Why people are shifting from non-stick to steel, cast iron, stoneware and why you should too!

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I remember having those big heavy Tawas and Kadais at home for making dosas and all those traditional dishes, especially South Indian dishes. We even had an assigned place for these utensils and taking them out was almost equivalent to working out. But then the non-stick pans came and it swept everyone with its shiny and non-stick quality. It became easier to switch to non-stick utensils because of the ease of use and maintenance. No need to scrub your cast iron pans or dosa skillet to remove that stubborn sticky food left after cooking. And no need to prep the cast iron pans anymore! 

But recently there has been a buzz of switching from non-stick to steel, cast iron, stoneware cookware. More and more people are looking for safer and healthier alternatives to their non-stick cookware. Going back to how things were!

The main reason for this switch is that it is not safe to use non-stick cookware anymore. Back in the day stainless steel, cast iron, stoneware cookware was mainly used for their health benefits. Even though the ease of use of non-stick cookware swayed everyone, nobody actually forgot the benefits of these alternatives. A lot of the alternatives can also give a tough competition to nonstick cookware with its ease of use and other amazing benefits. We also hear those nostalgic memories of the older generation talking about how the food tasted different and better back then. And there is a pretty good reason for that. Our grandmothers and mothers knew what was the real deal back then.

Here are some amazing benefits of using stainless steel, cast iron, stoneware cookware that will help you to make this switch!
1) Stainless steel

Stainless steel cookware has been around for a long time. You also get nonstick quality in stainless steel utensils without the toxic chemical that a non-stick pan has. If used properly, stainless steel becomes a non-toxic material. Some of the benefits of using stainless steel are:

1. Easy to clean- Because of its non-stick quality, there is no need to worry about food sticking onto your pans! You can easily clean with your normal cleaning detergent.

2. Retains the taste- In stainless steel, there is no chance of any added flavor getting mixed with your food. You get the exact flavor and taste of your food every time you use stainless steel cookware.

3. Stainless steel is also leakproof- No need to worry about the leaks anymore while cooking the food!

4. More durable than other cookware- It can actually be used for a long time if it is properly maintained and used.

2) Cast iron

With this new buzz of finding a healthy alternative to nonstick, cast iron has taken the most attention than others. Cast iron is different from regular iron utensils. It is an amalgamation of carbon and iron and is way more sturdy than regular iron cookware. Some of the benefits of using cast iron are:

1. It is safe from chemicals and toxins. Your food retains the taste and you get the exact nutrition and benefits from it.

2. You get a variety of utensils in cast iron like frying pans, dutch ovens, griddles, waffle irons, dosa pans, tavas, kadhai, crepe maker, wok, pots, etc.

3. Your food is cooked evenly and it tastes amazing. In cast iron pans the heat is distributed evenly and it gives your food a crisp and amazing flavor.

4. Get that dose of iron regularly. A dose of iron is necessary for our body and cast iron can give you just that. 

5. They last forever! Believe me, we still have that cast iron pan that is almost as old as me in our house and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

3) Stoneware

Stoneware might be the oldest cookware to exist. Most of the stoneware cookware is carved out of soapstone, a naturally occurring soft stone. And you'll find that most of the stoneware comes already seasoned in the market. Here are the amazing benefits of using stoneware:

1. Perfect cooking and baking results every time. Stoneware pots spread the heat evenly around and your dishes will turn out perfect every time!

2. Stoneware is toxin-free. It can be used safely without any worry of chemical coating getting mixed into your food. Just make sure to buy lead-free stoneware cookware.

3. Easy to use and durable. If used and stored properly your stoneware cookware can last for a long time and the prepping and use is not that hard. 

Hope this helped in making the switch to a healthy alternative. It's about time we start taking notice of what goes into our bodies. Right now the rise of health consciousness is at its peak and rightfully so. Old fashioned way and old is gold has never been truer for this rise of the switch!

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