Webinar On Succulent Care For Beginners

1 minute
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Taking good care of succulents can be tricky if one is new to it & doesn’t know the requirements and needs of their plants. To solve the woes of all the people who are new to gardening, we collaborated with the lovely Ligia Ribeiro , Co-founder of Rooted & Planted to host a very informative and fun session on how to take care of succulent plants.
She taught us everything we need to know about growing succulents the right way - the right exposure to sunlight, the soil mix, and the watering needs. She also shared the ways in which she loves to propagate her plants as well as the correct way to re-pot them. The session was detailed & thorough with Ligia listing the best kinds of succulents that beginners can get and she also gave us all a lovely treat by showing her own plant collection & beautiful balcony!
You can watch the full video here. We hope you enjoy the session as much as we did :).
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