2019, and many more. 

If creative beauty, intriguing spaces, interesting ideas and DIY projects excite you, Rohina’s blog has all you need to enhance the aesthetic of your home. 


8. Preethi Prabhu

Breathing life into mundane things and making them more vibrant is this superwoman’s forte. She’s Preethi Prabhu, an engineer turned interior designer and home décor enthusiast. Her love for local handicrafts is quite evident from her colourful feed. She also has a full-fledged blog where she shares budget décor ideas, DIYs, festive décor, mood boards, restoration ideas and home tours. 

We’re absolutely in love with her eclectic and Bohemian interior. It also has a big dollop of Indie appeal. She believes in using a whole lot of colours, patterns, arts and crafts in her wallpaper design, soft furnishings and upholstery. If you’re someone who loves all-things Indian, Preethi Prabhu should be your go-to décor influencer


9. Pinky

Pinky from Pinkz Passion is a home décor blogger, an interior designer and a mom to two teenagers. Her Instagram feed is colourful and ethnic in appeal oozing with plenty of ideas for anyone looking to decorate every nook and corner of their home. She is also a brass aficionado which is quite visible from her multiple Ganesha posts. If you’re looking for pooja room designs for Indian homes, she has all the inspiration you need. 

On her blog page, you’ll find gorgeous snippets of her home. Her attention to detail and unique aesthetic is truly Insta-worthy. For someone who is into food styling, we promise you love at first sight. She makes even an everyday meal look so good.

Pinky’s unique design style is not just restricted to her furniture and accessories but home furnishing too. From her drapes to her bedspreads, everything has a lovely Indie appeal. 


10. Shalini Ganguli 

As we mentioned initially in this blog, a home is an extension of your personality, and that’s exactly what ace interior designer and décor influencer Shalini Ganguli does. Her forte includes creating a space that is reflective of your personality. She seamlessly blends modern interior design with international and Indian styles to create perfect homes for her clients.

If you’re looking for bungalow interior design or minimal décor, her page has tonnes of inspiration. We’re in complete awe of the Victorian style bedroom and living rooms she has designed. Her work looks straight out of those international-acclaimed interior magazines. 

If timeless interior design is on your mind, check out her website and the Instagram handle. 


Though designing a home is a huge task that requires immense time, patience and financial resources, the journey to creating one is incredible. Your home is the place where you spend maximum time so make sure it reflects who you really are. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring an interior designer, check out the above-mentioned décor influencers for inspiration. You’ll definitely find some great design and décor ideas and hacks. 


1. How to find the best Indian decor blogs & influencers? 

You can find some of the best Indian decor and interior designing blogs on Instagram that are run by amazing women. We have collated a list of top 10 home decor influencers that you can check out. 

2. How to take inspiration from Indian interior design blogs?

By following a few Indian interior decor & design blogs, you will get a lot of ideas and inspiration for decorating and revamping your living space into a completely new one! From decor pieces to furniture placing, interior design blogs will help you with everything. 

3. Which are some of the best home decor blogs? 

There are several amazing home decor blogs on Instagram to get inspiration from such as Trumatter, An Indian Summer, Home Art Accents, etc. You can go through the list of top 10 home decor blogs & influencers and find what you are looking for. 


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