Weekly Horoscope(Sep12th-Sep 18th)

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Reading-based on moon sign

Reading-based on moon sign.

Major Transits: Jupiter in its retrograde motion will move to Capricorn. Sun would be moving to Virgo on September 17th.

Current planetary position: Jupiter in Aquarius, Sun in Vigo, Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury in Virgo, Rahu in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio, Venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo.


3 planets in your sixth house and the moon transits in the 8th,9th and 10th house. Sunday and Monday there can be small health-related issues however you would be cured. Can win over competition and students can do well in competitive exams. Rest of the week there may be a work-related burden for employees and homemakers. For unemployed can get a new job. There may be unknown fear. Also should watch your eating habits. Unemployed can get jobs in a different location. Also can purchase vehicles or any electronic items. Best time to start new agreements or new business.

Lucky colour- Cream

Lucky number- 1

Remedies: Donate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Sun and Monday would be favorable.Fruitful time for people in media. Pregnant women should be careful. Finance can improve and can recover past debts after heated discussions. Farmers can prosper with the right experiments. Students will do well. Parents should take special care regarding their children. Also, there can be a difference of opinion with the spouse. Employees can expect transfers. There can be a misunderstanding with business partners. People who are expecting a child should take special care.

Lucky colour- Grey

Lucky number- 5

Remedies: Pray SUN GOD.


The first five days of the week will be favorable. A lot of joy of comfort in the family however there can be few misunderstandings with family members. Be careful while driving vehicles, also need to take care of your mother's health. There can be a change in profession or transfer to a new place. Also issues in your current workplace. On Fridays and Saturday can see some unexpected expenditure related to land and property.

Lucky colour- Yellow

Lucky number- 9


You will be determined to ensure you complete the tasks this week. Would try to complete the most difficult tasks even though there are a lot of hurdles.Can start a new business or start anything which was stopped earlier. Disputes with the spouse will be resolved. Also disputes with your father. Should be careful while investing and dealing with children. Students need to work hard to achieve their goals. Dispute with the lover.

Lucky colour- Orange

Lucky number- 1

Remedies: Pray Lord Ganesha.


Moon transit in 4th,5th, and 6th house from your sign. There can be issues with the family members regarding your mother. A lot of discussions are related to property-related matters. Health issues can be seen this week. Check your expenditure and also watch your eating habits this week. Your near and dear ones can become foes this week. Can end up in a heated argument with the family members. Also at the workplace, there may be people who may not like you to succeed. Profits seen in property-related matters.

Lucky colour- Orange

Lucky number- 5 

Remedies: Donate on Thursdays.Pray Lord Shiva, Lord Shani


There can be health-related issues this week. As Mars is in your sign you would lose your temper. A lot of expenditure seen on self, also need to be careful while driving. Property-related issues are seen and singles can expect good marriage proposals. Marriage life, love life will be back on track. However, you should ensure to keep your temper under check. Women can expect new jobs. Fruitful time for people who are in Accounting, finance.

Lucky colour- Red

Lucky number- 8

Donate on Sundays & Tuesdays.

Donate legumes for better results.


Venus in your sign is the only planet favorable for you this week. A lot of confusion and dilemma in making decisions. However, as the sign lord is in your sign you would be extremely confident and able to deal with problems with confidence. Necessary expenditure was seen in marriage life, business and also can spend on spouses health. Would try to decide on a home, vehicle.Need to be extremely careful while investing. Students can focus on clearing backlogs.

Lucky colour- Green

Lucky number- 2

Remedies: Pray Lord Shiva.


Excellent period as 5 planets are favorable. Moon would be transiting in 1st,2nd, and 3rd houses this week. Arguments with elder siblings regarding property matters.Very favorable time in job and business. Employees will be recognized for all the efforts they have invested in the last few years. All decisions that were made earlier in business can yield fruitful results. Can have short journeys this week. The focus will be on family-related matters and would expect support from siblings. A lot of chances for foreign travel. Mediators can expect wealth.

Lucky colour- Pink

Lucky number- 2

Remedies: Donate on Saturdays or Pray to Lord Shani.


7 planets are favorable for this week. Moon transiting in 12th,1st and house from your sign. Unemployed can get employed, all employed people can be promoted to leadership positions. Children-related issues can be a matter of concern for you this week. However, all issues will be resolved. The focus will be on finance and family. Can start a new business or restart something which you have stopped earlier.Can get new opportunities to make money. Meditation, Yoga can improve your life and give you better results.

Lucky colour- Brown

Lucky number- 4

Remedies: Feed Cows with carrots.


Moon transiting in 12th,1st, and 2nd house Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays can be stressful. Also a lot of expenditure seen on self.Would be worried about health and your identity and would work on it.Would be worried about the knee, thigh problems. Students will be in confused for some time in making a decision however would end up making the right decision. Also, disputes are seen with the father. Good time for interior designers and fashion designers.Can be extra careful while applying for loans.Excellent period for employees in creative fields.

Lucky colour- Kathhai

Lucky number- 4

Remedies: Pray Goddess Durga.


The first 5 days of the week starting from Sunday would be extremely favorable. In job, business a few unexpected changes are seen. Also, a lot of expenditure in marriage life is related to children's health and education. Do not leave your current job until you have an offer letter. Also do not pinpoint your spouse's minor mistakes. Any issues will be dealt with confidence and intelligence and would be finally resolved. Also, take care of your health and do not make any hasty decisions this week. Pregnant women should take extra care. Politicians can get into a better role.

Lucky colour- White

Lucky number- 2

Remedies: Feed Cows.


4 planets supporting you this week. Issues are seen in marital life. Disputes with the spouse. Also, care should be taken if you are in a partnership business as there may be issues with business partners. There may be a delay in getting the desired results. A lot of decisions are made in business for better results. The unemployed can expect a better job. Can change your friend circle as your expectations are not met. Profits are seen in stocks and property-related matters.

Lucky colour- Sky Blue

Lucky number- 4

Remedies: Donate on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

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