Weekly Tarotscopes by the Tarot Priestess(9th August- 15th August)

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By Mahasweta Mazumder

Aries (March 21 - April 20):

A compromising situation is indicated by the card. He is in a position that requires him to make sacrifices to progress in life. As a kind of repentance, the sacrifice might be a planned step backward. Pushing oneself higher may require a calculated sacrifice. His stance represents individuals who wish to view the world from a spiritual perspective. You are willing to make sacrifices. It is only normal for you to stroll alone.

Taurus (April 21 - May 21):

You can expect your problems to calm down and your life to become much more manageable. In addition, the Six of Swords may also symbolize travel, and going on vacation. If you've just been through a difficult situation, you may be feeling lethargic and depressed. Intuition, inner direction, and spirit guides are also represented by this Tarot card.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21):

Your long-term project, study period, or other important life event has come full circle and you have achieved your objectives and desires as a result. Although you've faced many obstacles, you've managed to persist through them. This is the time to reap the rewards of your hard work. It all seems to be falling into place, and you are in the right place, doing the right thing, and accomplishing what you had hoped for.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22):

An unfavorable card, the Ten of Swords might indicate betrayal, badmouthing, and complaining behind your back. It signifies the end of a relationship or situation. It might be a sign of a nervous breakdown, chronic tiredness, exhaustion, or an inability to cope with life's challenges.. If you hit rock bottom, you've reached the end of the road. The Ten of Swords may also represent someone who is extremely melodramatic, attention-seeking, or exaggerated, or someone who is playing the victim or martyr.

Leo (July 23 - August 23):

Seven of Swords is the card that symbolizes acquittal. With this card, you know that someone in your life - maybe even you - have done something wrong. Someone will spend their time planning drama or confrontation, according to the Seven of Swords card. The individuals you've chosen to be around are not loyal. You may believe that they are your friends, but they are more than willing to land you in trouble at the first opportunity. You have something that they desire, and they will harm your feelings to get it.

Virgo (August 24 - September 22):

The card suggests that you have the inner power and courage to withstand any situation. The ability to stay calm and strong in the face of adversity is exhibited here. It also demonstrates that you are a kind individual who makes time for others, even if it comes at the sacrifice of your own time. Your resiliency will be a wonderful asset to you, and your fearlessness will allow you to express your opinion with no hesitation. The strength card signifies that you are a patient person who is likely to succeed in whatever endeavor you set your mind to.

Libra (September 23 - October 23):

Your world is about to be turned upside down. It could be your partner/spouse cheating, your closest friend making snide remarks behind your back, or your colleague stealing from you. Heartbreak and treachery are the elements of this card. There's a problem in your life. Take a look at your life and try to figure out what is wrong. Make sure to never take anything for granted. As you listen to your intuition, you will hear the voice of your inner self. There's a good probability that you'll be able to find a solution.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22):

The card represents the ability to be emotional, intuitive, intimate, and loving. It means to let your feelings be known, to be emotional or romantic, and to be attracted to beauty. We need to let go of our detachedness and allow our hearts to guide us. Guidance must come from within and you should trust your intuition.  Another meaning of the Page of Cups card is sharing special moments with someone. It is a way to strengthen a friendship and establish or restart a romantic relationship.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21):

The King of Wands implies that you will have the energy, experience, and drive to complete your current goals. You are reclaiming control of your life. You will inspire others around you, pave the way forward, and serve as a role model for those who look up to you. You are unconcerned about what others think of you, and you dare to be different. You are sociable by nature, amusing, engaging, and brilliant with words. You are also courageous, independent-minded, driven, and action-oriented. You have a strong sense of independence, and as such, you value your independence and will not tolerate neediness.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20):

The card advises you to tighten your belt, make do with less and be more grateful for what you do have. It is impossible to lose anything that is genuinely yours. When you feel a sense of loss, it might be due to an improper emotional relationship. If you make promises that you cannot keep, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. When we overestimate our talents, we are forced to confront our limitations.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18):

The Two of Pentacles is a card that represents stability. You are balancing your objectives, tasks, and responsibilities. This card indicates that you are doing an excellent job of balancing duties and responsibilities. You are capable of dealing with everything that comes your way. You're trying to find a balance in two areas of your life. These two could be your love, your money, your work, or your health. The balancing act depicted in the card suggests that you are primarily worried about two aspects. It's time to step back and gain a better grasp of the issue.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20):

The Page of Swords is associated with delayed news, ideas, planning, and creativity. It can also mean to be protective, guarded, or watchful. This card might be asking you to be patient, to think before you speak, and to avoid getting involved in unnecessary fights or confrontations. It may also signify justice, speaking up, and standing up to injustice. The Page of Swords can represent mental agility, knowledge, being quick-witted, inquiring and inquisitive, and utilizing your mind.

An insight into the coming week! Let us know if you resonate with our readings and pour in our responses.

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