Yoga For All With Ratika Khandelwal

1 minute

Health is wealth. There are no two ways about that. Because you can have a lot of great things going for you in your life but if you don’t have good health, then you cannot enjoy any of it. By good health we mean the whole deal - physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
And what better way to achieve that than by embracing India’s gift to the world - Yoga!
So, on the occasion of World Health Day, we had the lovely Ratika Khandelwal from Rooted join us for an Instagram Live Session. She spoke to us on what led her to yoga, her journey with the practice, ways in which everyone can incorporate yoga into their daily lives and she showed us different kinds of asanas beneficial for a host of different conditions as well. Her calm and serene demeanor had us all hooked on to everything she had to say and left us feeling peaceful and inspired to take charge of our health.
Watch the session and start your journey towards good health today.
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