Undiet with Namrata- A mindful approach to Diet!

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Whenever I hear the word ‘diet’, the first thing that comes to my mind is eating only salads or consuming only boiled veggies. It is every foodie’s nightmare. And so somehow I always resented dieting and often was a victim of stress eating. Little did I realize that diet plays a key role in our hormonal changes and I had to face the wrath of hormones every time during PMS.

One day, I came to know about Undiet.with.Namrata - and the word ‘Undiet” itself is very relaxing as opposed to Diet.

True to its meaning, the focus of Undiet is not a usual restrictive diet plan, instead it a total lifestyle revamp so that you can not only satisfy your food cravings but find an improved version of yourself with mindful eating.

The founder of Undiet, Namrata Manyal having worked with people from different sectors & across the globe, realized that health is not just physical, but also mental. The cause of most metabolic disorders is related to chronic stress. This lead to the birth of Undiet.with. Namrata which has more of a holistic approach to nutrition taking into account factors that lead to eating the wrong food.

The aim of Undiet.with.Namrata is to heal people's relationship with food & themselves so that they can enjoy their Journey of Health. It is more of a step towards good health by understanding yourself better. Be it your hormonal health, gut health or simply your skin, everything depends on what you eat. The next time you see hair fall instead of changing your shampoo again, try understanding what are you eating wrong?

So let us take a pledge today to improve our relationship with food.

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