Ethnic Wear Brands That Celebrate All Things Desi And Stylish

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Ethnic Wear brands in India

It may be bright, colorful, and elegant enough to make heads turn but ethnic wear often finds itself collecting dust in a dark corner of most cupboards. Yes, we’re talking about that traditional saree, killer Anarkali salwar suit, or regal jodhpuri suit that you hunt for only when the occasion strikes. 

But it’s always a good day to switch things up and go desi! This is especially true for those days when you just want to put in a little bit more effort into how you look (*cough* unlike our COVID lockdown outfits *cough*) But if all the ethnic wear you own are party wear Indian dresses or salwar suits that will make you look a tad bit overdressed, we’ve got the perfect solution.  Here’s a list of ethnic wear brands that we personally love that is both stylish and elegant without being too over-the-top.

1. Bunaai

If ethnic wear brands were personified, Bunaai would be a people’s person. The brand celebrates women and all the things that make them unique. From flowy salwar sets and dresses to edgy jumpsuits and tops - there’s something for every woman, every mood, and every occasion. And if that hasn’t already given you a hankering for shopping, the fact that customers speak highly of the quality of the fabric and the overall fit will. 

2. Idaho

Designed by a team of experts in Jaipur, you can always depend on Idaho to make you look elegant. Their designs are regal and flattering, making you want to wear a new one every single day. Plus, they’re so affordable that you can do just that! And if you’re in a bind and need to attend an event that requires you to glam things up a little, they’ve got you covered. Really, what’s keeping you from giving them a go? 

3. Keya

Ethnic wear has a way of making you feel connected to your roots. And Keya takes this feeling a step further by bringing it further home through collections that revolve around mothers and daughters as well as 3 generations of women. Their promise is to always deliver outfits that are a cross between ethnic and contemporary made from the most luxurious fabric. And while you can choose from their eclectic collection online, you also have the option to get something customized! Now if that doesn’t scream authenticity, we don’t know what does! 

Ethnic wear outfits

4. Label Kanupriya

Ethnic wear is all about bright, vibrant colors that go well together. Label Kanupriya does justice to this and how. Not only are their creations classy, creative, and unique, they’re also vibrant and in every possible shade, you could imagine. All that along with the fact that their customers can’t stop raving about the quality of their fabric and you know you can count on this brand for helping you look well-dressed for every possible occasion. 

Ethnic Wear

5. The Loom

Have you ever found the perfect ethnic outfit for an occasion only to realize that you’ll have to spend hours hunting for footwear and accessories to go with it? If you just said yes to that, then The Loom is exactly what you need. It’s your one stop shop solution to all your ethnic needs. We’re talking about everything from shararas and sleepwear to scarves and jewelry. Whether you like going all out or are an understated kind of girl, the classy, contemporary, and novel creations at The Loom are bound to draw you in.

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6.Gulabi Dori

If you’re the kind of person who looks through their wardrobe every morning for an outfit that will serve as inspiration for the rest of the day - Jaipur-based Gulabi Dori is where you should do your shopping from. Fun, feminine, and elegant, the brand ensures that all their designs are unique and peppy, regardless of whether they’re casual attire or party outfits. You’re bound to feel like you’re ready to take on the world in one of their creations. If you don’t believe us, a look at their happy client pictures flaunting the brand’s designs and raving about the quality of their fabric will have you convinced. 

7. Picchika 

If luxurious designs are your thing, Picchika is right up your alley. An absolute hit with celebrities, this brand is all about soft, hand-painted floral prints and subtle shades, and flowy cuts. From elegant sarees to ethereal lehengas, Picchika’s designs reflect the best part of springtime. And their timeless, elegant designs will have you feeling like you’re floating through the air. Here’s a brand worth saving up for, trust us on this one. 


For most designers and fashion enthusiasts, the humble saree is at the helm of ethnic wear. If you agree with this and happen to have a penchant for all things funky, head on over to Suta. The brand exudes youthfulness and puts a fun spin on the evergreen saree with designs in vibrant shades paired with edgy blouses. And once you’ve picked out your favourite designs, rest assured that your order will be handled with the utmost care. Don’t take our word for it, take it from the customers who’re all praise for Suta’s customer service. 

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9.The Ikat Story

If your idea of the perfect ethnic outfit is a cross between desi textiles and contemporary style, head on over to The Ikat Story. As the name suggests, the brand specializes in apparel made with ikat, a tie-dyed fabric. The designs are fun, breezy, and effortlessly chic. To make things better, they’ve got everything from dhotis and Kurtis to jumpsuits and bikinis, leaving you spoilt for choice. And once you’ve zeroed in on your outfit, they’ve even got footwear to choose from as well. A little heavy on the pocket, this one’s worth saving up for as well.  

10. Parisera 

A foolproof formula for nailing the ethnic look is to keep it simple with an elegant saree and complimentary jewelry. Parisera is all about handcrafted weaves that help you do just that. Designed with care, the unique selection of sarees and scarves are reflective of the rich heritage that gave birth to them. And their collection consists of every possible saree you could think of, from silk and banarasi to tussar and kalamkari. All you need to do is head on over to the website and pick a favourite. What’s holding you back?

As we venture back out into the world, albeit with a mask on and our safety precautions in place,  after being locked in for a very long time, it doesn’t hurt to put in a little extra effort to look good. And the best way to do that without having to do a ton of shopping is to don ethnic attire. All of the above brands will not only help you look good but also give you the satisfaction of supporting a local business. And that’s a win-win in our books! 

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