Why everyone is talking about Moringa Powder?

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By Ruchi Sharma

There has been much hype about Moringa powder recently! People are going crazy over it and including it in their diet or even discussing its unlimited benefits. So, what is Moringa powder exactly? Scientifically called Moringa Olifera, it is more commonly known as a ‘Drumstick Tree’ or even ‘Miracle Tree’ and ‘Tree of Life’! Moringa plant is in fact native to India but is grown worldwide in tropical and sub-tropical countries. It is not some new find, for ages, it has been considered beneficial due to its medicinal properties. Almost the whole plant is edible. Moringa powder particularly is made from the leaves of the plant and is a superfood that holds importance in Ayurveda since thousands of years. Though scientific studies are still under way for studying benefits of Moringa, many preliminary studies have suggested these benefits!

Benefits of Moringa Powder

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Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Moringa powder is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, Protein, Potassium and even Iron. It has even got cancer fighting compounds known as glucosinulates that are found in vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. It is in fact one of those few plants that is rich in all the essential 9 amino-acids.

Rich in Antioxidants

It can help in cell repair and protect them from damage.

Weight Loss

Moringa powder can aid in maintaining weight or reducing weight.


It can aid in increased iron absorption in the body thus helping in preventing anemia as red blood cell count increases.

Good Source of Plant-based Protein

Vegetarians basically struggle to find good sources of protein. The powder requires no cooking and just sprinkling it over your green smoothies or soups can help as a source of plant-based protein.

Can Protect Liver

Presence of polyphenols help protect the liver from oxidation, damage and toxicity. Preliminary research also show that its consumption can help reduce liver fibrosis.

Help in Fighting Common Infections

Moringa has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can help fight infections. It can even work against certain fungi and bacteria that cause skin and urinary tract infections. Regular consumption can even aid in reducing the blood clotting time and thus healing of wounds faster.

Can Help in Reducing Inflammation

Due to presence of inflammation reducing polyphenol, it can help in decreasing inflammation causing enzymes and help lower inflammation in cells.

Help with Reducing Menopausal Symptoms

Some studies have also shown that moringa intake can help relieve the post-menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and sleeping disorders. It can even help with balancing the hormones that otherwise go hay wire after menopause.

Helps in Improving Blood Sugar Levels

The powder can help in reducing lipids and glucose levels which further can help in reducing blood sugar. It can further help in reducing cholesterol levels and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Treating Mood Disorders

Brain functions improve due to anti-oxidant properties of moringa. It can even protect against Alzheimer’s’ disease. Its consumption can even help in reducing anxiety or depression.

Can Help in Treating Asthma

Studies show that consuming moringa powder for a few weeks can reduce the severity of asthma symptoms. It can also provide some relief and improve lung function and avoid bronchial constriction in adults and lead to better breathing overall.

They can also help alleviate pain or reduce issues like constipation, anemia, diarrhea, stomach pain, stomach ulcers, kidney stones etc.

Things to keep in mind before using Moringa

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Moringa roots and root extracts are generally not advised to be taken orally. Also, regular use of moringa beyond a few weeks is not suggested. If your doctor suggests that you should not intake high levels of iron rich food or supplements, you should probably stay away from moringa.

You should avoid using moringa powder if you are pregnant. Also, though the studies have suggested that it's safe for lactating women and may even help in increasing breast-milk production but the side effects on the infant are unknown so it’s best if you avoid regular consumption of it in case you are breastfeeding your child.

Moringa should be consumed only under medical guidance if you are under certain medications for thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure or liver issues. Dosage of Moringa powder should also be kept moderate as over use of any herb even if it is of medicinal value can prove to have side effects. Moringa also has laxative properties and large quantities can cause diarrhea, gas, stomach upset or heartburn.

How to intake Moringa Powder?

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Due to its mild flavour, it can easily be added to smoothies or tea. Experts generally recommend half to one teaspoon consumption in a day.

You can sprinkle it over your dal, salads or sweet potato toast.

It can even be added to hot water to make for a caffeine-free healthy coffee substitute.

Keeping in mind the side-effects and other things that you should take care of, one can’t deny that Moringa powder is definitely a super-food and its benefits are enormous.

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