WFH & Mental Health Issues: Ask the Psychiatrist

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Many people have been struggling with mental health issues while working for long hours from home and being confined between four walls. If these issues are not taken care of, it can not only take a toll on one’s work-life balance but also put a strain on their relationships. 

We spoke to Dr. Rashi Agarwal to help us understand the problem better in order to tackle it more effectively. Watch the video to know the solutions and strategies Dr. Rashi shared with us to help reduce our stress and improve our mental well being while working from home.


Dr. Rashi Agarwal has done her M.D. in Psychiatry & has certifications in IPSRT & grief therapy. She is a mental health advocate who is very active on her social media page @drrashipsychiatrist where she is working towards destigmatizing mental illness & making talking about it normal. 

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