Weekly Horoscope:26th Sep-2nd October

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This is a weekly horoscope based on your moon sign.If you are unaware of the moon sign than you can know your sign by the starting letter of your name.A/L/E-AriesBa/Va/U-TaurusKa/ChA/Gha-GeminiDa/Ha-CancerMa/Ta-LeoPa/Tha/Na-KanyaRa/Ta-LibraNa/Ya-ScorpioBha/Dha/Pha(F)/Dha-SagittariusKha/Ja-CapricornGa/Sha/Sa/Sh-AquariusDa/Cha/Jha/Tha-Pisces

Weekly Horoscope:26th Sep- 2nd Oct 2021.

Reading-based on moon sign.

Current planetary position: Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn.Ketu in Scorpio, Rahu in Taurus, Sun and Mars in Virgo, Mercury and Venus in Libra.


The first lord is in the sixth house can make you extremely competitive. Also, profits are seen from share markets and gambling. 2 planets in the sixth house so good chance of getting loans without much effort. Can give loan or get a loan. Also can be extremely courageous in getting the difficult work done. Also, this week needs to be extremely careful as huge chances of arguments and disputes. Good time for those who are looking for a government job. Also unemployed can get a job in a different location. There can be disputes between lovers this week. Students will do well and have a good time for farmers.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky number:2

Remedies: Donate on Tuesdays.Feed Cows and Pray Lord Kumaraswami


This week will be peaceful as most of the loans will be cleared. This is because Venus being in the 5th house. Pregnant women need to be careful. Unmarried can expect better proposals. Need to overcome issues to achieve results.Can expect journeys on the weekend. Also, all the disputes with the family members related to money matters will be resolved. Good time for investment after consultation. Also, long journeys are expected this week.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky number:4

Remedies: Pray SUN GOD.


Moon transit in 12th,1st and second house. The lord sign mercury is in the fourth house so it's a decision-making time for students. Also for people who are in real estate huge chance of selling your property very easily. Disputes with siblings.Improvements in wealth. All the people who are in a creative field can get new opportunities. benefits to your children.Will acquire the right skill set to achieve the desired results this week.Can lose the opportunities at the last minute. Pray lord Ganesha to avoid misfortune and obstacles.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky number: 5

Remedies: Pray Lord Ganesha.


Two planets looking at your sign and because of which all the incomplete tasks will be completed. Support from the father however care should be taken while signing documents. Engineering students will benefit. Decision-making can be an issue. Politicians should think wisely before making any decision. The current planetary positions securing a government job. Anyone completing constructing a home will be able to do it without hurdles. Can secure loans. Unmarried can get better marriage proposals. The probability of getting loans is high. People who are in the share market should be careful. Good time for employees in government jobs and for someone looking for a new job.

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky number:2

Remedies: Pray Lord Ganesha.


The sign lord is in your second sign. Money income through land or any old job seen. Foreign job opportunity is seen in this week. Support from women.Need to be careful while purchasing a home. Decisions taken regarding children will be beneficial. Couples facing issues regarding childbirth will be resolved to an extent. Also, a good time to clear debts. Can expect marriage proposals from near and dear. Entrepreneurs should be careful this week. New opportunities for employees in software. 

Lucky Colour: Grey

Lucky number: 3

Remedies: Donate on Thursdays.Pray Lord Venkateshwara


3 planets in your sign. A lot of work pressure is seen and at the same time securing a leadership position is seen. The second house Venus gives you additional wealth. Be careful while short journeys. Also can get approvals for home loans. If you are looking to send your children abroad for education you may be successful. Be careful while driving. Relief from debts. Unmarried can get marriage proposals from relatives. Profit from father.Need to plan your foreign travel this week.Good time to invest in property.

Lucky Colour: Cream

Lucky number:1

Remedies: Donate on Sundays & Tuesdays. Pray Lord Dattatreya.


Excess expenditure is seen. Also can receive money in short amounts. People in real estate will have a good time. Also, employees in creative fields like fashion designing will profit this week. Relations can break because of ego clashes. Can invest in shares.Can expect new jobs and a good time for employees in software.

Lucky Colour: Sky blue

Lucky number:2

Remedies: Pray Lord Dakshinamurthy.


Ketu in your sign. Finance will definitely improve. Also, long-term efforts for promotion will be successful. All your efforts will be productive. Good time for people in any creative field. Unemployed can get good offers, also a good time for government jobs. Pray Lord Venkateshwara. 

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky number: 2

Remedies: Donate on Thursdays.


The lord sign is in your second house. Can expect extra wealth. Also a good time for students, people who are in creative fields. Need to be careful while investing. Also disputes with a spouse. Pray SUN GOD to overcome all obstacles. Support from superiors and colleagues. Can expect good marriage proposals. But would be subjected to stress because of family issues.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky number: 8

Remedies: Pray SUN GOD and donate on Tuesdays as Ketu in 12th from your sign.


Moon transit in the 5th,6th and 7th house from your sign. The first five days will be favorable. Shani and Jupiter are in your sign so can expect transfers and move to another location for the job. Can receive income from foreign sources. Also, people who are looking for a new job should work hard before the 2nd of October for better job opportunities. This current planetary position is favorable for students who are looking to study abroad. Need to be careful with any bank transactions. Pray Goddess Durga.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky number: 1

Remedies: Pray Goddess Durga.


Moon transit in the 4th,5th and 6th house.The excellent period in all verticals. The first five days will be favorable. Fridays and Saturdays can be slightly stressful. The auspicious event at your place.Deep transformations in the job. Need to prioritize health. Good news for your children is positive news for entrepreneurs, especially for someone who is into import and export. Politicians should be careful this week. Students looking to travel abroad can expect positive outcomes. Good time for farmers as well.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky number: 2

Remedies: Pray SUN GOD


5 planets are favorable this week. Moon transit in 3rd,4th and 5th house.Can expect additional wealth in the first five days of the week. Can expect support from in-laws. Good time for people who are looking for foreign jobs.Disputes with spouse related to money. Employees in real estate will have a good time. Long terms investments will be planned this week.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky number: 5

Remedies: Donate on Sundays, Tuesdays. Pray Lord Venkateshwara. 

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