“You need a social life before you start raising social consciousness”

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Herein, I am trying to represent those young girls who are relentlessly working for society.

As an independent young writer who is trying to raise societal awareness amid the chaotic world of 2021. Where do I draw the line?  

Often, I get called various names and phrases, on my face - I get to listen... 

“Whatever you are doing in your age, it is wonderful!” These kinds of phrases (all good adjectives) usually come from those who get some idea of my work. 

While my peers, say that... “Awesome dude.”  

“You are probably just going through a phase.” 

You need a social life before you start raising social consciousness 

And, I cannot stop but wonder... What do people say behind my back? Well, I  have some information from my sources.  
“Her opinions need to be streamlined before she speaks up on any issue whether it is societal or whatever it is that she claims 

“She is very political...” 

As a young person with opinions, while working... I get disillusioned with my craft and lament the idea of it all. 

I often ask myself multiple-choice questions like...  

“Shall I stop it all?” 

 “Shall I pick and choose real-world issues like I am doing grocery shopping?”  

“Should I stop working as a social worker” 

“I cannot stop writing and working for this society... Should I give myself a break and just relax for a bit?” 

But there is something I am reminding myself now... “I am evolving not changing” It is all a present continuous tense.  

Every day when I wake up, I learn something from myself on how to approach this society with a sense of responsibility. 

 Maybe, I do not need social media to raise awareness, or do I? 

Written by,  

-Priyanka Meena (she pens or shapes is her username and awareness is her thing.) 

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