Top 5 E-mail Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business

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E-mail Marketing Tools, something you need to have more customers and conversions and take your business success graph on top. Wanna know which are all the best ones in the market? This is the place to be. So, read on.

Why do you think most businesses turn into a big success? Sure it is the effort they put in to find the target audience and knowing their needs but what else? Do you know finding an audience is the easy thing but telling them about your product is a whole different level of difficulty? That’s where email marketing tools come in to ease up your work with email automation. 

No matter if the business is a million-dollar one or a small startup, having an email list is a very important part that you cannot afford to miss out on. But the truth is, many businesses take it for granted. 

Not this time. Because here we are with the best and top 5 Email Marketing Tools. They will not only reach out to your audience directly but take your success graph up and beyond. 

What is Email Marketing?

If you have just landed upon digital marketing or even if you are a total beginner, you must have heard about Email Marketing here and there. So, if simply put, email marketing is a source through which you tell your customers about new products, discounts, upgrades, and any business-related thing via sending out emails. 

Besides, Email marketing works as a tool itself to accomplish two things:

  1. Value to the users
  2. Direct connection with the customer’s journey. 

Undoubtedly, email marketing is THE most underrated digital marketing tool that most businesses don’t even bother going for. You shouldn’t be the one. Irrespective of your business is B2B (Business-to-business), B2C (Business-to-customer), or any other type. 

So, let’s move forward and discuss the top 5 Email Marketing Platforms you must try out ASAP.

1. ConvertKit

Let’s begin with our first item in the list- ConvertKit. As you read the name, you know it is about creating conversion emails. But that’s not just it. ConvertKit is a tool for creators. Not like only creators can use it but if you are one, it is one ideal email marketing tool to go for. 

Anyways, ConvertKit has 67 team members across 54 cities. The team of this one is spread around the world, but they come together with one purpose: to make email easier and better for people like you. You can spend less time marketing and more on creating. It helps creators like you grow your audience and sell digital products, like videos.

What all features you can have?

  • It's good to grow your audience. You can do this by getting followers on social media, YouTube viewers, and blog browsers. Offer them lots of good things and they will stick around for more.
  • Personalize your emails! Send them information that matches what they need. Sometimes it is easier for new people and sometimes it is harder for more advanced people.
  • Automate your sales funnel by sending content automatically to people who are on your list. Then when they are ready, you will be ready to sell them what they want.
  • You can sell digital products. You just need to create a sales page and then send the product. It is not hard and you do not need extra things, like integrations.

2. Mailchimp

Talk about emails, MailChimp is one of the renowned platforms that hits up on the top of Google Search results. Some people say it is overrated however, its performance says it all. 

Mailchimp is a company that helps small businesses with their marketing. It can help you with getting your business started and growing it. This company wants to provide help for small businesses. The team is passionate about the customers and believes that creativity will help them succeed.

Why Mailchimp is so good?

  • With the drag-and-drop builder, you can make emails effortlessly. You can use pre-designed templates to make emails and design them as you want.
  • Transactional emails are like order confirmations. You get it when you need it.
  • Analytics are reports that let you know what is happening with your campaign in Real-Time. They tell you if something is working or not.
  • The content studio knows how to manage your media and content. This management surely makes your email-sending system easy. 

3. SendinBlue

Next up we have SendinBlue which is another awesome email sending or Email Marketing tool. Sendinblue offers many tools for businesses. You can use this online tool to help your business grow. Get what you need to make stronger relationships with your customers, like marketing and sales tools.

You can use these tools to manage your email campaigns, send text messages, or even save time with automation. These are all great features that Sendinblue offers.

What features does it have?

  • Email campaigns are a way to promote your brand and grow your business. You can send them at the best time for each contact.
  • Multi-channel Chat is a good way to talk with people on your website. It's easy to talk to many people at once and they don't need an account.
  • With CRM, you can keep your team organized and track what they say. You can also customize the sales pipeline to track deals and revenue potential.
  • Sendinblue is an app that will help you to market your business. You can create time-sensitive offers for what your want customers to buy. And it's fast!
  • Transactional emails are emails that you send to and from your customers. They happen a lot and they should look good. SendinBlue can make them look good for you, too!

