Top 10 Yoga Influencers To Follow in 2021

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Finding a way to keep your mental and physical self healthy has become difficult, especially in this pandemic. Amazingly a lot of people have turned towards Yoga to destress themselves and to stay fit. That's why this International Yoga Day is so special. People from all over the world have chosen to incorporate this timeless practice into their lifestyles. 

And it goes without saying that yoga has numerous benefits. It has become a trend now and people are very much into the online yoga classes on YouTube and other social media platforms. Yoga influencers and yoga gurus help in imparting knowledge about yoga through their videos and posts. They also help in motivating people to lead a better lifestyle through yoga. So to make this International Yoga Day more special, we made a list of our favorite yoga influencers and gurus for you.

  1. Deepika Mehta (deepikamehtayoga)

This queen’s journey towards yoga is itself inspiring. Yoga happened to her when she was bedridden after an unfortunate rock-climbing accident. But she didn’t give up on herself and now she is one of the most inspiring yoga influencers out there. Her journey is as incredible as her Instagram feed which is filled with pictures of beautiful yoga poses. She is influencing thousands of people to take up yoga with her amazing skills. A scroll through her feed will definitely leave you awe-struck and inspired. 

  1. Sunaina (sunaina_rekhi)

Along with being a modern yogini, she is also a lifestyle coach and yoga instructor. She is one of the first Indian women to be the Yoga representative at the UN. If you want a fun and exciting yoga experience, then her Instagram is the right place for you. From completing her yoga training in Rishikesh, from renowned teachers to being a yoga teacher to a lot of celebrities, her journey has been incredible. Sunaina believes in pursuing yoga as a lifestyle and nurturing mental and physical well-being through yoga teachings.

  1. Tanny Bhattacharjee (fit_and_fabb)

Tanny calls herself a fitness freak to the core. She has been a Yogi from the age of 12. Along with being a yoga enthusiast, she is also a prenatal yoga teacher, ambassador of Decathlon and was awarded the Best Yoga Influencer of 2020. Even though yoga is a major part of her lifestyle, she has ventured out to other fitness forms. Fit and Fab is not just her Instagram handle name, but it’s also her motto in life. Check out her Instagram page for some awesome content on yoga and get inspired!

  1. Anshuka (anshukayoga)

She is a celebrity yoga guru! And you might know her as the woman behind Kareena Kapoor Khan’s famous pregnancy transformation. Founder of ‘Anshuka Yoga’, an Aerial Yoga expert, and health and fitness coach are some of the names she is known for. She is one of the most inspiring yoga influencers in India with an incredible and informative Instagram page. Her Instagram page is a must for anyone who is looking to get inspired or gain more knowledge about yoga and asanas.

  1. Shani Dayal (

If you are looking for some interesting yoga poses, then definitely check out Shani Dayal’s Instagram page. This yoga guru has a very interesting and simple method of teaching. Shani had found yoga very early in her life. It may have started as a practice for her, but it soon turned into a lifestyle. She does yoga for both her mental and physical health and spreading this holistic way of living is her life’s motto!

  1. Dr. Aishwarya G Nigam (fitphysioaishwaryaa)

A Yogini, a Yoga teacher, Pilates trainer and a Physiotherapist, Aishwarya Nigam sure does know how to multitask. If you visit her Instagram you will be mesmerized by the perfect asanas and her flexibility. Watch her videos to learn more about yoga asanas. It has easy to learn steps that are perfect for yoga enthusiasts and for beginners too.  

  1. Suvarnrekha Choudhary (suviashtangayoga)

Suvi took up Yoga after quitting her job because of chronic slip disc pain. This change led her to a new beginning that helped her in mastering the art of yoga. Along with practicing Pregnancy yoga, Acupressure, Therapeutic yoga, and Face yoga, she is also the founder of ‘Suvi’s Yoga House.’ Her easy to follow and fun IGTV's are a must watch for all yoga lovers. 

  1. Charmaine (charmaine___bird)

If you are a yoga enthusiast who loves a fun exciting routine and wants to try out some amazing poses then check out Charmaine’s Instagram page. She has around 39k followers on Instagram and her followers really admire her posts and videos. Her easy to follow videos on Instagram have made her a hit. To learn how to do your asanas flawlessly, go to her page right now.

  1. Natasha Noel (natashanoel001)

How can we ever forget her?! She is breaking stereotypes day by day through her fun and inspiring videos. She is also a Yoga enthusiast and her videos on both Instagram and Youtube will lead you through a step-by-step process of Yoga asanas. She is all about self-power and healing for oneself. Her current IGTV series ‘Lockdown Yoga’ is a must for everyone who is bored out of their mind in this pandemic and who wants to try this holistic way to stay fit.

  1. Radhika Bose (yogasini)

Along with being a yogini, she is also a travel, fitness and lifestyle blogger. With a massive following of 426k on Instagram, she is all about fitness and wellness. She started her yoga journey when her mother was getting diagnosed with slip disc and was recommended by the doctors to take up yoga. And after practicing yoga for 9 years she turned this into her profession. Check out her page on Instagram to know all about yoga, fitness and tips for wellness.

It takes a lot of practice and patience to master the art of yoga, but it’s never too late or hard to start your journey. Follow these yoga influencers and yoga gurus for more insights on this lifestyle. You’ll definitely find some great tips on how to start or practice yoga. 


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