You’re Turning 40 – Natural Ways to Embrace both Emotional and Physical Changes

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Each time you look in the mirror, do you expect to see a younger version of yourself? Well, it’s quite natural if you do. However, ageing isn’t something you can escape. Worry lines, wrinkles and sagging are all a part of growing old. The sad reality is that today’s youth-obsessed culture looks at ageing as a curse. Well, as Mark Twain said “Do not complain about growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.” It’s high time that we as a society value old age and experience as much as we obsess over youth and beauty. Let go of the notion that getting older means getting obsolete. Instead, look at ageing as a new way of feeling relevant and empowered. The day you change your mindset, shun ageism and embrace a positive attitude, that day you will be able to unfold a new chapter in your life.

Embrace Ageing Naturally: All you Need to Know & Do

We’ve heard a lot of people who are above 40 years say they want to be younger. What do they really mean? More than looking young, it’s all about feeling young. When you embrace the physical changes in your body, your mental and emotional health will be in a better place. Through this blog, we aim at discussing a few natural yet effective ways in which you can turn your Uh-Oh moments into Aha! ones.

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  • Change your Mindset & Choose your Thoughts Wisely

The acceptance mantra is simple – to see external results, you have to start internally. If you want to feel good and look good, start by choosing your thoughts wisely. Let go of any kind of negative notions. Don’t identify with outdated stereotypes, discrimination or ageism. People around you might ask you to slow down only because you’ve hit a particular milestone. Well, go easy on your habits but don’t get inactive. Retirement at 40 is something that doesn’t really sound right. Work as long as you want. Think of 40 as the new 20. Once you embrace your grey hair and wrinkles, you will see experience as an asset and not something to be ashamed of. And, who knows, you might just experience reverse ageing too.

Also, research proves, negative self-talk can be one of the most destructive habits. Telling yourself that you’re not good enough can have a negative impact on your overall well-being. Therefore, start by being kind to yourself.

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  • Exercise Regularly

Once your biological clock starts ticking, you’ll probably be plagued with thoughts on how to keep fit. At 40, a woman’s body particularly undergoes several changes. To deal with these changes, you have to strive towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Besides exercising, you also have to ensure you’re eating right. Don’t take the phrase “Netflix and chill” too seriously, and sit with a bag of wafers and a tub of ice cream. Go easy on your diet. Even though you might be feeling 20, your body changes owing to hormonal fluctuations. Your metabolism tends to slow down and your body slowly gets influenced by everything you eat and do.

Therefore, regular exercise is imperative. Think a brisk walk, yoga, cardio fitness, stretches, moderate weight lifting, swimming and cycling. Exercising regularly not just lowers your risk of developing any kind of life-threatening disease such as cancer but also improves your mood, reduces stress and keeps your skin healthy. Since it increases blood circulation, it clears up all the free radicals and cleanses your skin from the inside. Try and include muscle and bone-strengthening exercises in addition to vigorous intensity aerobic exercises. It can even lift and tone facial muscles. Healthcare experts suggest that women who turn 40 should workout at least three times a week for 30-40 minutes per day.

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  • Tweak your Diet

Sugar-laden goodies and fried foods can be pretty tempting but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. When it comes to ageing gracefully, healthy foods go a long way. Think of a diet that is full of antioxidant-rich foods. This will help fight any kind of free radicals that are caused by external factors, stress and pollution. Did you know? Free radicals are directly proportional to ageing. The freer radicals you have, the faster you start ageing.

The best way to fight ageing is by incorporating plant-based foods in your diet. Think fruits and vegetables and leafy greens. You can also have whole-grain cereals, lean meat, low-fat dairy and healthy fats such as avocado. Also, as far as possible stay away from refined sugar, processed foods and unhealthy fats. Switch regular chocolate with dark chocolate. This will boost stamina as well.

As you get older, weight gain is also quite a common thing. Don’t get alarmed by the physical changes in your body. You can try intermittent fasting. This will not just help you manage your weight but also keep blood sugar levels at bay. The rules of intermittent fasting are simple – no food for 12-16 hours between dinner and breakfast. The easiest way to practice this is by eating dinner by 6pm, sleeping early and starting the next day with a smoothie by 8am.

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  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The secret to look radiant and youthful all the time is sleep. Good sleep is not just important for your physical and mental health but also for your skin’s health. As an adult, getting six to nine hours of sleep every night is important. Of course, there can be exceptions. However, as far as possible, when you’re in your routine, try and get as much sleep as you can.

Think of sleep as a healing process. When you sleep, there is an increased synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid which improves cell hydration and skin repair.

Studies prove that people who get enough sleep every night age more gracefully. Also, it lowers the risk of several diseases such as heart disease, stroke, obesity, depression and inflammation. Also, when you sleep better, you can concentrate on work and other tasks with enhanced focus.

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  • Avoid Basking in the Sun

Vitamin D is good but excess of it can damage your skin. As your skin ages, it is important to treat it with care. If you’re stepping out, remember to wear sunscreen and protective clothing. Also, stick to a gentle anti-aging skincare routine. Based on your daily activities, remember to stay adequately hydrated too. Drinking enough water keeps your skin healthier.

Look for sunscreens that have zinc and titanium in sufficient quantities. Remember to read the packaging carefully. Check if it contains any UV blockers such as octocrylene or methoxycinnamate. These are harmful chemicals that can damage the natural protective barrier of your skin. Honestly speaking, mineral and plant-based sunscreens are the best. They are known to boost collagen production and reduce inflammation and redness.

Another way to avoid skin ageing is by keeping the temperature down during showers. Hot baths are a no-no as they strip the skin of the natural protective oils. It makes the skin drier thereby making wrinkles and flaws look more exaggerated.

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  • Focus on your Mental Health

The secret to ageing gracefully is trying to keep your stress down as much as possible. Do things that will help you deal with stress. Whether it’s embracing silence for 30 minutes or spending time with friends and family, you can definitely get rid of toxic chemicals just by controlling the stress in your life. Though it’s not possible to completely eliminate cortisol from our body, taking small steps toward being happy always helps.

Another way to improve your mental health is by accepting your age. Remember, ageing is inevitable. Everybody goes through it. However, don’t let it plague you. Once you learn to embrace it, you’ll see a visible difference in your outlook towards life.

As they say, “age is just a number”. It’s never too late to find your passion. Spend time doing the things you love. Whether it’s gardening or cooking, if it gives you happiness, devote a few minutes a day towards it.

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  • Follow a Natural Skincare Routine

Growing old and skincare are interrelated. Everybody desires a radiant and bright complexion. However, over the years, the skin may tend to become saggy and dry. To keep it supple and enhance the bounce and vitality, it is important to incorporate a new skincare routine. Remember to use anti-aging creams and moisturise daily to maintain a youthful glow. You can also take supplements to support your lifestyle. Vitamin B, C, E and D can really help. Also, remember to incorporate turmeric and other medicinal herbs in your diet.

Ageing gracefully is all about living your best life. If you stay happy and healthy, you’ll feel good too. Surround yourself with people you love, do things that bring you joy, practice mindfulness and you’ll never look your age.

Have any other natural remedies to embrace the physical and mental changes your body goes through as you age? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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