Weekly Tarot Reading by the Tarot Priestess(19th Oct- 25th Oct)

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Aries(March 21- April 20):

This week is all about celebration. The card denotes happy times with family and friends. Expect reunions with your closest friends. It can also mean meeting like-minded people who can uplift your spirits and create a positive environment.

With regards to career, it can mean mutual cooperation & harmony between you and your colleagues. You have worked so hard to earn money, a little indulgence can do no harm. Splurge on your friends and family.

Taurus(April 21- May 21):

This week you will undertake a journey towards unexpected adventures. This path would require you to take a leap of faith but this will ultimately contribute to your overall growth. You might also travel to new territories and explore different cultures. You will be inquisitive like a child.

With regards to career, this card is a good omen if you are starting a new job or a business. But be careful of your tendency to act unprofessionally or shirking responsibilities, focussing only on the fun and creative part of the project and avoiding the more tedious tasks of your project.

Gemini(May 22- June 21):

This card is deeply connected to the past and it reminds you to bring back joyful memories. It can manifest in various ways including visiting your childhood home, connecting with old friends or being grateful to the people who have helped you in the past.

In case of career, it may mean that you can reconnect with your past organization for a job. It may also serve as a reminder for you not to repeat past mistakes in your career.

Cancer(June 22- July 22):

The card reflects compassion, generosity, and gifting. Not necessarily as money, this generosity manifests itself as knowledge and time too. You're either the one who is generous to others, or everyone else is generous to you. Either way, bear in mind the old adage that the more you give in life, the more you get.

In a job, it means that you have professionally arrived in a good position. You are finally recognized for all the hard work and commitment you have given to your job.

Leo (July 23- August 23): 

The card indicates that you feel closer to loved ones and that you celebrate together. It may also be an indication that the goal of being part of a good and reliable society has been met.

Your future is advancing well.  You feel secure and find purpose in your work. Soon, you will hit a significant landmark, possibly a raise, or perhaps an industry recognition. Let your family and friends enjoy your achievements and make you feel proud of what you have done.

Virgo (August 24- September 22):

The dark days are over, and your time is here. The card stands for trust, prosperity, and self-reliance. You have achieved a certain standard of life through hard labor, and you should enjoy the fruits now. Pamper yourself and enjoy life's finer stuff!

With respect to your profession, this is a good card. You are about to conquer greater heights and eventually reap the fruits of your many sacrifices in your career. This refers to upcoming profits if you are in business.

Libra (September 23- October 23):

This card is all about passion, appreciation, intuition, and imagination. It's more likely that you will receive happy, good news this week, whether it's that someone you've longed for romantically now feels the same for you, or you stand a  chance to inherit a fortune from a distant relative. 

This card is a strong indication that you are arriving at a turning point with regards to self-awareness and the evolution of the inner self,. You more than ever need to trust your intuition and trust your heart when making choices at this moment.

Scorpio (October 24- November 22):

You may feel pressured to walk away from a disappointing situation with this card. This might show itself as a shift in your career, a new lover, or the end of an existing relationship.
It's not the consequence of a bad work ethic or lack of skills if you are still unemployed or in an unstable position. The blame lies elsewhere: be prepared for challenges ahead, whether it's the economy, poor management or some other factor that's out of your control.

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21):

In one's perception of the world, the card reflects a lack of consistency. You may find yourself over-analyzing events and interactions as a way to protect yourself from perceived threats, trying to understand the hidden meaning.

As a means to maintain your preparedness, you feel the need to always be safe, and run multiple situations through your head. You find yourself juggling with logical and unreasonable feelings, deciding on "what if" simulations for your next move. It indicates a lack of self-confidence, although this can seem measured and objective to you. Be good to yourself and just try to do the best you can. You will not win all of the battles, but you may find that the toughest part is getting free from your psychological shackles.

Capricorn( December 22- January 20):

The card reflects positive change and new possibilities, indicating that you are moving in the right direction and that the pace of change is increasing steadily.

The best impression you'll make on individuals will come from just being yourself. Don't second guess your place in the world. You may be in line for a big career advancement, which appears to have a positive and meaningful impact on your whole life.

You are entering a period of heightened creativity if you are a content creator or professional artist. Now is the time for your masterpiece to be created.

Aquarius(January 21-February 18):

Although transformation is rarely simple, it is essential for personal development and to help build new relationships with the people around you.

In general, this card does not imply whether or not change would be for the better, but it tends to skew towards the positive, especially as you plan for the next chapter. Change is coming to your workplace too. It could represent anything, from promotion to losing your job,
Welcome change with open arms and realize that better days lie ahead, regardless of the outcome.

Pisces(February 19- March 20):

A period of rest is shown by the card. Recently, you have taken significant strides that are encouraging yet exhausting in your life. Your relentless desire to drive through the chaos and suffering call for withdrawal.

These moments are crucial for you to continue moving forward, whether it is your choice to temporarily withdraw from the world, or whether it was forced upon you because of sheer exhaustion.

The workload you once were able to manage is beginning to feel like a monumental assignment. This is an indication that to regroup, you need some time off work.

This can involve taking a break for a few personal days at home, or even a week-long vacation to take in some new scenery. When you get back to work, your refreshed mind will allow you to tackle these stressful deadlines.

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