Weekly Tarotscopes by the Tarot Priestess(14th Dec- 20th Dec)

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Aries(March 21- April 20):

This card shows that you realise your true essence after facing the various difficulties of your life. You are now in the new phase of peace, in which the universe showers the divine blessings upon you. You will realise that your work that was previously stopped will proceed.   This card brings new hope and faith in many ways of growing in life. You can see that your attitude has changed positively. You will find different options in your lives and be motivated to work. This card is a very good sign because you'll be mentally and physically fit. The best time to start some artwork or creative hobby.

Taurus(April 21- May 21):

This card is about equilibrium, harmony and tolerance. All your goals can be accomplished if you maintain the right balance in your life. Regardless of the circumstances, keep calm. It would only create havoc if you begin to panic. It also represents good times after conflicts. Stay calm and believe in divine timing. The only keys to peace are politeness, composure and maturity.

Gemini(May 22- June 21):

Generally, the 'Wheel of Fortune' is a card that reflects life cycles. At present, if you go through the sad phase of your life, don't be bothered because the painful time is quickly going to pass. Similarly, this card is an indicator that your life will soon be normal if you have the happiest time of your life. This card also indicates that you check your karmas. It is also the turning point of your life, where you understand your true meaning and reflect on it. Note that it will not be easy to make this transition. You must work hard to get your life on the right track.

Cancer(June 22- July 22):

The Hanged Man Card suggests some patience, as there may be a chance that some of your important projects or work might stop unexpectedly. Avoid pushing stuff, when all the work is going to be done on the right moment. This card tells you to accept the breaks of the world when something is going on for a positive cause. It also urges you to take a break from your everyday life and to connect to a fresh way of thinking and seeing. This world makes it possible for you to see new possibilities. Don't impose a thing on you. No matter what's going on, embrace it and flow with life.

Leo (July 23- August 23):

The card is about having projects that come to fruition. Something you started a while back is starting to deliver positive results.
Another meaning that is often considered in readings is that this page represents a literal person in your life. She/he is a high-energy person, a highly ambitious person who brings a positive vibe to your world.
Beware of the lack of focus though. Energy, success and enthusiasm are all good but don't just take your eyes off the prize.

Virgo (August 24- September 22):

The Four of Wands means you will enjoy your current situation joyfully and satisfactorily. It also reveals that this event will happen faster than you thought. Finally, you get to a point where you're going to feel comfortable. That also means you will look forward to an experience that might never have been feasible.
The Four of Wands is all about your ambitions being fulfilled, and some happy surprises along the way. If you don't have any activities scheduled, this is a strong sign that you may soon be asked to attend one that you might not have seen coming.

Libra (September 23- October 23):

The card says that in order to get ahead, you're going to have to rely on your wit and improvisation skills to skirt through any obstacles that come up in your life. The good thing is that you're going to get away with it.
The bad news is that this has the power to blow up entirely in your face, so make sure you weigh the repercussions of your decisions before taking one.

It is crucial that you have a good work ethic and double-check that the final reports are error-free until you say that the project is completed. At this time, don't get caught up in office politics.

Scorpio (October 24- November 22):

This card means that the path before you leads to calmness. The decision you make for your present situation has the power to make improvements to the future that will eventually take you to the life you are pinning for.
Weigh your choices wisely, and don't be afraid to take a gamble. If you're looking for a job right now this is an indication that you'll find a job soon. It's likely that you will be given a role you haven't previously considered.

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21):

The card means that you willingly stop taking a critical decision to keep your life happy and harmonious. Despite resisting the situation, you can't stay that way for long as a decision needs to be made sooner or later. The card indicates that you have an intellectual balance to worry about long before you make a decision. Often life will bring you to crossroads, forcing you to make the hardest choices. Try to look at all the options,and give your final say.

Capricorn( December 22- January 20):

The Eight of Swords Tarot card asks you to understand that life is just a series of trials. It's extremely rare for a life to be peaceful and without negative influence. You're always going to have to deal with things you'd rather avoid, but you can make each ordeal easier by keeping it relative and proportionate. You are never alone.

Aquarius(January 21-February 18):

This card means that you have achieved a stable position in your life, both financially and spiritually. You are seen as a critical figure by those who can offer proper direction and inspiration to accomplish an innovative challenge or enter into a risky business venture. Since you've accomplished yourself well you're celebrating your success by trying to participate in various things to achieve more.
Although you've had success with your unique methods and tactics, find different ways to do the same thing and achieve better results.

Pisces(February 19- March 20):

The reading suggests that you have trouble coming in terms with your defeat, and therefore feeling disappointed that there is no way out. Instead of being optimistic, you are continually allowing yourself to brood over your inefficiencies. The 5 cups say that you let go of the previous sorrows and look at the greener pastures. Trust your ability and continue to find ways for a prosperous future.

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