4. HubSpot

HubSpot = Online Free Courses. Nah, there’s more to this, and the most amazing thing about it is the email marketing system. The reason why this is on the list is that it is handled by all professionals in the marketing industry. How amazing would that be?

HubSpot is a company that makes a lot of software. They have things for marketing, sales, and customer service. They were founded by two people in 2006. Besides, it has a tool that can help you make marketing emails. You can make them and customize them. You do not need to wait for people to design it.

What all features are there?

  • Personalize your email to make it more interesting. If you know what stage they are in, what list they are on, or any other information about them, you can say something that will help them. 
  • Personalize emails for more opens and clickthroughs. Use the information in their contact record to know what to say when you email them.
  • Make professional emails that look good on any device. Choose a template from the ones in its marketplace.
  • Marketing emails can be personal, or not. Sometimes the email won't be good for the person it is sent to. That can make it hard to try and make people happy.

5. Drip

Some people are mad at the giant marketplaces. They are being mean to people on these sites. But Drip is here to help! Here you can find different things that you would not find on these big sites.

Email, SMS, and Automation by drip is a great way to get more revenue from your customers. You can send personalized messages when they are interested in a product. Moreover, you can also automate the process with Drip's easy visual workflow builder.

Here are some features of Drip:

  • To create emails that really work, use its remarkable email builder. You can make it look like your store. If people do not buy, email them to try again.
  • You can schedule sending workflows at your store. People will do more things when they come to your store, and the workflows will send them emails.
  • Different people like different things. Send emails and texts that are specific to customers, with the right products. You can trust Drip to have the perfect content, all the time.
  • A/B Testing will help you understand what people are clicking on the most. Your customers will benefit when you know what is working and what isn't.
  • Behavior-based automation can make a chatbot automatically communicate with people. 

Why Having an Email Marketing Service is Important?

This question is definitely running at the back of your mind- “Why is email marketing so important for my business?” Down here you will find your answer. 

1. Not everyone uses Social Media

Let me tell you one fact, only 53.6% of the world's population is on social media. That’s what Smart Insights has to say. If that is the actual number then what about the rest. The simple thing is, not everyone is using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but everyone (almost) has an email ID. You know the rest.  

2. Works as a portable asset

How many times did you create a backup of all your business data? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? What about having a backup of your customers? This comes from having their details together and hence, email listing is your thing to keep with you. 

3. Here to stay

Google algorithms change, Instagram strategies alter, and the list goes on. These changes have a direct impact on your business’s digital marketing. However, one thing that is definitely here to stay is Email Marketing. Something that is traditional and will surely go a long way. It’s here today, it will be there tomorrow as well. 

I hope these reasons are good enough to make my point clear. 

What to look for in your perfect Email Marketing Platform?

There are like a million email marketing platforms available on the internet and that too is spread across 9 different types of email marketings. Now how would you pick out the best one for your business? Here are the points to consider while making that choice. 

1. Prices

Email Marketing platforms are a sort of SaaS companies that charge for their services (Obviously!). Many of such service providers use FREE plans to help you understand their service better. But if you cross the limit, you would have to start paying and that’s where this factor comes in. 

2. Features 

Of course, different companies offer different features for your use. Therefore, you must figure out a way to know which ones you want and which all are useless for your requirements. 

3. What type do you need?

There are not just 1 but around 10 types of emails you can send out. These include newsletters, sales emails, or customer journeys. You don’t want to buy spices mix from the supermarket if you are planning to make kheer. So, this is where your choice falls in because knowing what type you are looking for will surely help you pick out the best stuff from there. 

4. The ease of use

Sure most of these platforms offer a free trial or demo trials but you still need to figure out something as per your degree of difficulty. Are you a beginner? Choose the one with excellent expert support. Want something advanced? Have the one with more automation systems. Do you see? 

5. Email Deliverability 

Do you want your customer to find your email in spam or promotions instead of in the inbox? Of course not. So, know how your shortlisted tools deliver your emails with how much deliverability rates. That’s how you figure out how each tool is responsible for its ‘Service’. 


Having an email marketing tool quite eases up your work. In fact, this is the one thing you need to get right to your customer and turn your prospects into buyers. That’s why you need something that you can totally rely upon. So, get the best tool as per your requirements and see what magic it creates. 

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