Why Specially Women Should Incorporate Methi in their Diet?

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By Ruchi Sharma

One thing which is definitely present in the spice box of all kitchens- it is Methi! Methi also known as Fenugreek not only lends a distinct taste to the food but has a truckload of medicinal properties and has held an important place in Ayurveda. Methi seeds are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including iron and magnesium, and thus, their health benefits exceed the expectations. Consumed both in the form of methi seeds and kasuri methi, you might have been already consuming it since ages as your favourite aloo methi or some other delicious recipe, but you may still not know about its multitude of benefits. It is an ingredient of the infamous Sambhar Masala that is used abundantly in a stellar South Indian Dish. Drinking methi water early morning on an empty stomach can have some extended benefits. Specially a big superfood for women, let’s see what all this magical methi does!

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Reducing Pain during Periods

The presence of alkaloids in Methi help in reducing the pain during the periods and women who drink methi water or take fenugreek powder, can feel relief from pain during their periods.

Controls Diabetes

It can slow down the absorption of sugar in the stomach and improve insulin function thus helping people who have a diabetic condition. You can also try sprouted methi dana as they have more nutrients than just soaked methi dana.

Increase in Breast Milk

You might remember eating those not so tasty bitter methi laddoos prepared by your mother or grandmother when you gave birth? They are a treasure! They not only help you in boosting your recovery but also go way beyond. Doctors suggest that the best source of nutrition for an infant is breast milk and at least till the first six months, the infant must be fed only breast milk. But many women face issues like production of insufficient amount. Taking fenugreek water (and those methi laddoos!) can help in increasing breast milk.

Reducing Weight

Methi intake can help in enhancing the feeling of fullness that would in return reduce the chances of overeating and thus help in weight reduction. This is basically because methi seeds are rich in fibre. Intake of methi water in the morning can also boost metabolism.

Prevent Hair Loss

Whether you consume it or apply directly to your hair, fenugreek can help in reducing hair fall. You can soak fenugreek seeds overnight in coconut oil and massage it into your hair for issues like dandruff. Regular use can even help you in achieving shiny glowing hair.

Better Bone Health

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Fenugreek leaves are an excellent source of Vitamin K which is good for bone metabolism. It also helps in preventing loss of bone density and avoiding Osteoporosis. Being calcium rich in nature, it further aids in maintaining bone health.

Good Digestive Health

Consuming methi water can help with issues like gastritis and bloating. It can also help reduce problem of acidity or constipation. Being rich in fibre and antioxidants, it can help in flushing out harmful toxins and thus aid digestion.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Soaked fenugreek seeds can help in lowering Cholesterol. The fiber in it can help reducing the bad LDL cholesterol.

Reducing Symptoms of Menopause

Women suffer through multiple problems like pain, hot flushes etc. during menopause. Methi can help in reducing menopausal discomforts.

Apart from the above due to the presence of antioxidants, methi acts as an anti-inflamatory agent. Also, it is good for skin.

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But there are a few things to keep in mind before you include Methi in your regular routine, especially if you haven’t eaten it before.

  • Allergy from fenugreek is rare but it is possible.
  • Fenugreek is hot in nature that’s why you should keep the quantity of intake in control.
  • Some after-effects of consuming too much fenugreek could be dizziness, upset stomach or diarrhea.
  • Also, pregnant women should avoid taking methi.
  • You should not take it if you have medical issues like low blood pressure or low blood sugar.
  • You should always consult a doctor if you plan to increase your dietary intake significantly or use fenugreek supplement.

We hope you are as big a fan of Fenugreek as we are when we got to know the infinite benefits of Methi!

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