Weekly Tarotscopes by the Tarot Priestess(15th March -21st March)

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Aries(March 21- April 20):

The Empress may reflect motherhood, growth, fertility, and abundance. Generally, the Empress is an optimistic card in any reading. Look at the powerful forces of women in your life for inspiration. Find a role model, someone you respect and learn from them. Empress Card promotes the birth of meaningful new projects and partnerships and stimulates the protection and influence of women on your everyday journey.

Taurus(April 21- May 21):

The King of Cups means "conquering" emotions. You've learned to embrace and manage your emotions. This invaluable ability helps make choices even in the most painful times of life. The card is a sign of mental security, indestructibility, and balance. In the case of difficult circumstances, be cool and show the maturity of the mind. Mark emotional boundaries and don't go beyond them, particularly when making critical decisions. 

Gemini(May 22- June 21):

The Three of Cups are about teamwork, fellowship, particularly sisterhood, and celebration. Friends or family members are working together to achieve success.  The card is an invitation to catch up with friends and have a nice time. The card can also suggest teamwork.  Each member of the team brings something new. This is a perfect way to exchange your ideas. A healthy company will do amazing things together.  Individuals come together to share ideas and energy.

Cancer(June 22- July 22):

The Ace of Pentacles means fresh possibilities and potential. You should expect a beginning in the field of prosperity, business, money, etc. A career boost or new, more important work is possible. You can win a prize or find a way to make money that would enrich you. It's the perfect time to start a business or implement a concept. It is worth noting, though, that the Ace of Pentacles does not guarantee 100 percent success, but rather points at the need to act to take advantage of all open opportunities.

Leo (July 23- August 23):

The Eight of Pentacles is a student card who is also undergoing a period of developing his knowledge. You have recently changed your job or your college. Now you're using all your power to learn your skills. Your classes take all your time, and you are totally committed to doing so. You are practicing things to better yourself, which will undoubtedly lead you to progress in the future.

Virgo (August 24- September 22):

The essence of all Knights' cards is hard work and commitment. The Knight of Pentacles is Tarot's most inspired and hard-working character. He may have little experience or creativity; he sees the target and is able to do any activities to accomplish it. He's primed for long, monotonous tasks. The presence of the card in your reading suggests that you are moving gradually but apparently in the direction of your goal. You are methodical, you have a roadmap and you are fully committed to the cause.

Libra (September 23- October 23):

The page of the cups means the appearance of an idea. However, the recipient has not yet understood what to do with it. Think of potential ways to implement what's just in mind. Or is it smarter to give someone else the idea? Remember that the vision does not seem to those who are closed to it. Your mind is like a cup that needs to be open to fresh thoughts. Be curious and interested in every aspect of the world.

Scorpio (October 24- November 22):

The Hierophant card represents the spiritual strength and faith of human beings.  It means that you have an influential person, a coach, a mentor in your life. This person is also a moral cornerstone for you, helping to expand your eyes. It is an authority that transforms your opinion as a student and advises you to consider the values of the universe and also to get you closer to your dreams. It can have a positive and negative interpretation, indicating further consequences and your attitude.

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21):

Usually, this card portrays a person standing alone looking out on their path or already planning their solo journey. This is a trip you're enthusiastic about. You're better equipped and closer to the goal. This could be actual travel, or it could be a personal journey you're going on inside. It's not a matter of jumping straight into the path, but rather preparing and training for the path ahead before forging ahead.

Capricorn( December 22- January 20):

The 8 of the pentacles is an important card with regards to work. There is a task that you will focus on, one that takes time and attention to detail to finish. It teaches you that it is only through hard work that something magnificent can be made. It's time to make an effort. It tells you that you're still getting to the end of the project. Your hard work is going to pay off. If you can go a little further, you'll be able to look back and admire. However, now is not the time to slow down.

Aquarius(January 21-February 18):

The death tarot card is one of the situations where circumstances change. This card does not actually symbolize the death of a human or an animal, instead of things that are not the same as they were. You can see this tarot card spread when something is going to be different, or everything is going to change radically. It may be for the best, even though we might not have accepted it yet.
It may even be a rebirth. When old things come to an end, there's a way for something new to begin.

Pisces(February 19- March 20):

Six of the Wands signifies recognition and triumph. This appreciation is often public, as others celebrate and acknowledge your achievements; but it truly begins as you recognize yourselves, no matter how far you have come.

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